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Dragonz Slot Review

The online slot gaming scene is so lush nowadays that we’re getting steady streams of all kinds of slots, but there’s one particular category that we’d want to talk about here – and it’s those smaller slots from the biggest games developers. These rarely get the attention the blockbuster slots are getting, but they are sometimes even more enjoyable than them. Dragonz, which was released by Microgaming in the second half of 2016, is a good example, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at it in a complete review.

Theme and Graphics

There aren’t really any surprises waiting for you as far as the theme is concerned. As the slot’s name says, it’s all about dragons here – and you’re actually going to meet four different ones on the reels. The graphics are incredibly colourful and there are some beautiful animations thrown into the mix as well, which creates a very nice atmosphere. The only small minus that we could mention is the inclusion of traditional card symbols, but we reckon that it’s fair to give the designers a pass for that given that Dragonz was never supposed to be a chart-topping release.

No such shortcuts were taken on the audio front, however, so we’ll give the slot top marks for how it sounds – not only is the music truly mesmerizing, but it also doesn’t get repetitive very quickly.


As you can see, we’ve got nothing but praise for the slot’s audiovisuals. What about its gameplay, however? Does it stand up to scrutiny or is it just too run-of-the-mill for anyone to care? Well, the first option is the correct one!

To kick things off, there’s the Wild symbol that works as a substitute for all the other regular symbols in order to make winning lines. That’s not all, however – all non-winning spins with a Wild on the middle reel will deal extra Wilds onto other reels to guarantee a win!

Dragonz Slot

In any case, it’s the Scatter symbol that’s the main gameplay feature of Dragonz. It comes in the form of a purple orb and it acts as the gateway to the slot’s Free Spins feature. All you need to do is get three Scatters during a single spin – and you’ll then be rewarded with one of four different bonuses, all of which come with ten free spins.

First, there’s the Flint bonus that adds a growing number of Wilds into the mix. Second, there’s the Switch bonus that stashes non-winning Wilds and then releases them in order to guarantee wins. Third, there’s the Frost bonus that freezes non-winning Wilds until they finally contribute to a win. Fourth, there’s the Gobble bonus that adds random Wilds onto the reels and then holds them there until they stop contributing to winning paylines. All in all, it’s a diverse mix – and all four options are equally interesting.

Which of these bonuses you’re going to trigger is completely random at first, but there’s actually a nice little gimmick waiting for players that decide to stay for a bit longer. On the 12th trigger, you’re going to unlock the “Player’s Choice” option that will allow you to pick the bonus you desire – and that is something worth waiting for, isn’t it?


Dragonz takes place on a completely orthodox playing field that has five reels and three rows, but it’s skipping traditional paylines in favour of the popular 243 Ways to Win feature. It might have already lost its novelty value, but it’s still as enjoyable as ever, so we most definitely aren’t going to criticize Microgaming for throwing it in.

There’s only one slider that you can use in order to adjust your desired betting stakes, but the number of options is so tremendous that this small detail isn’t likely to limit you at any point. Those who don’t want to play for much can stake just €0.40 on any given spin, while high rollers can play for as much as €30.

If the RTP (return to player) is what interests you, we can tell you that it’s been set to 96.30%, a value that’s actually more than reasonable.


When the dust settles, Dragonz emerges as a surprisingly enjoyable slot that has way more than meets the eye. It might not be getting the same attention as the blockbuster slots, but we would dare to say that it’s actually better than many of them, combining fun gameplay with a comfortable theme that isn’t going to get under anyone’s skin. Throw in the excellent audiovisuals and you’ve got a slot that stands out on so many fronts that every slots connoisseur should feel obliged to give it at least a few spins.

Where to Play

Since Dragonz comes from Microgaming, one of the biggest games developers on the market right now, you don’t really have an excuse for not giving it a go – it’s available at so many online casinos that use MicroGaming that there’s a good chance that you won’t even have to make any new accounts. If you do sign up for a new account, there are lots of MicroGaming casinos where you can deposit from five pounds, or even less.

If you don’t have a Microgaming-powered casino in your arsenal just yet, however, you might like to take a look at Casino-X. Chances are that you haven’t heard about these guys just yet, but that shouldn’t put you off in the slightest. What you’re missing out on is an excellent modern casino experience that has everything you could possibly wish for and a bit more on top of that – not only is there a big catalogue of slots, but there are also numerous live casino tables, including live blackjack and roulette, and superb promotions to take advantage of.

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