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Legends of Troy Slot Review

It’s already some time ago, but there were a few years during which movies about ancient Greece were all the rage – and it’s therefore no surprise that we also have some slot games trying to learn from the popularity of those films. The Legends of Troy slot is one of them – is it any good, however?

Theme and Graphics

Although Legends of Troy isn’t building on any existing franchise, it’s using all the cliches that we all associate with Troy and the legends that are surrounding it. The symbols therefore depict all the mythical heroes, while there are also some not-so-heavily-customized symbols as well. The nice touch is that we’re getting Greek letters instead of the traditional 9-10-J-Q-K combination and this is something that we actually have to give the game a big thumbs up for. Seriously – why aren’t more slots using something like that instead of sticking to the bland card value stuff over and over again?

Unfortunately, we can’t really say any positive words about the game’s soundtrack, as the audio side of things is astonishingly bare. There’s no background music at all and even the sound effects are fairly limited, so some corners were indeed cut during the game’s development.


On the gameplay side of things, there are basically two interesting features to take a closer look at – the Free Games bonus and the Scatter Bucks feature.

The Free Games bonus is activated whenever you get three or more Scatter symbols in a single spin. When that happens, you’ll be rewarded with up to fifteen free spins and it’s possible to win even more during the initial batch, although it seems that there’s indeed an upper limit in place, as the game won’t allow you to get more than 105 free spins in a row. Not that it matters – you’ll be swimming in cash if you reach that limit anyway.

Legends of Troy Slot

The Scatter Bucks feature, on the other hand, will allow you to transform some of the Wild symbols into special symbols that grant random coin rewards, with the luckiest of players being able to win up to 10000 credits for just one of such transformations. What’s more, these transformations can also happen during free spins, allowing you to trigger some stunning fireworks if you find yourself on the right side of luck. As you would expect, however, the Scatter Bucks transformations are completely random – and there’s no way to choose which Wild symbols will get transformed either. It would be nice to see that feature being implemented as some sort of a mini game, but we guess that we can’t have everything.


The Legends of Troy slot comes from IGT, but those guys are actually only the software providers by the looks of things, with the development work being done by High 5 Games. Chances are that you haven’t heard about High 5 Games before and we certainly wouldn’t blame you for that, as they are yet to make it to upper echelons, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them, as they might have some interesting ideas in store for the years to come.

As far as the technicalities are concerned, the game uses a fairly unorthodox setup of fifty paylines spread over six reels and four rows, which is something that could be of interest to those players that are already bored of the standard 5-reels-and-3-rows layout. You can choose how many paylines to play with and you can also turn the Scatter Buck feature off to get cheaper spins, so it’s easy to adjust the stakes to the level that suits you the most. The theoretical RTP (return to play) of the slot is assumed to be 94.9%, which is slightly below what we consider to be the industry’s standard.


Although it needs to be admitted that the Legends of Troy title doesn’t have particularly high production values, the gameplay is completely adequate and we think that you won’t regret giving the slot a few spins. The game’s name hints at this being one of those epic slots with which one can spend long months and that illusion needs to be dispelled, but, once you get over that, you’ll be in for a surprisingly enjoyable time.

In any case, we’re hoping that High 5 Games will be able to use Legends of Troy as a good building block for some of their upcoming games. They know how to get the fundamentals right, there can be no doubts about that – but they will need to look at the other modern slots and update their ideas accordingly.

Where to Play

We’ve already mentioned that this slot was released through the famous IGT software provider, so you’ll need to look for that particular logo when fishing around for online casinos that have Legends of Troy in their games catalogues.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, we’d like to point you in the direction of the BetVictor online casino. Not only will you be able to play Legends of Troy at those guys, but they also have hundreds of other slots to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find something new to play with. In fact, you won’t even need to stay with slot games in that case, as BetVictor are also offering a massive number of live tables, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

What’s more, there’s a solid range of promotions and bonuses on offer at all times, while you will also want to check out the fabulous BetVictor’s loyalty rewards programme if you decide to stay at this online casino for a while. Put simply, the BetVictor casino is a complete package that could easily last you a lifetime!

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