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Although it’s always been possible to browse the Internet completely anonymously, it’s never been easy to stay anonymous while making online payments. That’s starting to change with the advent of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, but there are also other fairly anonymous ways of transferring money.

Paysafecard is one of them – and you should definitely give this article a read to find out what the rage is all about!

About Paysafecard

Paysafecard is an Austrian company that was founded back in the year of 2000 with the intention of developing “cash for the Internet”. Just one year later, the company expanded to Germany and it didn’t take it long to obtain a licence to issue e-money throughout Europe. In 2010, Paysafecard launched in the United States and used that milestone to expand even further.

Three years later, the company came up with innovative additions to their core service, which is also what it’s currently focusing on. Its main headquarters are located in Vienna.

At the time of writing, Paysafecard’s products were available in 23 currencies at more than 500,000 sales outlets located in 42 countries all around the world.

How It Works

Paysafecard is basically a pre-paid card that you can purchase without any bank transactions or credit cards. Since it has plenty of local sales outlets around the world (if you don’t know about any, you can just use the convenient search feature on Paysafecard’s website), you should never have any issues getting one wherever you are and neither should you have any issues with purchasing goods or services with it, as the number of e-shops and online casinos that accept it as a payment method is steadily growing.

Once you pay for your Paysafecard, you’ll get a unique 16-digit Paysafecard PIN that you can then use to pay online. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use its entire value (which can currently range from $/€/₤10 to $/€/₤175) in one go – the balance is stored and you can divide it into as many pieces as you see fit.

If you want, you can also open a Paysafecard account that allows you not only to store your PINs online, but which also gives you access to a number of perks.

Additional Features

Although some will never want to open an account at Paysafecard, we should note that there are some benefits that come with that decision – and no, we don’t really rate the PIN-storage feature as a benefit.

First of all, there’s a loyalty programme in place that will reward everyone who makes Paysafecard his or her favourite payment option. The entire system is pretty complex and there’s a lot to be gained from it, so make sure to explore it thoroughly and consider whether it’s something that would interest you in the long run or whether it just isn’t worth the effort – we’ll just mention that you can also get additional loyalty points for introducing your friends to Paysafecard.

Thanks to a deal with MasterCard, Paysafecard is also offering a MasterCard prepaid card that you can use to pay for goods and services everywhere in the world, both online and offline. You can then easily top it up with your Paysafecard balance and use it without worrying about any debts and credit checks, which can definitely come in handy in certain situations.

In November 2015, Paysafecard announced the launch of a payout service that allows businesses to send money back to their customers, which is something that those who enjoy playing at online casinos will undoubtedly appreciate – in fact, not being able to withdraw to Paysafecard was the number one complaint that was putting many players off using Paysafecard as their preferred payment method. If you put this together with the aforementioned MasterCard deal, it should be easy to see why Paysafecard could soon become a truly robust service.

Privacy and Security

Right now, you might be wondering where exactly Paysafecard’s popularity comes from. After all, many of its additional features are still in development. However, customers have never been flocking to Paysafecard due to its features – its popularity comes from the fact it excels on the privacy and security fronts.

As far as privacy is concerned, nobody will ask you for any personal details while you’re purchasing your PIN codes, which is arguably Paysafecard’s number one unique selling point. Of course, you will need to give Paysafecard your personal details if you want to use the Paysafecard account with all its benefits, but that feature is entirely optional and you’re never forced to use it.

On the security front, Paysafecard tends to boast that it is as safe as the cash you’re carrying around, which is a comparison that we’re absolutely happy to agree with. If you don’t tell your PIN codes to anyone and store them in a safe location, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to steal your funds.

Known Issues/Problems

Without a shade of doubt, the inability to withdraw money was the number one issue we’ve previously had with Paysafecard. Thankfully, the necessary arrangements are already in place and it seems that getting money back won’t be a problem anymore, although we still have to see whether withdrawals will also be as anonymous as deposits.

Secondly, some may not like all the small hassles that come with managing all the different PIN codes, remembering which you’ve already used, etc. It’s basically the trade-off for the excellent privacy and security – and the good thing is that you can always get yourself a Paysafecard account to make everything much easier (then revert back to not using it whenever you feel like it).

Finally, we don’t exactly like the fact that you can’t buy a pre-paid Paysafecard for a custom value. Although we can definitely see the logic behind the decision not to allow customers choose arbitrary numbers, it does limit the possibilities quite a bit and you’ll have to purchase several PINs at once in order to deposit larger sums of money in one go.


All in all, Paysafecard is a very unique product that comes with unrivalled layers of privacy and security. We’re living in an age in which privacy is starting to become a big problem and we all know that online gaming can be a somewhat thorny issue, so the ability to pay anonymously without the need of having a bank account tied to an online one is something that we should all be incredibly happy to see. As far as security is concerned, Paysafecard is as secure as the cash you’re carrying in your wallet – your funds can be stolen, but there are plenty of steps that can be taken to reduce the risk to the absolute minimum.

If you value your privacy above everything else, Paysafecard will surely become one of your favourite payment methods. And even if you don’t, Paysafecard is slowly becoming a truly universal service that could easily become your one stop shop for all online payment needs.

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