Paylevo Casinos

Paylevo Casinos

Nowadays, one can choose from a large number of payment services when paying online, but many of them come with so many additional issues and hassles that they just aren’t worth using if you don’t want to pay through them all the time.

That doesn’t apply to Paylevo, however, as that service is as lightweight as it could possibly be – after all, the only thing that you need to have in order to pay through it is a mobile phone number!

About Paylevo

Paylevo comes from a fairly small Swedish company that was originally developing the service under the name of “Kriita”. The rebrand came when the company was starting to expand into the English-speaking world. What was a small start-up is now a growing firm that’s constantly adding new talents to its team with the intention of providing an invoice-based solution for both offline and online payments.

Despite the fact that Paylevo has been around for just a couple of years, it’s already been able to sign deals with a decent number of merchants and online casinos, so it’s reasonable to expect that we’re going to see even more from these guys in the near future.

How It Works

Paylevo is arguably one of the simplest payment options out there, as all you need to have in order to use it for the first time is a mobile phone number. That’s also the only thing that you’ll need to enter when you choose Paylevo as your preferred payment method at your chosen merchant or online casino. Paylevo will then send you a PIN code that you’ll need in order to confirm the transaction – and that’s basically it!

After the transaction is processed, you’ll receive an invoice from Paylevo that you’ll have to settle before you can use the service again. Of course, these invoices don’t need to be settled immediately, which means that you can check that the right goods and services were delivered before you pay.

We should also note that Paylevo will carry out a credit check during your first transaction, as that’s practically a necessity given the nature of the business. Thankfully, there isn’t anything that you should be worried about, as the details of your transactions aren’t shared with any of the third parties.

Additional Features

Since Paylevo doesn’t really aspire to be a complex online payment system, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t offer a lot of additional features to go with the core service. However, we certainly do like the fact that Paylevo is working with both offline and online merchants, as that considerably increases the usefulness of the entire service – and we also have to add that you can easily access your transaction history through the Paylevo My Pages portal.

It’s also nice to see that Paylevo is offering adequate customer support services, so you should never have any issues getting your queries answered in a timely manner, which is especially important considering that you might sometimes accidentally delete the original invoice.

Privacy and Security

If there’s one thing at which Paylevo truly excels apart from the simplicity front, it’s certainly the fact that it adds some distance between you and your chosen merchant or online casino. Since you won’t be making any payments directly to the merchant, your payment details will always stay safely tucked away – and that’s something that many of us will certainly appreciate.

What’s more, there’s nothing to be afraid of in the security department either, as you’ll never have to give any of your credit card or bank account details and passwords to Paylevo or any of the merchants. You’ll only have to settle the invoices that Paylevo will send to you after each transaction – and, since you’ll most likely be doing that from within your online banking, there really is nothing you should be worried about.

Known Issues/Problems

Of course, there are also some negatives that we simply have to mention in connection with Paylevo. First and foremost, the availability of the service was limited only to a handful of countries at the time of writing – and the fact that the company will run a credit check when you first pay through it means that you might be excluded from using it from the get-go just because you don’t have an account at any of the bigger banks. Thankfully, it seems to us that Paylevo is working hard to expand its services in both of these directions, so chances are that this particular issue will disappear in the near future.

Secondly, those of you who are looking for a fleshed-out solution for all the online payment needs should know that it’s impossible to receive money through Paylevo. This might naturally not be a big issue for the vast majority of users, but it’s certainly an additional hassle for those who would like to use a single service for both their online casino deposits and their online casino withdrawals.

Finally, it should be noted that late payments can result in significant fees being tacked onto the original amount. Fortunately, Paylevo seem to be pretty liberal with their policies and the interest rates aren’t sky-high, but you really should always check back to see whether your payments have already been settled or not.


As far as we are concerned, it’s pretty hard not to like what Paylevo offers. Paying with it really is a breeze and you don’t even need to register or set up an account in order to be able to use it fully. And, if you’re a fan of online gaming, you’ll be happy to know that online casinos and sportsbooks have been the main focus of Paylevo from the outset. Unless you’re looking for a fleshed-out online wallet that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, Paylevo is something that you simply need to check out!

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