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Hot as Hades Slot Review

If you’re looking for some sizzling action, you’ve come to the right place, as Hot as Hades is undoubtedly one of the hotter slots around as far as the theme is concerned. In this review, we’re going to examine it from all the crucial points of view, so you should read on to find out if Hot as Hades is indeed as good as advertised.

Theme and Graphics

The theme of the slot is – as you might’ve guessed – a somewhat unorthodox take on classic Greek mythology, which means that you’re going to meet with Zeus, Poseidon and even Hades himself on the game’s symbols. Hades is depicted as a cheeky little trickster, however, so you don’t have to be afraid of things being taken too seriously here.

The graphics are not only very pretty on their own, but they’re also getting a very nice boost from numerous animations, so it’s clear that the designers did put a lot of work into making this slot a sight to behold.

To round things off, we should also say that we have nothing but positive words for the game’s soundtrack, which does add a lot to the overall atmosphere and which somehow manages to be both majestic and calming at the same time. Don’t turn the volume down straight after you load the slot – you won’t be disappointed by what you’re going to hear!


The typical duo of Wild and Scatter symbols is naturally present – and it works exactly as one would expect it to. The Wild symbols, which depict the game’s logo, work as substitutes and actually even double the winnings from paylines in which they’re involved, while the Scatter symbols, which come in the form of crystal helmets, pay out regardless of where they appear on the board.

If you’re lucky enough to get three, four or five Scatter symbols during a single spin, you’ll trigger the special Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus that will take you on a journey through several prize-packed stages. This bonus really is a treat, as you’ll be taken away from the traditional slot setting and get a chance to play several mini games, each of which comes with its own personality and charm, in a row. All the mini games naturally come with splendid audiovisuals, so you should stay on the lookout for the Scatter symbols at all times – they’ve got the potential to set things on fire!

Hot as Hades Slot

Apart from that, there’s also the randomly-triggered Super Mode that’s going to reward you with a grand total of five free spins. They would be boring on their own, however, so Hot as Hades will also throw in a few guaranteed Wilds to ensure that you’re always going to walk away with some juicy winnings.


Hot as Hades was released in the summer months of 2015, which makes it one of the newer additions to the slot gaming market. It’s played over twenty fixed paylines and it uses a very traditional setup of five reels and three rows, so slot veterans are going to feel right at home on this particular front.

The traditional setup also allows you to choose from a wide range of stakes, with the minimal bet standing at just €0.20. High rollers will have to look elsewhere, however, as it was impossible to bet more than €50 on a single spin at the time of writing. It’s a surprisingly low limit, but chances are that this particular issue won’t bother you all that much.

If the RTP (return to player) is what you’re interested in, we can tell you that it’s been set at 96.75%, which is a completely standard value for this type of game. The slot doesn’t come with a particularly high variance, so you should be able to enjoy it for quite a while even if you don’t sit down with a particularly large bankroll at the start of the session.


Although Hot as Hades is being advertised as a flagship game, we have to say that we’re slightly sceptical when it comes to its potential to fulfil such proclamations. In all fairness – if this is the slot that’s supposed to replace the likes of Thunderstruck II or Battlestar Galactica, we are afraid that Microgaming will have to re-think their views a little bit, as Hot as Hades is nowhere near those slots in terms of addictiveness and longevity.

That said, we still very much like how the game looks and plays, so it does get a thumbs up from us as a very fun standalone slot that is definitely worth checking out. If you don’t come in expecting the next big thing, you’ll be very happy with what you’re going to see.

Where to Play

As Hot as Hades comes from the famous Microgaming studios, you shouldn’t have any real issues finding an online casino that has the game in its repertoire. In fact, some of the very best online casinos on the market are getting their games from Microgaming, so you can even fish around for the best possible deals if you’re so inclined.

If you want an honest recommendation, we can point you towards the excellent Royal Vegas, who have established themselves as one of the truly premium casinos. Not only are they offering a massive games catalogue that players can choose from, but they also welcome all new players with a humongous welcome package that will please even those who want to play big. What’s more, there’s some icing on the cake in the form of excellent mobile support that will allow you to enjoy your favourite games wherever you are and whenever you want. We also have nothing but positive words for the customer support service, so, all in all, it’s simply impossible to go wrong with Royal Vegas!

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