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iDebit CasinosLet’s face it – paying online has never been as easy as it is nowadays. We all have plenty of options to choose from whenever we want to pay for goods or services, while online casinos and sportsbooks are also expanding their offers in such a way that allows everyone to deposit in a way that suits him or her the best. However, many of the offered payment options come with significant disadvantages. On the face of it, credit cards seem to be the very best choice, as they’re easy to obtain and transactions made with them are processed instantaneously, but the package might contain some pretty tough fees that you’ll have to stomach.

This means that many of us still prefer regular bank transfers for paying online. However, they do come with one significant disadvantage in that they aren’t processed straight away. Days can pass before the transfer arrives, which means that there big delays to deal with – and who would want to wait for their online casino deposits to arrive? Well, that’s where services like iDebit want to come in, making online banking transfers instantaneous without compromising their advantages – but how good iDebit really is?

About iDebit

The iDebit website started operating in 2012, so the service is still a fairly young one, especially if you consider how old many of the other online payment services are. However, it has quickly established itself on the scene and, although it was originally available only to users in Canada, it can now be used in more than 20 countries – and the list is being constantly updated with new ones.

How It Works

iDebit wants to make bank transfers instantaneous while retaining the simplicity that we’ve all associated with them, so it’s hardly surprising that paying with iDebit is a breeze. Once you select the product or service, you will simply select iDebit as your preferred payment option. Then, you’ll be asked to log into your iDebit account, but you can safely skip that step and proceed with a guest account.

In the next step, you’ll be asked to select your bank. Your usual online banking website will then show up, so you’ll have to enter your credentials. The bank transfer will then be waiting for you with all the details pre-entered, so you’ll only have to undergo the traditional payment authorization process – and that will be it.

The benefits are obvious – not only will you never need to carry your credit cards around, but you’ll also be able to get your bank transfers confirmed in an instant. Since the merchant will also be notified instantaneously, there will be no unnecessary delays. For example, your online casino deposits will become available just minutes after you authorize the bank transfer.

Additional Features

Although iDebit isn’t marketed as an online wallet, it does share certain features with such services due to the fact that it allows merchants to send you money that will then stay in your iDebit balance. That’s a feature that can certainly come in handy for all fans of online casinos and sportsbooks, as it means that you won’t necessarily have to explore any other payment options.

That said, making an account at iDebit is completely optional, which is something that we definitely appreciate.

Privacy and Security

Since you’ll always have to make direct bank transfers when paying with iDebit, there isn’t anything this service does to make your transactions more anonymous – they are always going to show up on your bank statements.

On the security front, iDebit seems to be doing a lot to prevent any possible security breaches. All transmitted information is encrypted and no sensitive data is ever shared with the merchants, while the fact that you’ll always have to log into your online banking account means that all those security features your bank uses will always be in play as well.

Known Issues/Problems

Like many other similar services, iDebit does have a bit of a problem on the availability front – put simply, iDebit doesn’t offer its services in a huge number of countries and you may be out of luck even if it is available in your country of residence, since only a handful of banks is supported in each of them.

Secondly, some people might have a problem trusting iDebit due to the fact that it is somewhat secretive and also not officially supported by the involved banks. It’s hard to say whether this is a big issue or not, but there certainly are more trustworthy companies out there.

It’s also worth noting that the traditional refund guarantees don’t come into play for purchases made through iDebit, so you’ll have to jump through a few hoops in order to get a refund if you don’t receive the purchased product or service. Your purchases also naturally won’t qualify for any of the credit card loyalty programs.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – iDebit isn’t completely free. Although you won’t be forced to pay anything for making a new account, withdrawing money from a merchant or paying from your iDebit balance, you willl be charged a small fee for making a payment from your online banking and withdrawals that go all the way back to your bank account.


Although iDebit looks like a very useful service, we have to admit that we currently have mixed feelings about its long-term viability. It does remove the hassle of having to wait for your bank transfers to be processed, but it opens a whole new can of worms with its fees and general lack of in-depth information. It’s a bit strange really, as there are similar services that come without such problems, although one could argue that they support less banks.

At the end of the day, it’s you who has to decide whether the benefits outweigh the downsides or not. We can see ourselves using iDebit occasionally, but, as things stand, it can’t really be recommended as the ideal one stop shop for all online payments.

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