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Dragon Dance Slot Review

The Chinese New Year might not be a particularly big occasion for the vast majority of slot connoisseurs, but Microgaming have nonetheless tried to work with it and build an entire game around that very theme. It’s an interesting choice, of course, and it certainly has the potential to attract new audiences to the entire slot gaming business, but how good the slot actually is? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

With the Chinese New Year being the central theme of the slot game, it isn’t that hard to guess how the graphics look like. There’s no intro that would get you into the right mood, but the symbols do set a festive tone, with plenty of dragons and firecrackers flying around. The designers have decided to cut some corners, however, so you’re also going to see the traditional set of 9-10-J-Q-K-A symbols in addition to all those nice customized ones.

Dragon Dance Slot

No shortcuts were taken as far as the soundtrack is concerned, however, so we’re going to give the slot a big thumbs up for how it sounds. Although we can’t claim to be experts on Chinese festivals, it’s all very exotic and very interesting, so chances are that you actually won’t be turning the volume down when playing Dragon Dance.


While the Wild symbols – which work exactly as you would expect them to – will always be a welcome sight at Dragon Dance, it’s the Scatter symbols that you’ll always be on the lookout for, as you’ll be rewarded with a grand total of fifteen free spins once you get three, four or five of them during a single spin. All free spin wins will be tripled as well, so you’ll be able to fill your pockets with plenty of cash with a little bit of luck.

Let’s now move on from that particular feature, however, as there’s also the intriguing Respin option to talk about. Of course, plenty of slot games have respins in one form or another, but you’re going to find something completely unprecedented here, as Dragon Dance will actually allow you to choose which reels you want to respin. What’s more, you can elect to do so at virtually any point of the game, which brings a bit of strategy into the slot.

In fact, we’re sure that many players will love to have serious thinks about this particular option, trying to figure out which reels are worth respinning in the given situation. Couple that with the detail that Dragon Dance is using the popular 243 Ways to Win feature instead of traditional paylines and you’re going to get an equation that’s so interesting that some players might even spend tens of minutes considering all the possibilities.

If all this sounds interesting enough, you might also want to give the practice mode a go, as it will allow you to understand all the respin mechanics without forcing you to risk any money before you’re ready to do so.


Dragon Dance is one of the newest appearances on the market, having been released by Microgaming in the early months of 2016, and, as we’ve already mentioned, it is using the popular 243 Ways to Win feature instead of the traditional concept of paylines. There are still just five reels and three rows to care about, however.

Although you can bet as much as €125 on a single spin, Dragon Dance isn’t there only for the high rollers, as casual players can simply opt to play with the smallest possible stake, which stands at 0.25€. The costs for respins are automatically adjusted to match the stakes you’re playing with, so you are never going to get locked out of that feature.


Let’s make things clear – Dragon Dance is definitely not the next big thing on the scene and it’s probably not going to attack any of the top positions in the various popularity charts, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a game that you should miss if you’re looking for something new to play with. The theme is original enough to catch your eye and the gameplay features are fresh enough to keep you playing for long hours, so we can definitely recommend Dragon Dance to all kinds of players – and especially those who enjoy having some strategical depth in their slot gaming.

Where to Play

The Dragon Dance video slot was developed by Microgaming, a games developer that undoubtedly belongs to the top three in the world right now. That means that you can find it at a very nice range of online casinos, some of which actually belong to the very best there is nowadays.

One of such casinos is the relatively new Casino-X online casino, which is going to impress you not only with its website design, but also with what it has on offer in all the relevant departments. First of all, the games catalogue is so massive that you’ll probably need a month or two just to give all the slots a go. Most of them can also be enjoyed on the go, as Casino-X have optimized their website in such a way that it works really well on virtually every single modern mobile device.

Secondly, there’s a plethora of live tables that you can enjoy once the slot games start to become a bit boring – and we can guarantee that you’re going to have a great time at them, as the dealers are all highly skilled and very professional.

Finally, Casino-X also excel when it comes to bonuses and promotions. The juicy welcome package is just the beginning – there are also regular price draws, lotteries and deposit bonuses to take advantage of. Put simply, this online casino is a treat – and you’ll do well to check it out!

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