Grupo MGA Casinos

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Grupo MGA Casinos

Have you ever heard about Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech? We’re sure that you did. But what about Grupo MGA? That company might not be particularly well-known among fans of online gaming, but it’s actually a colossus that’s doing incredibly well business-wise.

About Grupo MGA

The history of Grupo MGA dates back to the year of 1976, so there really is a lot of weight thrown behind the company as such. It all started when it created the very first payout machine in Spain – and we suppose that the founders didn’t even realize how far it all could go.

What was just a small firm is now a massive business venture with a huge amount of departments, many of which aren’t even related to gaming in any way. For example, Grupo MGA now seems to have two sections that deal with real estate and one that runs a number of restaurants, so there really is a lot going on when it comes to this particular company.

Grupo MGA’s Products

Now – we aren’t going to spend any time on describing every single one of the company’s divisions, but we are going to take a closer look at those that are somehow connected with gaming.

First of all, Grupo MGA have an entire division dedicated to creating interesting gaming experiences for both off-line and online casinos. Slot games are an important part of that, of course, but there’s much more to be explored here if you’ve got the time and interest, including strange cabinets and intriguing takes on classic table and card games.

Secondly, there’s an entire division dedicated to the company’s own land-based operations, which go by the names of Golden Park, New Park and Mini Park. These can apparently be found in a number of places, including shopping centres, across Spain.

Finally, Grupo MGA are maintaining presence in all kinds of land-based operations in Spain. Numerous high-profile casinos are hosting their games, so it’s no surprise that the company has a section that’s dedicated purely to producing, delivering and maintaining them.

Special Features

As far as we are concerned, Grupo MGA have only one unique selling point when it comes to online slot gaming – and it’s their unrelenting interest in 3-reel slots, which are arguably the most old-school thing that you can have in slot gaming.

Just what exactly are we talking about here, however, and how exactly would we describe the bulk of the Grupo MGA repertoire? Well, the 3-reel games this company has produced over the years all follow the same formula – there are just three reels with only a single payline, with gameplay features limited to Wild symbols, bonus symbols and bonus games that can be triggered under certain circumstances.

In order to make things even more old-school and realistic, these slots also come with a nudge feature that you can use in order to adjust the reels a bit whenever you get the opportunity to do so – and you can actually use up to four nudges if you’re lucky enough.

Put simply, it’s a trip down the memory lane if there has ever been one, so whether you’re going to like the experience or not depends exclusively on your feelings towards old-fashioned slots.

Top Online Slot Games

Now that we’ve described all the fundamentals, it’s time for us to give you a shortlist of Grupo MGA games that you should check out – and we’re actually going to take you through the evolution of the company’s 3-reel slots.

The first game that we would like to mention here is Celtic, a slot that’s basically a nostalgic trip to the days of off-line slots. It’s a faithful recreation of the typical pub experience and also the most basic of the 3-reel games Grupo MGA have in their repertoire.

Next, there’s Bucaneros, which will allow you to live the life of a treasure-hunting pirate. Unlike Celtic, this is a modern 3-reel experience that includes solid graphics and an intriguing bonus game that will allow the luckiest of players to unearth fabulous riches.

Finally, there’s Misión Espacial, a slot game that’s currently the pinnacle of what Grupo MGA offer in terms of both gameplay and audiovisuals. It’s not exactly a re-imagining of the 3-reel genre, but it’s a massive step up from the other two slots that we’ve mentioned in this section.

Supported Platforms

Grupo MGA cater to both online and off-line casinos, so they’re supporting all kinds of platforms. The most important information is that they are currently running two separate repertoires – one that’s running on Flash and one that’s running on HTML5.

The latter should naturally provide easy optimization for mobile devices going forward, but that’s unfortunately largely irrelevant right now, as we weren’t able to find a good online casino that would allow you to enjoy the Grupo MGA games on the go. This means that desktops are pretty much the only platform on which you can enjoy them right now – unless you live in Spain, that is.

Known Problems/Issues

Grupo MGA are currently so focused on the Spanish market that it’s virtually impossible for an outsider to get a closer view at how they work and operate, so we don’t have all that much to write about in this particular section – and, truth to be told, we don’t really care about their numerous departments.

We do, however, believe that they could be doing much more on the online slot gaming front and that their 3-reel games selection is bound to be considered outdated by many. We realize that they’re now starting to build a new repertoire of modern slot games that is likely to eventually become their main priority on the online scene, but it will take some time for them to get to the level on which we would like to see them. It’s obvious that they could get there quite quickly by investing a lot of resources into the right areas, but it seems to us that this goal isn’t among the company’s main priorities right now.

Summing Up

To put it bluntly, Grupo MGA are an incredibly specific games developer that most players will simply ignore – and that’s actually how things should be in all fairness. The firm is incredibly successful in a number of sectors, but modern online slot games aren’t among them. If you’re looking for some nostalgia, the 3-reel slots are worth checking out, but those are the company’s only unique selling point at the moment.

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