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Aliens Slot Review

Fans of the Aliens franchise can start to rejoice, as it’s now possible to enjoy its setting and atmosphere in the form of an online slot game – and the good news is that it was developed by a very competent studio and that it really is an experience that you won’t be able to forget for a while. Before giving it a spin, however, you may want to read our review and learn what it’s all about.

Theme and Graphics

Although it’s easy to take plenty of shortcuts when making a slot game that’s based on a popular franchise, NetEnt didn’t cut any corners. Instead, they came up with a brilliant design that is not only very modern, but that also shows exactly what fans of Aliens want to see. You will therefore find yourself not only in hostile outside environments, but also fighting your way through small space base corridors.

As far as the symbols are concerned, it’s all about the aliens themselves – there are just no ordinary symbols in sight, which is something that one has to appreciate, as it shows that the developers did go the extra mile when designing the game. The weaker aliens naturally come with smaller rewards, while the stronger ones might net you hundreds of coins if you’re lucky.

The Aliens slot also comes with a very fitting soundtrack that will really keep you on your toes at all times, as it’s as haunting as you would expect given the theme of the game. Slots veterans are going to welcome the change – after all, it’s always nice to hear something different from the typical bubbly and cheerful themes that most online slot games come with.


The audiovisuals might be fitting, but what about the gameplay? Is it also building on the overall theme or is it just some basic run-of-the-mill stuff that isn’t going to impress anyone? Thankfully, it’s the former, as you’ll be asked to go through three different stages of the game, each of which comes with its very own gimmicks.

The first level, which is called The Search, is about scanning the premises for signs of activity and filling the Alien Activity Meter. You won’t have to do anything special – the meter is filled each time you hit a winning bet line. You’ll also be increasing the multiplier in the process – and getting a nice one will open the door to big wins in the next stage, which is called The Encounter.

Aliens Slot

In that level, which is automatically activated once you fill the Alien Activity Meter, you’ll have to fight your way through waves of enemies. Sounds tough? Well, it’s actually going to be a pleasure, as the fight will be filled with nice wins and you won’t even to have risk any additional coins while you’re at it. Just watch your ammo, as it’s going to be decreased by one after each spin and you’ll have to be lucky enough to win additional ammo symbols in order to progress through to the third stage, which is known as The Hive.

If you get to The Hive, you’re going to face the Queen herself – there’s no need to fear, however, as you’ll get some bonus ammo and five re-spins to help you out. At that point, it will be all about luck – you might have it on your side and destroy the Queen with a single grenade or you might be unlucky and fail at the very first step. The good news? You’re going to get a nice amount of coins at the end of the stage no matter how far you get!

Words don’t do the gameplay justice, however, so we urge you to give it a go and experience it first-hand. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, and it’ll get your adrenaline pumping once you get to the latter stages, which will allow you to just sit back and enjoy the sight of coins quickly padding out your bankroll.


The technical setup is fairly simplistic, as the game is using fifteen bet lines spread across five reels and three rows, while you can adjust the stakes by changing both the bet level and the coin value.

The lowest bet that you can place is €0.30, while players that want to play big can bet up to €150, which makes the game accessible to basically everyone out there, as it should be very easy to find stakes that you’ll be comfortable with.

If you care about the theoretical RTP (return to player) values, we can tell you that NetEnt have set it at 96.4%. The nature of the gameplay makes the variance fairly high – while you’re going to trigger some real fireworks as you progress through the stages, the basic wins aren’t going to impress you all that much.


The cooperation between NetEnt and 20th Century Fox has certainly paid off – not only does the Aliens slot come with superb production values, but it’s also incredibly solid from the gameplay point of view. What’s more, there aren’t many other slot games with such a haunting atmosphere, so it’s the ideal choice for players that want to play something completely fresh and unorthodox. All in all, the only excuse that you can have for not giving Aliens a go is that you don’t like the entire franchise for some reason.

Where to Play Aliens Slot

As we’ve already mentioned, the Aliens slot game comes from the well-known Net Entertainment studio, which means that you can find it at a very nice range of online casinos.

If it isn’t on offer at any of your favourites, you should certainly consider heading over to the excellent SlotsMillion online casino, which could actually easily become your one stop shop for slots gaming, as it’s already offering more than one thousand of unique slot games. Yes, that’s right – if there’s an interesting slot out there on the market, chances are that these guys will indeed have it in their games catalogue.

That’s not all there is to SlotsMillion, however, as we should also mention that there are plenty of interesting bonuses on offer all the time. What’s more, the casino is starting to experiment with the use of VR technologies by the looks of things, so that could prove to be a nice little bonus if you’re interested in such stuff.

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