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Thunderstruck II Slot Review

Chances are that you’ve already managed to come across the Thunderstruck II slot even if you’re a relative newcomer to the entire online gaming thing – and there’s a very good reason for that. Basically, Thunderstruck II has already become a bit of a cult classic with a very large base of dedicated players, which translates into it still being one of the constant chart-toppers. In any case, it’s one of those slots that you simply need to give a go – but not until you read our review.

Theme and Graphics

Thunderstruck II is building on traditional Nordic mythology, although not all of the symbols are designed accordingly, with a bulk of them coming with the traditional 9-10-J-Q-K-A visuals. The more precious symbols, however, bear the characters of Odin, Thor and Loki.

Although there isn’t a lot of animations to look forward to, the visuals are very compact and the game runs like a charm even on outdated computers, so there isn’t too much to complain about on this particular front, especially if you’re one of those players that prefer great gameplay over stunning graphics.

We also have to say a few good words about the game’s soundtrack, which fits well into the general atmosphere, although you’re probably going to turn it off if you decide to play Thunderstruck II for more than just a few spins, as it does get repetitive fairly quickly.


Truth to be told, the audiovisuals haven’t aged all that well. It’s the gameplay that’s always been the game’s main selling points, however, so let’s take a closer look at the plethora of special features that you can find at Thunderstruck II.

Thunderstruck II Slot

First of all, there’s the mandatory Wild symbol that can not only work as a substitute for all the regular symbols, but which also doubles all wins in which it is involved. Secondly, there’s the random Wildstorm feature that can turn entire reels into wild symbols in an instant, boosting your winnings and bankroll in the process.

Finally – and most importantly – there’s the Great Hall of Spins feature that’s basically the very heart and soul of Thunderstruck II. So, how can you secure an entry to it? Well, you just need to get three, four or five bonus symbols (which look like Thor’s hammer).

Once that happens, you’ll be able to choose from four different bonuses. The first one, the Valkyrie bonus, will give you ten free spins – and all wins will be multiplied by five during that period. The Loki bonus, on the other hand, will give you fifteen free spins and also activate special wild symbols that can appear during them. The third bonus, which bears the name of Odin, will reward you with twenty free spins and also activate special multipliers that can boost your winnings during them. Finally, there’s also the Thor bonus that comes with a grand total of twenty-five spins and multipliers that increase with consecutive wins.

The trick here is that you’ll need to get the bonus feature activated on multiple occasions in order to get all four options unlocked, so it isn’t as easy as it looks like and you’ll have to play for a while if you want to give the Thor bonus a shot. Is it worth it? Well, it should all come down to your personal tastes. If you like the game, the best bonuses will surely feel like the proverbial icing on the cake and they will also get you hooked for longer. If you don’t, however, getting to them will be a chore.

Interestingly, Thunderstruck II also allows you to keep track of your winnings (well, sort of) by unlocking paytable achievements whenever you complete a payout for a certain symbol. Eventually, you can even unlock a special golden colour for the paytable, although that milestone is reserved only for the most dedicated players.


Thunderstruck II was released in the year of 2010 as a sequel to the immensely popular Thunderstruck slot. With 243 paylines (a feature also known as 243 Ways to Win) spread across five reels, it belongs to those slots that are going to pay you out on a very regular basis, although there is the small detail of some of those payouts being lower than your initial stake.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) is set somewhere above the 96% mark and the variance is fairly low, so you should be able to get a lot of game time from the slot regardless of what your initial bankroll is. The smallest bet that you can place is €0.30, while the maximal bet stands at €15.


Although some players are already complaining about Thunderstruck II being rather outdated, there are good reasons for it being one of the true staples of the online gaming scene. The graphics might not be all that incredible by today’s standards, but the gameplay features of Thunderstruck II have withstood the test of time and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy them as much as we did. Do give this slot at least a few spins – you won’t be able to call yourself a slots connoisseur otherwise!

Where to Play

If you’re itching to give Thunderstruck II a go, you’ll need to head over to an online casino that’s getting its games from Microgaming. Thankfully, that task isn’t particularly hard, as Microgaming are one of the most popular games suppliers nowadays.

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