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Khepri Slot Review

There’s just no going around it – pretty much every single games developer out there simply has to have an Egyptian-themed slot in its repertoire for some reason. Leander are no different in this regard, but the good news is that their Khepri slot isn’t completely run-of-the-mill – and that’s actually why we’ve decided to cover it in a review!

Theme and Graphics

We’ve already said that Khepri builds on Egyptian themes, so it shouldn’t be all that hard for you to imagine what you’re going to find on the slot’s symbols. It’s a combination of scarabs, ankhs and a few hieroglyphs, while the traditional suite of A-K-Q-J-10 also makes an appearance for reasons that we can’t really fathom. The technical quality of the visuals is superb, however, and winning paylines always come with a small animation or two, so there’s not much we could criticize here apart from the not-so-great creativity.

The soundtrack the slot comes with doesn’t leave much to be desired either, with fabulous rhythms accompanying you on your quest for ancient treasures. As is the case with the vast majority of slot music, you will want to turn the audio down a bit during longer session, but it isn’t actually as repetitive as you would perhaps expect it to be.


Khepri’s gameplay features are all based around the slot’s Wild symbol, which comes in the form a blue scarab and which also has some fabulous animations that make it come alive whenever it’s involved in something exciting – and that actually happens on a fairly regular basis.

In fact, you need just one Wild symbol in order to trigger the Wandering Wild feature. During it, the Wild symbol will keep on moving across the board in a random fashion, granting you free respins in the process. This goes on until there are no Wild symbols to be found anywhere, so a single Wild is all you need in order to get a shot at getting a juicy number of respins.

Khepri Slot

Apart from that, there’s also the Multiplier Feature that gets underway when two or more Wilds stop on the same position while they’re moving around the board. Once that happens, they’re going to combine to create a multiplier Wild that can take your winning to new heights.

That’s all pretty interesting, but there is one small detail that we want to criticize, as we do realize that there are plenty of players that like to just sit back and enjoy the proceedings while using the autoplay feature to keep them moving forward. The issue is that Khepri’s autoplay feature comes with absolutely no depth – the only thing that you can adjust is the number of spins you want it to go through.


Khepri takes place on a regular 5×3 playing field, but the interesting bit is that it’s using the popular 243 Ways to Win feature instead of regular paylines. This gimmick might not be incredibly innovative nowadays, but it’s still fairly fresh and we suppose that many players are yet to play a lot of games with it, so we’ve got no issues with Leander including it in this very slot.

We do have one small problem with the game’s betting levels, on the other hand. Namely, we don’t think that there are enough of them. Those of you who don’t play for much won’t be concerned, but the fact that the stakes are capped at €15 will put all high rollers off.

To round things off, we’re also going to mention that Khepri’s theoretical RTP (return to player) stands at 94.95%, which is an inch below what we would call the industry standard. There’s not much wrong with this particular number, but it does raise some interesting questions – for example, why don’t Leander just raise it to the standard 95-96% level? Not only would it not hurt anyone’s profits, but it would also also make the game completely flawless in this particular department.


There might be plenty of Egyptian-themed slots out there, but virtually none of them are as good as Khepri, so you should definitely give it a go if you’re looking for something that combines Egyptian themes with rock-solid gameplay that has a few interesting surprises in store.

To be fair, it can’t really match the best games out there on any front and the below-par RTP is slightly disappointing as well, but we suppose that competing with the best has never been among the slot’s ambitions.

Where to Play

Khepri comes from the Leander Games studios, which are – unfortunately – yet to get their games to the biggest and most prestigious online casinos. That’s actually quite strange considering that they’re working with many of them on the level of back-end solutions, but we suppose that it might have something to do with the fact that they’re yet to release a true blockbuster that would take their games repertoire to a new level.

So – where should you head to if you want to take Khepri out for a spin or two? Well, our recommendation is the SlotsMillion online casino – and don’t be surprised if it actually becomes your favourite one stop shop for slot gaming, as it already has more than 1300 unique slot games on offer!

This incredible games selection goes hand in hand with the casino’s bonuses and promotions, which are mostly about giving you plenty of free spins that can be used at the best slots the casino has. SlotsMillion really are a paradise for everyone who loves online slots – and the kicker is that they are also one of the very few online casinos that have already done something interesting with virtual reality!

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