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Shoot! Slot Review

The year of 2016 brought two major football events in Euro 2016 and Copa América Centenario, which naturally gave all the different slots developers plenty of incentives to either develop new football-themed slots or to do something with their older ones. Despite being one of the industry’s powerhouses, Microgaming went with the latter, preferring to take a second look at their Shoot! video slot instead of coming up with something new and fancy.

Those of you who were expecting a dramatic re-design will be disappointed, however, as the most important change of them all is that Shoot! is now available not only for desktops, but also for all sorts of mobile devices. That’s naturally good news for everyone who enjoys playing on the go – and it’s a good enough reason for us to give the slot a closer look.

Theme and Graphics

There’s probably no reason to talk about the game’s theme in any depth – it’s all about football and its biggest stars, including Pelé and Maradona. The symbols have a very retro look and feel, but the issue is that it’s not one of those modern retro styles that most definitely have a place even in today’s world of cutting-edge 3D graphics. Instead, it’s one of those styles that look cramped at best and terribly old at worst, so we don’t really have any positive things to talk about here.

The audio side of things is much better, however, and it does a great job evoking a great footballing atmosphere. If that was coupled with better visuals, we’d be praising Shoot! a lot – unfortunately, that’s simply not the case, so we’ll have to give the slot bad marks in the audiovisual department.


In case you didn’t know, Shoot! is also the name of a popular football magazine (well, it was very popular before the Internet took over), which explains why the gameplay features are all about football cards and magazine cutouts – and the great news is that there really is a lot to be enjoyed in terms of specialties.

To kick things off, there’s the classic Wild Symbol that works exactly as it does in the vast majority of slot games, substituting for all the other regular symbols in order to make winning paylines.

Shoot! Slot

Next, there’s the Shoot! Bonus, which works not only as a solid feature on its own, but also as the gateway to two other special features. In any case, it will be triggered once you manage to get three, four or five Scatter Symbols during a single spin.

Once that happens, you’ll be transported to the Trade ‘Em Bonus minigame that will allow you to pick four football cards to reveal different rewards, with the most exciting of them being the Free Spins and Magazine Bonus symbols.

If you’re lucky enough to find the Free Spins symbol, you’re going to enjoy between ten and thirty-five free spins – and the nice little bonus is that all wins achieved during them will be doubled.

Meanwhile, the Magazine Bonus symbol will allow you to play a smaller minigame in which you’ll be asked to pick from various Shoot! magazines, revealing coin rewards in the process – and this will all go on until you select one of the two red cards. Once that happens, the minigame will end and you’ll be free to collect your rewards.


Although Shoot! is using the traditional five-reels-and-three rows setup, the interesting bit is that there isn’t a fixed number of paylines, so you can really mix and match until you find what’s the best for you in this particular regard.

This amount of choice naturally goes hand-in-hand with the bet levels that are incredibly varied, but the lowest amount that you can play for is €0.01. Those who want to play for more, however, can stake up to €100 on a single spin, which makes the game accessible to players with all kinds of bankrolls.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) of the game stands at the 96.54% mark, which is exactly what you’d expect to see at a mid-range slot.


Although Shoot! is a very decent slot game, we do have to say that it hasn’t aged all that well and that its supposedly retro graphics now look outdated more than anything else. It’s still a fun slot to play if you’re a fan of football, as you’ll appreciate seeing all those big stars of the sport once again, but it really is a shame that Microgaming didn’t go for a bigger re-design, as that could have easily put the game right into the spotlight. As it stands, we’ve got a game with good gameplay and unappealing graphics – and that’s hardly a combination we could be happy about. Our recommendation? Give Shoot! a go if you’re a football fan, but don’t bother if you aren’t.

Where to Play

The one big plus all the Microgaming slots have is that they’re available at a massive range of online casinos – and you could really spend plenty of hours just browsing through them and seeing what they have to offer.

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High rollers will also appreciate the superbly-designed VIP programme, as it includes plenty of special deals like luxury deals and exclusive promotions on top of all the services that one usually associates with loyalty rewards.

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