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Mision Espacial Slot Review

It’s not very often that we get to review a truly unique slot from a truly unique games developer, but that’s actually what we’re going to do in this very article, as we’re going to take a closer look at Mision Espacial, a slot that was created by Grupo MGA casino games.

You’ll only need a single glance at how the game looks in order to understand that it’s a far cry from your typical run-of-the-mill slot, but is there a top-notch experience hidden under that facade? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

Mision Espacial is all about sending you on a mission to space, but that theme isn’t really reflected all that much as far as the slot’s symbols are concerned. There are a few that stand out – the Wild symbol, for example, features a planet – but the vast majority of symbols feature things like fruits, gems and bells.

This might sound really strange to many of you, but let us tell you that this is what Grupo MGA’s 3-reel releases have been all about until this very point, so it’s hardly surprising from that point of view. We would like to see them finally getting on the right track graphics-wise, but they are keen on keeping things completely traditional for some reason – and everyone just has to roll with that.

To round things off, we’d also like to note that there isn’t any real soundtrack either. There are a few sounds that play whenever something happens on the reels, but that’s pretty much it, so that’s yet another department in which Mision Espacial can’t match all the modern slots out there.


Let’s now take a look at the slot’s gameplay features. First of all, there’s the Wild symbol that combines with all the other regular symbols in order to make a winning line.

Next, there’s the Nudge function that allows players to move reels forward by one place – and you can get as many as four of them during a single spin.

Mision Espacial Slot

From time to time, you’re also going to activate the Up Your Award feature after a winning spin. That one will give you an opportunity to get a new spin and a guarantee of an increased prize.

Additionally, there are also four different mini-games that you can randomly access when you get certain winning lines. All of them are very simple and you won’t really have to do much in order to discover what your prize is, but they will provide you with some enjoyable distractions and that simply has to be appreciated.

We should also mention that you’ll get access to a special Upper Game once you find enough Bonus symbols and this is perhaps the best feature of them all – it’s almost like playing a completely different game and one has to wonder why the entire slot doesn’t look like it.

Finally, you can try your hand at a special Risk minigame almost every single time you win a prize – and you can either improve it or get Bonus symbols if you’re lucky enough.


As we’ve already mentioned, Mision Espacial takes place on three reels and there’s just a single payline for you to worry about, so the setup is as simplistic as it could possibly be.

There are only three options to choose from when it comes to betting levels. You can risk one, five or ten credits – and it seems that one credit equals €0.20 at most casinos.

Finally, we’d also like to say that it’s pretty much impossible to get the specific RTP (return to player) numbers, but we’ve been able to discover that the value apparently isn’t much higher than 90%.


When you put everything together, it’s clear to see that Mision Espacial is a very niche slot, which means that there’s a good chance that you’re actually going to dislike it. We suppose that Grupo MGA won’t mind that too much, however, as they’re targeting a very specific audience – namely, players that like traditional 3-reel slots – with this game.

That audience is surely going to like what’s on offer at Mision Espacial, as it’s a nice step up from the classic formula that adds something modern into the mix while retaining all the features that conservative gamers love.

All in all, Mision Espacial is a slot that you simply have to take out for a few spins if you like the basic 3-reel formula. If you don’t have any special feelings towards it, however, you won’t be missing out on much if you just skip this game altogether.

Where to Play

Mision Espacial comes from Grupo MGA, a company that’s virtually unknown outside the Spanish-speaking world – and that naturally translates to its games being available at only a handful of big online casinos.

We’ve been able to find a place that we can wholeheartedly recommend in the SlotsMillion online casino, however. Chances are that you’re actually yet to hear about these guys, but you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t have an account at them. Namely, you’re missing out on a backlog that has more than 1300 unique slot games from a big number of games developers – and it’s this very thing that’s the casino’s main selling point.

There’s even more to be found at SlotsMillion, however, as the casino has numerous promotions and bonuses on offer at all times, while we also can’t forget to highlight the fact that it’s keen on exploiting all the newest technologies like VR. For example, there’s already an exclusive VR environment ready for players that own a virtual reality headset. You can’t play Mision Espacial in it, but there is a good selection of blockbuster slots to choose from.

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