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Motörhead Slot Review

Music fans didn’t have a great deal to look forward to on the online slot gaming scene until the well known slots maker Net Entertainment announced that they will come up with a line of music slots that should please all kinds of players. The Motörhead video slot is the third and final game in the line-up that also includes the Jimi Hendrix slot game and the Guns N’ Roses one – and we naturally couldn’t leave it without a review.

Theme and Graphics

You know who Motörhead are, right? The famous rock band, which released 22 studio albums during a career that spanned forty years, is taking the center stage in this slot, which means that you can see a few things that are associated with it on the game’s symbols. Strangely, NetEnt weren’t all that creative for some reason, so only the special symbols well and truly stand out, but the designs look well enough and they are excellent from the technical point of view as well, so we’re not going to criticize them too much.

As one would expect, the music Motörhead comes with is all taken from the band’s history and it does indeed feature some of Motörhead’s finest hits. And here’s the interesting thing – you can actually alternate between two different music modes. The standard one is all about background chatter, just like things are before the start of a big concert. Once you press the Rock Mode button, however, it all gets rolling – and to say that the atmosphere really comes alive then would be an understatement.


Let’s now turn our attention to the slot’s gameplay features, starting with the Wild symbol. This one is actually completely straightforward – the symbol that comes in the form of Ace of Spades can work as a substitute for all the regular symbols in order to make winning lines.

Motörhead Slot

Secondly, there’s the Mystery Reel feature that’s active at all times and which ensures that one or more reels become Mystery reels during every single spin. These Mystery reels have stacked sets of regular symbols and special symbols that transfer into random ones once the reels stop. It’s a gimmick, of course, but it does a great job in making the experience more interesting.

Next, there’s the Scatter symbol, which is there to trigger the game’s Free Spins feature. That one gets underway once you find three Scatters anywhere on reels 3, 4, and 5 and what it brings is a grand total of 10 free spins – and the kicker is that the Mystery Reels include both Mystery and Wild symbols during them.

Finally, there’s also the Bomber feature that’s activated on a random basis. What it does is that it well and truly fills the reels with mystery symbols, which is an effective way of introducing more intrigue into everything – and it all comes with roaring music and flashing lights.


Motörhead comes with a truly unorthodox playing field that has five reels and up to five rows – the first two reels have three rows, the next two have four rows and the final reel has five rows. There are 76 paylines in total and you aren’t going to escape any of them, as that number is completely fixed.

There are two sliders that you can use in order to adjust your betting stakes, however, so there’s a lot to choose from on that particular front. The absolute minimum that you can play for stands at €0.20, but high rollers can take that up to €200.

The return to player (RTP) of Motörhead has been set to 96.98%, which is slightly above what we would expect from games like this.


When we first heard about Motörhead, we were expecting a run-of-the-mill game with an interesting theme. That’s not what NetEnt delivered, however – what’s there is an excellent slot game that excels not only thanks to its theme, but also thanks to its relatively innovative gameplay that doesn’t play it strictly by the book. It might not be the very best slot in the company’s repertoire, but it comes damn close – and that we dare to say that is a testament to how fabulous Motörhead is. Unless you hate the band and rock music for some reason, this video slot is an absolute must-play!

Where to Play

Motörhead comes from the NetEnt studios – and that means that it’s available at a massive number of online casinos, some of which actually belong to what we consider to be the premium line. There are therefore plenty of recommendations that we could list here, especially as many of these casinos have £5.00 limits, but the one that we’re going to suggest is the famous Bet365 casino.

Do note, however, that you’ll need to enter the Vegas section of the website instead of just the Casino one – the latter doesn’t have games from NetEnt for some reason. In any case, the games repertoire that you can find at Bet365 is one of the best around, as it includes slots from more than just a handful of developers – and this is all coupled with an excellent range of bonuses and promotions that everyone can take advantage of.

And if you like gaming on the go? Well, pretty much all the games can be enjoyed in a mobile-friendly format, so you won’t be missing out on a lot even if you never log into your account from a desktop computer.

Finally, we simply can’t fail to mention that Bet365 have what’s arguably the very best online sports betting service on the market right now – not only are they covering a humongous amount of events, but many of them also come with live streams that allow you to watch the proceedings for free.

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