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Online Casino Gaming in New Zealand

While online casino gaming in New Zealand might not be the hottest topic to discuss, the small country is nonetheless fairly important for a number of online casinos out there, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at what the situation looks like over in the Southern Hemisphere.

To be absolutely honest, it isn’t as exciting as, say, the situation in Europe or the United States, but it’s nonetheless fairly interesting from more than just a single point of view – and this article should also work as a great source of information for everyone who’s just about to make his or her first wager from New Zealand.

A Bit of History

If you know something about the situation in Australia, then we can tell you that things are very similar over in New Zealand, with the only difference being that the legislation is somewhat less convoluted and somewhat less outdated.

“’s apparently completely legal for New Zealanders to play at all the online casinos that are happy to take their wagers..”

What matters the most is the Gambling Act of 2013, which basically say that all forms of online gambling in New Zealand are illegal. However, it says nothing about participating in games that are held in other countries, which means that it’s apparently completely legal for New Zealanders to play at all the online casinos that are happy to take their wagers. Of course, the authorities have managed to create a website that tells you about how risky it is to play on a website that isn’t regulated by the local authorities, but that’s probably not going to put anyone off with so many very trustworthy online casinos around.

Casino Availability

Since the internet providers aren’t blocking access to any of the numerous online casinos, New Zealanders should never have any issues finding a good place to play at, especially since the vast majority of online casinos is more than happy to accept their wagers. In fact, most of the casinos that welcome players from New Zealand even allow them to open accounts in New Zealand Dollars, which naturally makes things slightly easier on several fronts.

Don’t get confused by the sheer number of available online casinos, however, and do a bit of research before you start thinking about actually making a deposit, as not doing that could lead to some nasty surprises, which is naturally the other side of the fact that there’s no strict regulation of casinos that offer their services to New Zealanders.


Although many players from other countries don’t have many choices when it comes to deposits, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about as far as New Zealanders are concerned, as most online casinos are giving them plenty of different payment options. Put simply, every single player should be able to find something suitable.

That said, we’re sure that the vast majority of players will stay within the boundaries of the traditional duo of credit cards and bank transfers, as those two options are undoubtedly not only the easiest to use, but also the most widely accessible – after all, who doesn’t have a credit card or at least a basic bank account to pay with?

Depositing with a credit card is quite costly at some online casinos, however, so make sure that you check that there will be no fees before you make your deposit. If those start to look unavoidable, a bank transfer might be the preferable option. It is true that such transactions can take a few days to get processed if you use them in their most basic form, but there are some dedicated services that will make them instantaneous, so using them will eliminate this disadvantage. What’s more, one of those services – which goes under the name of POLi – specializes on Australia and New Zealand, so that’s the one to check out first and foremost if this is the route you decide to go for.

The more adventurous of players can naturally also explore all the different e-wallets, which are surprisingly flexible nowadays. They might not be ideal if you’re looking to stay at just a single casino, but they’re undoubtedly the best choice if you plan on moving your bankroll around a bit.


Just a few years ago, withdrawals were typically a big hassle, but we’re happy to say that most online casinos are very fair with them nowadays – the only big obstacle that you usually have to get past is some sort of an identity verification. Most often, you’ll be asked to send in certain personal documents.

Unfortunately, this is usually unavoidable, as online casinos have to do things like that in order to comply with various licensing rules, so keep this in mind when choosing a new casino to play at – you’ll probably need to send some personal documents to it at some point, so make sure that it’s completely trustworthy.

Once you’ve got your account verified, getting your money back is just a matter of a few clicks and a brief wait. The second part naturally depends both on the casino you’re playing at and the payment method you’ve chosen, but the general rule is that you should never have to wait for more than two or three days.

As far as the payment methods are concerned, you might sometimes be required to use the method that you’ve previously used for a deposit, although this is negotiable more often than not. If you’ve managed to deposit through a method that doesn’t allow for withdrawals (certain credit cards, pre-paid cards, etc.), you’ll usually get a direct bank transfer as the default method, as that’s the one that should work for virtually everyone out there. Again, if you contact the customer support and have a good reason for not being able to accept a bank transfer, chances are you that you’ll be offered an alternative (such as a withdrawal to an e-wallet).

Quirks and Details

Playing online casino games from New Zealand is very straightforward, but there’s nonetheless one interesting thing that we’d like to mention here, as we’ve seen a few players making this mistake only to regret it later.

If you’re living in New Zealand, you should under no circumstances register as an Australian, even if it means that you’ll be locked out of a certain promotion. In the best case, you’ll just have big problems withdrawing and the casino will want plenty of personal documents for you. In the worst case, your account will get canceled and your winnings will get confiscated, which is obviously not what you’d want to see after hitting a lucky streak or even winning one of the bigger slot jackpots. Instead of getting into this mess, just look for casinos that have solid promotions for players from New Zealand – we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find plenty of them if you look closely (and chances are that they will even be better than what Australians are getting).

Future Outlook

It isn’t all that easy to predict which way New Zealand is going to go in the future and we don’t even see a lean on either of the sides in all fairness, so we’re not going to make any predictions here. Let’s just say that there’s a solid chance that the lawmakers are going to reopen the topic of online casino gaming in the next couple of years.

What’s going to follow is anyone’s guess, but the current global atmosphere is such that regulatory measures are somewhat preferred over possible liberalizations, so it can’t be ruled out that New Zealand will jump on that bandwagon and follow the footsteps of countries such as France or Spain. There’s no need to despair just yet, however.


As you can see, there’s virtually nothing that could possibly bother those who want to enjoy online casino gaming from New Zealand. Although the legislative situation is somewhat murky, there is nothing that would prevent players from enjoying nearly all the best casinos out there, while are also numerous available options for both deposits and withdrawals. The future might be uncertain, but chances are that it won’t actually be that bad either, so there isn’t all that much to talk about here – just enjoy things while they last!