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Lightning Box Casinos

With so many games developers on the scene nowadays, we sometimes feel like there’s just too much blandness around, with no companies really wanting to distinguish themselves. Lightning Box are somewhat different in this regard, however – and that alone makes them worth checking out.

About Lightning Box

Lightning Box were founded in 2004, so they’re placed somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as experience is concerned. The one word they’re constantly advertising is “mathematical”, which is hardly surprising considering that the team is emphasizing its ability to come up with mathematically unique features.

The company has its headquarters in Australia, which is a somewhat unique spot for a gaming-related business due to the unfavourable legislative situation, but we suppose that things have been working well for Lightning Box so far.

Lightning Box’s Products

Whereas many games developers have back-end solutions among their activities, it seems that Lightning Box aren’t all that keen on stepping outside their comfort zone – and that means that they’ve got plenty of time for making games.

They need all the time they can get, however, as online slots aren’t their only products. Apart from them, they are also rather active in the land-based industry. On top of that, they’re trying to break through on the social gaming scene, although it’s notoriously difficult to achieve significant profits there.

Special Features

We’ve already mentioned that Lightning Box love mathematics – and we should add that they also love building game concepts that are based around numbers. Most recently, they’ve been all about games with a massive amount of paylines, which is a feature that’s indeed quite interesting.

Yes, we do know that there are plenty of developers that have already made slots with 243 Ways to Win, but Lightning Box are constantly pushing this even further, with many of their games having 1024 or even 1296 paylines. You can’t have those numbers without changing the number of reels and rows a bit, of course, which means that many of the Lightning Box slots feature unorthodox playing fields – and those are a welcome change from all those traditional 5×3 boards.

If having so many paylines sounds at least remotely interesting, you need to give some of the slots these guys have a go – chances are that you won’t be disappointed.

Top Online Slot Games

With the most important info about Lightning Box out of the way, let’s now say a few words about some of their actual slots, starting with Dragon Palace.

This particular slot is rather conservative, featuring just 243 Ways to Win, but it’s throwing some nice things into the mix on top of that, so the gameplay is never boring. In fact, you can win as many as twenty free spins with just a single lucky bet – and you can easily imagine how big the payout can be during those with so many active paylines. If you’re interested in the slot’s theme, we can tell you that it’s all about Chinese mythology.

Once you get past Dragon Palace, you’ll want to give Blazing Goddess a go, as that slot makes things even more exciting with its 1024 paylines. We also like the audiovisuals a touch more, as they offer more subtlety and elegance. The action is hectic, however, and there are plenty of features to keep you entertained throughout.

To round things off, we’ll send you in the direction of Pixie Gold, which is arguably the pinnacle of all the Ways to Win features with its 1296 paylines. Some will surely think that this is stretching it quite a bit, especially since the playing field has a bizarre form in order to accommodate everything, but the experience is so unique that you simply owe it to yourself to give it a try. It’s largely a hit-or-miss affair and it won’t take you long to find out which side you’re on.

Supported Platforms

Lightning Box are one of those companies that cater to both online and land-based casinos, which means that they need to be incredibly flexible on the technological front. Thankfully, they seem to be able to deliver and optimize their games for a large number of platforms, including PCs, mobile devices and traditional gaming cabinets.

That said, it seems to us that they’re quite sluggish when it comes to making mobile releases simultaneous with PC ones, so that’s certainly an area in which they still have room for improvement.

Known Problems/Issues

When it comes to Lightning Box, we’ve only got two issues to talk about. Firstly, we aren’t quite sure what to think about their decision to stay fully inside the Australian borders. It’s probably working for them business-wise right now, but we aren’t too optimistic when it comes to the legislative situation in that country and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them having to move elsewhere at some point in the future.

Secondly, we’re a bit disappointed by the audiovisuals many of their games come with. We love pretty much all the features they’ve managed to come up with, but we think that they will need to invest some money into the graphics department in order to expand and become more popular. Gameplay might be the most important thing for us, but we know that there are many players that just aren’t willing to play games that don’t have excellent visuals.

Summing Up

If you’re already a bit bored by what the biggest companies are putting out in terms of slots, you should take a break from them and see what Lightning Box are about. We don’t know how big their ambitions are, but they do have something special to be proud of – and that’s more that can be said about many other games developers.

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