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NextGen Gaming Casinos

We don’t really know why, but NextGen Gaming have been escaping our attention for quite some time. We can’t afford to ignore them any longer, however, as their games have recently started to pop out at a good number of casinos that we really like. With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the company, its history and and its products.

About NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming have a lot of experience to build on, as they’ve been around since 1999 – and the good news is that they don’t seem to be stuck with any sort of an old-school mentality that would be preventing them from adapting to modern trends.

The headquarters of the company can be found in Australia, with the number of employees currently standing somewhere above the one hundred mark – and it’s also nice to see that the company has a direct license from the UK Gambling Commission.

NextGen Gaming’s Products

Since NextGen Gaming have been around for almost two decades, it’s not surprising that they can provide more than just online casino games. Instead, they’re able to give their partners the complete know-how package that can get them up and running in what has become a very competitive environment – and the interesting bit is that they aren’t keen on abandoning the land-based arena just yet either.

That said, NextGen Gaming aren’t one of those companies that have a big repertoire of back-end solutions to go with their games catalogues, which is arguably good news for fans of their slot games, as it means that they’ve got plenty of time to focus on those.

Special Features

With NextGen Gaming being on the scene for so long, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that they’ve managed to come up with plenty of intriguing gameplay features, some of which they’ve even decided to patent.

First of all, there’s the SuperBet feature that allows you to unlock new enhancements or modifiers in return for a small ante bet that has to be placed before the given spin.

Secondly, we’ll mention the Slide a Wild feature that allows you to control how Wild symbols behave in certain games, which translates into more possibilities and strategic options.

There’s also the Select-a-Play feature that gives you a choice over how many free spins you want to get during the slot’s bonus game – usually, you can choose between a lot of free spins without a multiplier and a handful of them with a big one.

To round things off, some of NextGen Gaming’s games also include Up Wild, a feature that allows you to get a large number of Wilds with just a little bit of luck – and it goes without saying that this makes for an adrenaline-packed gameplay!

Top Online Slot Games

You might now be itching to give some of the company’s slot games a go, so let us give you the directions to the main highlights of the NextGen Gaming catalogue.

To kick things off, we’re going to send you to Great Wild Elk, a slot game that is bound to draw you in with its enchanting and peaceful atmosphere. The audiovisuals aren’t its only selling point, however, as they are coupled with a decent number of gameplay features that ensure you won’t get bored very quickly.

Next, there’s the excellent Monster Wins, which stands out thanks to its 1024 Ways to Win feature. We know that there are players that just can’t play slots that don’t have at least 243 paylines and Monster Wins is taking that to a completely new level, so we’re sure that there’s an audience that will keep going back to this one over and over again.

Finally, we couldn’t do without mentioning Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets, as there are just way too many interesting ideas in that one. Chances are that you’ve already played a slot game featuring Robin Hood, but there are plenty of twists in this one and the gameplay features are fantastic as well – in fact, we’re surprised that NextGen Gaming aren’t advertising this charming slot more often!

Supported Platforms

Since NextGen Gaming are catering to both online and off-line business, they’re basically obliged to stay on top of things from the technological point of view. And, since many of their partners aren’t incredibly quick when it comes to implementing all the modern trends, it also shouldn’t surprise you to learn that NextGen Gaming are currently working with both Flash and HTML5.

In fact, many of their games are available in both programming languages, which makes accessing them a charm regardless of whether you’re playing on a computer or on a mobile device. Chances are that NextGen Gaming will eventually complete the switch to HTML5, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for them to go down that route in the near future.

Known Problems/Issues

Truth to be told, there aren’t many negatives that we could possibly talk about in connection with NextGen Gaming, although we should mention that we’re slightly surprised by them being headquartered in Australia, as that country has a somewhat strange relationship with online gaming on the political level.

In fact, we’re currently rating Australia as one of the worse places for both gamers and companies, so it’s interesting to see NextGen Gaming bucking the trend and staying firmly in place. It’s clear that it’s working for them at the moment, but – with the future not looking incredibly bright for the region in terms of legislation – we wouldn’t be shocked to see them having to deal with some issues not long from now.

Summing Up

To sum things up – although NextGen Gaming don’t seem to have what it takes to become a truly major force in the online gaming industry, everyone who likes slot games with interesting features should pay close attention to their releases. We are certainly looking forward to what they will come up with next – and we regret ignoring them for so long.

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