Grupo MGA Slots

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Grupo MGA Slots

We reckon that every single fan of online gaming is aware of big companies like Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech – and there are plenty of articles dedicated to those firms. We’d also like you to pay attention to some of the industry’s hidden gems, however, which is why we’ve decided to write an article about Grupo MGA.

About Grupo MGA

Grupo MGA have a really long history that dates back to the year of 1976, which is when the company created the very first payout machine in Spain. Since then, it’s naturally grown into a full-fledged business – and the firm is now one of the most important players on the Spanish gambling scene.

Gaming isn’t the only industry in which Grupo MGA are active, however. In fact, they’ve got plenty of departments that focus on completely different sectors, including hospitality and real estate.

The company’s headquarters can be found in the city of Barcelona, but its numerous departments can be found all over Spain.

What Makes Grupo MGA Slots Special

If you’ve been following the online gaming scene for a while, you surely know that there are plenty of games developers that are trying to make exclusive slot games that feature plenty of innovations, top-notch audiovisuals and intriguing gameplay features.

Now – what if we told you that there are still a few developers that haven’t even made the jump to modern online slot gaming yet, preferring to focus on old-school slots instead? Chances are that you wouldn’t believe us, but that’s actually exactly what Grupo MGA are all about – apart from a few exceptions, their main repertoire is all about the old-fashioned 3-reel formula.

If that doesn’t sound intriguing, you should stop reading right now, as we aren’t going to talk about the company’s future here – instead, the rest of the article will be dedicated to all the old-school games Grupo MGA have produced, as they are what makes the company stand out and its slots special.

So, what’s the basic formula of Grupo MGA like? Well, the playing field features just three reels and one winning row, which leads to what’s the most simplistic gameplay you could possibly have. There are also typically just three betting levels to choose from and two gameplay features – a Wild symbol and a bonus game.

Highlight Slots

With the theory out of the way, let’s take a closer look at some of the slot games Grupo MGA have released over the years, starting with Celtic, which is one of the company’s older games.

The game’s title is also a dead giveaway as far as the theme is concerned, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see the game featuring all the symbols that are associated with the Luck of the Irish.

Next, there’s the Bucaneros slot that’s going to put you in the shoes of a pirate that’s trying to find an elusive buried treasure. You’ll get a chance to unearth it during the slot’s bonus game, which will always net you a nice payout.

To round things off, we’d like to direct your attention to Misión Espacial, which is arguably the best slot Grupo MGA have on offer in the 3-reel department. Although it still retains an old-school feel, it’s got a modern design and a few additional gameplay features on top of all the traditional ones.

Also Worth Checking Out

Truth to be told, the simplicity that comes with the Grupo MGA slots formula means that pretty much all the games are rather similar, but we wouldn’t want to put anyone off diving deeper into what the company has on offer.

For example, there’s the La Taberna slot that’s going to bring you the typical Spanish pub experience. There are some special delicacies to taste and a bonus game that comes in the form of a raffle, so there’s definitely some enjoyment to be had with this one.

Fans of Grupo MGA also shouldn’t miss La Bruja Fortuna, a slot that’s all about witches, black cats and magic. It does get the atmosphere right with its visuals and its candle-shaped nudges are quite spooky as well.

Finally, we’re going to send you in the direction of Mr. Magnífico, which is an interesting take on comic books with superheroes. The titular Mr. Magnífico doesn’t really make an appearance outside the bonus game, but the slot does have an interesting visual style.

Where to Play

We’ve started this article by saying that Grupo MGA are one of the industry’s hidden gems – and what this means in practical terms is that their games aren’t available at a large number of online casinos. You won’t have a hard time finding one if you’re located in Spain, of course, but we reckon that there aren’t any players willing to relocate just to get a shot at enjoying the company’s repertoire. Thankfully, there is one very good option available for nearly everyone – the very useful SlotsMillion casino.

As the name suggests, these guys are all about slot games – and they’ve actually taken that concept to the extreme, so you aren’t going to find any traditional table and card games at them. What they do have, however, is a massive games catalogue that has slot games from virtually every single important games developer on the scene. Yes, that’s right – once the Grupo MGA slots become a bit stale, you can simply return to your favourite NetEnt or Microgaming slots without having to change casinos.

This selection is coupled with a very solid range of bonuses and promotions, which makes SlotsMillion the ideal place for all slots connoisseurs out there – and we also shouldn’t fail to mention that the casino is constantly experimenting with new technologies like VR.

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