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Ninja Magic Slot Review

Just a few years ago, slots releases were few and far between. Every single one of those events felt like a true occasion to be celebrated and treated with care. The situation has changed, however, and the current trend is that there are several releases to watch every single month. On one hand, that’s certainly a good thing, as it means that we’re getting new toys to play with all the time. On the other hand, it means that developers are often rushing things in order to meet the studio’s quotas, which translates into some poor games getting released.

Unfortunately, Ninja Magic seems to have fallen victim to time pressure, as it’s not quite as good as we were expecting the game to be when we first heard about it.

Theme and Graphics

While we’ve already seen a couple of slot games based around ninjas and the myths that surround them, Ninja Magic is a fairly fresh take on the theme, as it also throws some spells and bugs into the mix. In any case, that’s what you’re going to see on the game’s symbols – and the only word that we could use when describing them is “solid”. Considering that the slot’s theme is rather unique, we’d expect Microgaming to be innovative enough to come up with a full set of unique symbols, but they didn’t deliver on this front either, as a good chunk of what you’re going to see comes from the A-K-Q-J-10 suite.

The music and sound effects, on the other hand, are actually surprisingly good and atmospheric, so that’s what we’ll give this slot game a thumbs up for – it’s just too bad that the audio side of things isn’t as important as all the other fronts.


Although it’s quite obvious that some effort was invested into the game’s audiovisuals, it seems that the gameplay designers took a break when Ninja Magic was being developed, as there’s just one (yes, that’s right, one) special gameplay feature aside from the traditional Wild and Scatter symbols that work exactly as one would expect them to.

Ninja Magic Slot

The aforementioned special feature is called Ninja Magic Bonus Game and it’s all about getting a few free spins here and there. If you’re lucky enough to get three or more Scatter symbols during a single spin, you’ll be asked to choose from a set of Giant Bug enemies, each of which contains a random number of free spins or multiplier values.

Once you find the “Start Free Spins” button instead of additional free spins and multipliers, you’ll be asked to sit back and enjoy seeing the coins rolling to your purse. It’s going to be a bonanza of jackpots if you manage to hit the best possible values (40 free spins with a multiplier of 8x), but even the lower values (and you’re guaranteed to get at least one free spin) may do wonders for your bankroll!


Ninja Magic is using a somewhat unorthodox setup of forty paylines spread across five reels and three rows, but that’s perhaps the only interesting thing as far as the technicalities are concerned.

Whether the 40-paylines setup is intriguing or not is largely down to personal preferences, but we should note that the number of paylines is fixed, which means that there’s just a single slider to use for adjusting the stakes. The minimum you can play for is €0.40, but those who want to bet big can play for as much as €50.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) of Ninja Magic has been set at 95.99%, which is completely in line with what one would expect from a game like this.


Truth to be told, this is one of the few slots that Microgaming can’t be too proud of. Although there’s nothing completely wrong with it, it’s so uninspiring that we reckon that it’s simply going to go unnoticed as far as the vast majority of players is concerned. The only redeeming quality that we can think of is the fact that it’s using a 40-paylines setup, as that’s something that we aren’t used to seeing nowadays.

Where to Play

Although we suppose that you aren’t going to run to Ninja Magic anytime soon considering what’s been said in this review, we feel obliged to mention that the game can already be found at a massive number of online casinos, some of which actually belong to the very best in the business.

The one casino that we’d like to highlight in this particular regard goes by the name of Royal Vegas – and it really is a treat that you shouldn’t miss if you’re at least somewhat serious about your casino gaming. In fact, it has everything that a modern online casino should – and a bit more on top of that.

To kick things off, there’s a fairly big arsenal of games to choose from, which means that you aren’t going to run out of slots to play even after you stop caring about Ninja Magic. Secondly, there’s a massive welcome bonus waiting for everyone who decides to jump in – and that’s an incentive that you really shouldn’t ignore, especially since there are also additional bonuses and promotions to take advantage of after that.

Thirdly, there are excellent live casino games to be played, so Royal Vegas will give you plenty to enjoy even if slot games aren’t what you’re looking for first and foremost. And the best thing? All these things can be accessed on the go, as the guys behind the project have also managed to develop splendid apps for the iOS and Android operating systems on top of the web-based casino!

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