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Microgaming Slots

It is often said that there’s a big trio of games developers dominating the online casino scene nowadays and there’s a lot of truth in that assessment, as only three companies can currently claim to be the scene’s leaders. Microgaming are one of them – and they definitely deserve the attention of every single player out there.

In this article, we’re going to look not only at the company itself, but also at what makes its slot games so special and which of them deserve your attention first and foremost.

About Microgaming

The Microgaming company was founded way back in 1994 – and that’s also the year in which the guys allegedly created the very first real online casino. How true that claim is doesn’t really matter – what matters is that they can say that they were in the industry from day one and that they have very solid foundations on which they can build on nowadays.

Apart from developing slot games of the highest possible quality, Microgaming are also active on several other fronts. For example, they’re one of the scene’s leaders when it comes defining the standards and regulations for online casinos. In fact, they’re one of the founding members of both the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and the e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

Chances are that you’ve also already heard a bit about the humongous jackpots Microgaming are offering in some of their slots – and we can tell you that they have indeed already broken some records when paying them out. The most recent notable payout came in October 2015, with the famous Mega Moolah slot paying out more than £13 million to one lucky person from the UK.

The Microgaming headquarters are located on the Isle of Man, but their offices can be found in countries all over the world, including Singapore and the Philippines.

What Makes Microgaming Slots Special

Over the years, Microgaming have developed so many slots that you’d basically need to sit back for a month to just give all of them a fair chance, but is it possible to find anything that all the games – or at least the best of them – have in common? Well, if we’re to be absolutely honest, Microgaming don’t have any truly trademark features, but, if one takes a good and long look at their arsenal, it’s not hard to find a few uniting features.

First of all, the guys working at Microgaming seem to have a knack for making games that can last players for more than just a couple of spins. In fact, they seem to be able to create some truly epic games that lure players into coming back to them over and over again by giving them incentives like additional bonus options or better bonus rounds. Many other games developers are now coming up with their own ways of making their slots last longer, but Microgaming deserve a big thumbs up for being the very first to really introduce the longevity factor into online slot gaming as such.

Secondly, pretty much all the Microgaming slots are simply excellent from the technical point of view. Although it isn’t incredibly hard to make a slot with attractive audiovisuals, some games developers seem to have issues getting things absolutely right, which means that their games tend to lag and run poorly on outdated devices. Although Microgaming have already released a bunch of fairly demanding games, they aren’t overdoing things by any stretch of imagination and they are also rather quick when it comes to porting their games to mobile devices, so the technical area is undoubtedly one of the fronts on which Microgaming excel.

Finally, we also feel obliged to mention that Microgaming are very much capable of introducing truly innovative features into their slot games, which is something that they’re arguably doing on a much more regular basis than many of their counterparts. Of course, some players prefer traditional slots that they can play without having to read through any of the rules, but we think that it’s always great whenever something news pops out. Sometimes, things like that do go wrong and some of the slots that fairly innovative slots Microgaming have on offer aren’t that great, but that risk is paying off more often than not and we’re definitely willing to forgive the guys for not hitting the bullseye on every single occasion.

Highlight Slots

As we’ve already said, it could prove to be a big hassle to go through all the Microgaming slots – and, if we’re to be absolutely honest, it just isn’t worth it unless you also want to see all the historical bits and the entire evolution process the studio has gone through. Therefore, we’ve prepared a shortlist of the four highlight slots that you absolutely can’t afford to miss if you want to consider yourself to be a slots fan.

To kick things off, let’s mention the one slot that’s making it to the headlines on a regular basis despite being quite old. Yes, we’re indeed talking about Mega Moolah and its variations, which might prove to be slightly more interesting to many. In any case, Mega Moolah is basically the game that serves as the blueprint of how slot games with progressive jackpots should look like and it’s already inspired numerous other slots, so it undoubtedly deserves its place on this list. And who knows – perhaps you’re going to win millions of pounds during your test drive!

We’ve already mentioned that Microgaming have a knack for making epic games – and, well, you’d be hard-pressed to find a slot that’s more epic than Thunderstruck II. Although we’re already seeing some players complaining about how outdated the game is, the slot remains to be massively popular across the board and we guarantee that it’s going to draw you in with its great atmosphere and splendid gameplay features, which include the 243 Ways to Win specialty and selectable bonus rounds. The fact that Thunderstruck II can still be found topping some of the popularity charts out there speaks for itself – you owe it to yourself to give this game a go!

If you would like to check out some of the newer games, we’d like to send you in the direction of The Dark Knight Rises, which is also probably the best movie-themed slot game that Microgaming have produced to date. The graphics and animations are simply fabulous, while the gameplay features are innovative enough to keep you coming back for more – and all this creates an excellent atmosphere that does the Batman franchise justice. And no – you don’t need to know what the movie is about to fully enjoy it.

To round things off, we’d also like to mention the Dragon Dance slot, as that’s the one slot that well and truly shows that Microgaming are fully capable of coming up with untested gameplay concepts. What’s so special about this one? Well, it allows players to test their strategical thinking by allowing them to re-spin the reels they want – for a small fee, of course. Gone are the feelings of hopelessness in the face of finding one reel ruining the entire board – you can get as many second chances as you desire!

Also Worth Checking Out

Although the four slots that we’ve examined above could last you a very long time, we’d also like to give you a few suggestions of where to head next if you want to stay fully within the realm of Microgaming.

Firstly, you can’t really go wrong with giving Hot as Hades a few spins. Although the slot’s release has disappointed the fans that were looking forward to the next big thing, Hot as Hades is a rock-solid game that presents an interesting take on traditional Greek mythology. The theme isn’t the only interesting thing, however, and we simply have to give Hot as Hades top marks in the audiovisual department. Even that would be enough for the game to find its audience, but there are also some super gameplay features thrown into the mix, with the bonus round taking you on a journey through several mini-games, each of which comes with its very own gimmick.

Once Hot as Hades runs out of steam, head over to Girls with Guns and enjoy a great game that’s based on the 243 Ways to Win specialty. That alone makes it stand out from the long line of traditional slot games, but the game also boasts some excellent gameplay features and graphics that are very easy on the eye. It might not be as intriguing as the flagship 243 Ways to Win games that Microgaming have in their catalogue, but it’s nonetheless a breath of fresh air that’s surprisingly enjoyable.

Finally, do give Bar Bar Black Sheep a go once you find yourself with a few spare minutes. It probably doesn’t deserve much more than that, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it completely. And, if you’ve ever thought that it’s impossible to build a slot game around a nursery rhyme, Bar Bar Black Sheep will force you to re-think a few things. It’s gimmicky, it’s simplistic and its gameplay features are completely basic, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Where to Play

Microgaming are one of the biggest games developers around, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that their slot games can be found at online casinos of all shapes and sizes. That’s good news, of course, as it means that players have plenty to choose from whenever they want to give a new Microgaming slot a go, but it comes with the small hassle of actually having to fish around for the best deal.

You might want to explore things on your own and we certainly wouldn’t want to put you off that, but, at the same time, we’re more than happy to give a few recommendations to those players that just want to focus on the top of the crop without having to go through all the motions – comparing everything is hard work, after all.

If you’re looking for something that’s very modern and very elegant, we’d like to point you towards the excellent Casino-X, which is one of the few new casinos that have a lot of flair and personality to go with their good games catalogues and generous bonus offers. Although there are still some rough edges that Casino-X will have to iron out in order to become the very best out there, these guys already belong to the premium bunch, offering an experience that’s both solid and slick.

Casino-X might not be to everyone’s liking, of course, se we’ll also provide you with an alternative that’s not only about casino games, but which also offers sports betting services. That alternative has to be BetVictor casino – and it’s an online casino that will last you more than just a couple of months, as it’s continuing to improve its services on all fronts. The guys from BetVictor certainly know what makes the players tick, and with bot low minimum deposit limits starting at just £5.00 this is a great casino to play Microgaming slots in.

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