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Leander Slots

To many outsiders, the online slot gaming scene might look incredibly stale – although major releases are fairly frequent, they all seem to be coming from the very same set of games developers. There’s naturally some truth to all that, but that’s only if you aren’t willing to take a closer look and consider checking out some of the newer games developers that appeared in the last couple of years. Leander are one of them – and they shouldn’t be missed by anyone who enjoys excellent slot games!

About Leander

Leander are one of the newest studios on the online scene, having been around for only a few years. Despite that, these guys have already managed to land deals with the likes of 888, PokerStars and Unibet, although most of those deals have little to do with their games – instead, it’s the back-end solutions Leander are developing those companies are after.

With that, we’re definitely looking forward to what Leander are going to come up with next and it seems that we’re not the only ones having high hopes for them – after all, Leander did receive the GIA One to Watch Award in 2015.

The development section of Leander is located in Argentina, but the company also has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Bahamas. As one would probably expect, the Bahamas is also where the company is officially registered.

What Makes Leander Slots Special

Leander have been around for only a couple of years, so it’s probably unreasonable to think that they already have an established brand identity, but there are nonetheless at least two things that apply to pretty much every single slot game they’ve ever produced.

The first of those things are top-notch production values – whereas many other small games developers are just glad that they’re able to put a slot on the market, Leander tend to excel when it comes to making games that have no rough edges and elegant audiovisuals. They might not be completely out-of-this-world, but what we appreciate is the consistency that’s found in all of the studio’s recent releases. It wasn’t always like that, but Leander worked really hard to get themselves onto a certain level and it’s obvious that they aren’t going to give up on that particular achievement anytime soon.

The other thing that we’d like to mention is that Leander are willing to experiment when it comes to the themes of their slots, so you aren’t going to see the same graphics and designs being used over and over again. And the best thing? It seems that they’re also willing to take some risks on the gameplay front – just look at Castaway to see what we mean!

Highlight Slots

If you’ve got a spare week or two, you should be able to browse through every single slot Leander have ever released, as their games catalogue doesn’t contain hundreds of games just yet, but chances are that you’re one of those players that want to play only the very best slots – and that’s why we’ve decided to hand-pick the three highlight slots from Leander’s arsenal.

The first of those games is Khepri – a slot that isn’t going to impress you with its theme, but which is going to get you with its gameplay features, which are all based around the fact that the game is using the popular 243 Ways to Win specialty instead of traditional paylines. Most games that are going that route aren’t adding anything to the equation, but Khepri is throwing in things like Wandering Wilds and big multipliers, which makes it a gem that no slots connoisseur can afford to miss.

The second slot that we would like to highlight goes under the name of Little Red – and yes, the fact that its name alludes to one of the most well-known fairy tales is indeed no coincidence. We know that some players don’t believe that it’s a good idea to mix fairy tales and slot gaming, but we’d nonetheless urge you to give Little Red at least a few spins, as it’s at least a cut above the vast majority of online slots out there with its audiovisuals. With a nice little bonus game thrown into the mix as well, there’s simply much to be liked here!

To round things off, we’re going to point you towards the somewhat gimmicky Pablo Picasslot game that builds on a very unorthodox theme of classical paintings. To be fair, the slot’s gameplay features do leave something to be desired, but the production values are top-notch and make the slot worth checking out – unless you hate classical paintings for some reason, that is.

Also Worth Checking Out

Chances are that you’ll be tempted to give a few additional slots a go after playing through our three highlight picks, so we’ve decided to dive a bit further and select a few games that might not be as good as the ones that we’ve already mentioned, but which are undoubtedly worth checking out if you’ve already managed to run out of games to play.

The first of those slots is Megadeth, which is a real treat for every single player that loves the band of the same name or at least heavy metal as such. There are no amazing gameplay features or cutting-edge graphics to be found here, but it’s a very fitting tribute to what’s a fairly niche genre, so we’re happy to give it a thumbs up.

If heavy metal just isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll do well to head over to Mad Piñatas, a game that does resemble Pablo Picasslot in many respects. It’s a bit cheesy and it’s also a bit gimmicky, but that actually makes it the ideal companion for everyone who doesn’t want to invest long hours into a single slot. If you ever find yourself with a few spare minutes, do take Mad Piñatas out for a spin or two.

Finally, we’ll also mention the Castaway video slot, as it’s one of the most unorthodox slot games that we’ve ever seen. The theme is quite exotic as well, so what you’re going to get is a truly weird combination of a strange theme, a slot game and a poker game. It’s not a slot for everyone, that much is obvious, but you should give it a go if you want to get a truly unique experience – and those are somewhat hard to find on the slot gaming scene.

Where to Play Leander Slots

Although Leander are still fairly new and small, they’re pretty active when it comes to signing deals with various partners, so their products can be found at a nice range of online casinos. What’s more, they seem to be rather careful when it comes to offering their services to casinos that aren’t particularly trustworthy, so, to a degree, seeing the Leander logo at an online casino is a mark of quality.

The only problem is that most of the online casinos that have Leander as their primary games supplier are just way too niche for us to recommend them, so we’re going to point you towards the excellent SlotsMillion instead, as those guys are an incredibly safe bet when it comes to slot gaming nowadays. Their games catalogue had more than 1100 unique slots at the time of writing and it naturally included all the important Leander slots, so that alone makes it a real treat for every single fan of slot gaming out there. Don’t bother visiting them if roulette and blackjack are your favourite games, however – SlotsMillion simply don’t care about traditional games and chances are that they never will!

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