New Casino Sites

New Casino Sites Reviewed

These online casino and slots sites are listed here when they have been newly added to the site. Remember, our criteria for listing casinos on this site focuses mainly on the deposit options and limits that the various casinos offer. Mainly though the casino must have fairly low deposit limits, at least $20 to $25, before they will be listed.

We of course do our best not to list any casino that should be blacklisted, no matter what their deposit limits are.

Once we find a casino that has reasonably low deposit limits, then we review it from a players point of view. To be fair though, no matter how bad a casino site is, they usually have at least one or two good points. For example, Genting online casino has very few deposit options, and of those three options that hey do offer – Visa, Mastercard and Skrill – only two have reasonably low deposit limits of £10.00.

There are many more not good things about this particular casino, but they do have some good bonus terms and a no deposit bonus available. They were originally listed here because they offered a £2.00 minimum deposit by Skrill. But that was increased to a massive minimum £50.00 lately. While that annoyed me to the point that I wanted to remove their listing, they still do offer benefits to a certain segment of players, so I leave them on the site here, though with a very low rating.

Also, while we call all of these ‘casino’ sites, some, especially the newer ones, are more properly just slots sites that may have a few traditional casino games. Except for SlotsMillion, which has no other casino games than slots games.

To list or not to list

It is not uncommon for a casino that has low deposit limits to raise those limits once they get listed here. It has happened a number of times – Mr Green, all the Referback casinos, some USA facing casinos, even Bet365 – have all raised thier low minimums to higher amounts once we start sending them players.

I understand that there is a processing fee associated with every deposit that the casino receives, and so low limit players are not as ‘valuable’ to a casino as high rollers, but I feel that this is a rather short-sighted approach to the online casino business.

In a lot of those above cases, I wanted to remove the listing for the casino, but on reflection found that there were reasons not to remove them. For example, Bet365 was one of the rare UK facing casinos that had a £1.00 minimum by bank transfer. When they increased that to £5.00, they were still eligible to be listed here as a £5.00 minimum is low enough.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t get annoyed by these casinos however, and that may be reflected in their rating.

The ratings on here – the star ratings on the individual casino pages – by the way, refer only to their deposit limits and the options available. We don’t try to be a mega review site; we just want to list casinos that fit the above criteria.

Newest Casino Sites

While we often have the very latest brand new casinos that have launched reviewed on here, a good number of the casinos will be ones that have reduced their deposit limits, or that have existed for a while but have only recently been discovered by one of our team. They won’t all be newly launched sites.

We will even list casino and slots sites that have reasonably low deposit limits that have a newly added mobile casino – not all online casinos have a mobile version, even in 2016 – or those ones that have added a no deposit bonus, or even those that have recenly acquired a UK licence and are now accepting UK players.

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