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Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot Review

Light-hearted slot games will always have their place on the online market, as they’re the ideal companions for players that just want to spend a few minutes playing games that aren’t particularly demanding and that won’t require them to play for long hours to reach some of the better bonus stages. Bar Bar Black Sheep is game that’s designed to cater to that particular group of players, combining funny graphics with simple gameplay features in what is a surprisingly enjoyable slot.

Theme and Graphics

Bar Bar Black Sheep is – as you might’ve been able to guess – a direct reference to the popular Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme. With such a theme, you’d expect the graphics to be not only cartoony, but also perhaps a bit childish – and that’s exactly what you’re going to get once you load the game.

The symbols depict various fruits and vegetables, while the more valuable ones come in the form of farms and sheep. It’s also worth mentioning that there are two special symbols – the Wild symbol bears the name of the slot, while the Scatter symbol looks like a bag of hay.

Music and sound effects might not be the most important parts of slot games and we do realize that many players rush to turn them off as quickly as possibly, but we do like that it’s all suitably cheery. Do leave the audio on for a while, you aren’t going to regret it!


A light-hearted slot game wouldn’t be complete without some fun – yet uncomplicated – gameplay features and Microgaming certainly know how to deliver on this particular front, so let’s take a closer look at what’s there to look forward to.

We’ve already said a few words about the Wild and Scatter symbols, so let’s start with them. The Wild symbol can not only net you a few coins on its own, but it also acts as a substitute for all the other regular symbols when it’s found on a winning bet line, so you’ll always be happy to see it appear on any part of the playing board.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

The Scatter symbol is even more exciting than that, as it pays out a tidy sum regardless of what position it’s found in. What’s more, if you find three, four or five Scatter symbols during a single spin, you’re going to be rewarded with ten, fifteen or twenty free spins – and they can be re-triggered if you hit even more Scatter symbols during the initial batch. And have we already mentioned that all free spin wins will be paid out with a x3 multiplier? Bags of hay have never been this exciting!

Apart from the two special symbols, there’s also the fabulous Bar Bar Black Sheep Bonus to write about. Put simply, if you ever get two Bar symbols followed by a black sheep symbol in a straight line, you’ll get your initial stake back with a x999 multiplier! Bar Bar Black Sheep isn’t just the name of the slot – it’s also the one constellation that you would love to see appear on the reels!


Staying true to its simplistic premise, Bar Bar Black Sheep uses one of the most basic layouts, as it’s played on fifteen fixed bet lines across the traditional setup of five reels and three rows. The minimal bet is just €0.15, so you don’t have to invest any substantial sums of money to just give it a go, while those of you who want to risk a bit more can bet up to €150 on a single spin.

If you’re one of those player that care a lot about the details, we’ll be happy to inform you that the theoretical RTP (return to player) of the game stands at 95.32%, which is basically what one would expect from games of this type. Since there aren’t any bonus levels or jackpot features, the game doesn’t come with a particularly high variance, which means that you should be able to enjoy it for quite a while even if you aren’t going to sit down with a particularly large bankroll.


Put simply, Bar Bar Black Sheep belongs to a very special category of slot games that aren’t going to impress you with any state-of-the-art graphics or incredible gameplay innovations, but which are undoubtedly good picks for those moments in which you just don’t want to start with some of the more epic games. There are no stages that you’d have to reach by playing for hours on end, there are no cumulative bonuses and there are no humongous jackpots to win either – it’s the simplicity that makes the game fun. Do give Bar Bar Black Sheep a go once you find some spare minutes, but don’t go in expecting a game that will last you a lifetime.

Where to Play

As we’ve already mentioned, the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game was developed by Microgaming, which means that you can find it at a very nice range of online casinos, some of which actually belong to what we would call the premium class.

One of such casinos is the Royal Vegas casino, which is going to impress you not only with its wonderful selection of slot games (which naturally includes Bar Bar Black Sheep), but also with its massive welcome package that’s going to take your bankroll to new heights straight away. And, if you ever get bored of slot games, you can always sit down at one of the exclusive live tables and enjoy a truly authentic casino experience.

Royal Vegas are also well-known for being incredibly mobile-friendly, so you’ll even be able to enjoy Bar Bar Black Sheep on the go if you decide to open an account at these guys!

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