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The Invisible Man Slot Review

There are so many interesting franchises out there that it’s really hard for the slot developers to find the ones that are worth it. Of course, it’s clear enough that the biggest and most popular franchises are going to get an adaptation sooner or later, but what about the smaller ones?

Well, Net Entertainment certainly think that even those are worth building on here and there – and The Invisible Man is an excellent example of that. The film that it’s based on came out way back in the year of 1933, but that hasn’t stopped the designers from using it as a very solid foundation. Is the game worth playing even if you’ve never heard about the original story, however? Well, that’s what we’re going to look at in this review.

Theme and Graphics

The Invisible Man is a story about a scientist that’s managed to discover the secret of invisibility, but that’s about as far as we can go without spoiling anything for those of you who are yet to see the movie this slot is based on.

In any case, the slot’s reels depict all the important characters and we have to say that the graphics are actually very stylish, so we’re happy to give the slot a thumbs up for how it looks. We wouldn’t mind seeing NetEnt abandoning the ever-present set of classic card symbols, but that really is the only minus we were able to find, so let’s not be too harsh here.

On top of the visuals, we also have to praise the slot’s cinematic music, as it does wonders for the overall atmosphere. Seriously – don’t turn the audio off in this one!


Now that we’ve covered the slot’s audiovisuals, we should turn to its gameplay features – and we’re naturally going to start by examining the Wild symbols.

These actually come in two distinct flavors. First, there’s the Police Wild that can appear only on the very first reel and that moves to the right while granting Re-Spins along the way. Second, there’s the Griffin Wild that can appear only on the very last reel and that moves to the left while giving you Re-Spins for all the moves it makes.

The Invisible Man Slot

This is pretty interesting on its own, but there’s actually even more to them. When these two Wilds meet anywhere on the playing field, they merge together and activate ten free spins – and you can get four additional ones by merging more Wilds during them.

Once the Free Spins get activated, two meters – one for each of the two Wild symbols – will pop up above the reels. You can then fill them by getting Wild symbols move off the reels – and there are special bonuses waiting for players that manage to complete them before the Free Spins feature ends. That might sound like a tough task, but it’s made easier by the fact that Wilds can appear on all reels during all free spins.

So what are the special bonuses all about? Well, if you manage to complete the Police Meter, you’ll be given three special free spins that all come with five random Wilds placed onto the reels.

If you manage to complete the Griffin Meter, on the other hand, you’ll be transported to the Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game that allows players to reveal coin wins and win multipliers. It’s quite atmospheric and also a lot of fun, but the most important thing is that it will never leave you empty-handed!


The Invisible Man is using a completely orthodox playing field that consists of five reels and three rows, while the number of paylines has been set to twenty. Interestingly, however, they all pay from both left to right and right to left!

Now – the number of paylines might be fixed, but the good news is that NetEnt have managed to include plenty of betting options that players can choose from. It all starts at just €0.20, but it’s possible to play for as much as €40, so players with all kinds of bankrolls should be able to enjoy The Invisible Man to the full.

And the game’s theoretical return to player (RTP)? Well, there are no issues to be found on this front either, as it stands at 96.40% – and that’s an inch above the par.


All in all, we’ve got nothing but praise for The Invisible Man. Combining splendid audiovisuals with interesting gameplay features, the slot manages to create a truly captivating experience that will keep you glued to the screen for long hours.

Those of you who know what the original story is all about will get an even better deal, but the bottom line is that The Invisible Man is an excellent slot that has everything it should have and even a bit more than that. With that, we’d like to recommend it to all players that enjoy quality slot games – there really is a lot to be liked here!

Where to Play

The Invisible Man slot comes from NetEnt and those guys are one of the biggest companies on the market, so it’s easy to give the game a go. After all, you can just head to, say, Bet365.

That particular casino is actually among our favourites, as it’s offering an excellent games repertoire that has not only hundreds of unique slot games, but also splendid live casino tables that are active 24/7 – and this means that you will always be able to find something to play regardless of what your preferences are!

And the kicker? You can deposit using Paypal at bet365 Casino. The Paypal deposit limit is not the lowest of all the payment options available at Bet365 though, and many options start at just £5.00.

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