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Genesis Gaming Slots

Whereas companies like Playtech and Net Entertainment are so well-known that you’d have a hard time finding a player that is yet to hear about them, there are numerous developers that aren’t making it to the spotlights very regularly. Genesis Gaming are one of them – and we think that they deserve more attention than they’re getting.

About Genesis

Genesis Gaming were founded back in the year of 2008, so they’ve been around for quite a while now, quietly delivering quality content to all kinds of casinos, from social ones to real money ones.

The firm’s headquarters can be found in Las Vegas, but that’s not the only place at which you can find Genesis Gaming, as they also have offices in Vancouver, Hong Kong and London.

What Makes Genesis Slots Special

To be absolutely honest, Genesis Slots haven’t been able to carve out a niche for themselves as far as innovations are concerned, so the slots they’re putting out aren’t incredibly special in any particular way, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any areas in which the studio excels.

For example, one really has to appreciate that their games almost never have any rough edges that would make less enjoyable or even bothersome. Genesis simply don’t release games that haven’t gone through enough testing, so their quality is incredibly consistent.

What’s more, Genesis are proud of their cartoony games that don’t care about cutting-edge 3D graphics. Some players obviously aren’t going to applaud them for this particular detail, but it does ensure that their games are never going to look outdated.

To round things off, we’ll also mention that Genesis are incredibly versatile from the technological point of view. Although they’ve already made the big switch from Flash to HTML5, many of their games come in two separate versions, which means that it’s very easy for the online casinos to integrate them into their catalogues.

Highlight Slots

Chances are that you now actually want to give some of the Genesis slots a go, so we’ve decided to select the three top highlights in order to save you a bit of time and energy. After all, who would want to sift through the entire games catalogue if it’s possible to get to its best bits straight away?

The first game that we’d want to highlight here goes by the name of Euro Golden Cup – and we guess that you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s all about football. The release was actually timed to coincide with the Euro 2016 football tournament and we can tell you that we’ve had an absolute blast enjoying this nifty little slot that is packed with intriguing gameplay features. Your players actually progress through levels and unlock new features in the process, so we’re sure that football fans will spend long days with this one.

Next, you should head over to The Escape Artist, which is a slot game with a fairly unorthodox theme that’s coupled with a rather old-school gameplay. It’s not a perfect release by any stretch of imagination, but it has a lot of charm that will simply glue you to the screen for long hours.

Finally, we’ll also mention The Great Gatsby, a beautifully cartoony slot that includes some very fitting gameplay features – and those who like winning big will surely like the option to get a multiplier of up to x48!

Also Worth Checking Out

Once you get past the three aforementioned slots, there’s a plethora of smaller games waiting for you in the depths of the Genesis arsenal – and, once again, it’d be a pleasure for us to send you in the direction of the best ones.

To kick things off, we’re going to give you Machine Gun Unicorn, a game that actually appeared in the Game to Watch category at the 2015 Totally Gaming exhibition. It didn’t win it, but it’s bound to capture the hearts of everyone who likes quirky slots that aren’t disappointing on the gameplay front.

Meanwhile, fans of beer will come to love Bier Fest, which is indeed all about enjoying the beverage. It’s not as fun as visiting the pub with a bunch of friends, but it’s ideal for the odd coffee or beer break.

As you would expect, the Genesis arsenal also includes one of those Leprechaun slots that are still surprisingly popular – and the interesting bit is that Genesis Gaming are offering their release not only in English, but also in Chinese. We don’t know how many players will actually give the aptly-named Leprechaun Legends game a go, but you simply shouldn’t miss it unless you hate green for some reason.

Where to Play Genesis Gaming Slots Games

Although Genesis have been around for almost a decade already, their games aren’t available at a massive range of online casinos, so one has to fish around a bit when looking for a place to stay at. Thankfully, some of those places belong to the very best in the business, so it’s easy for us to provide you with a recommendation – and it goes by the name of Unibet.

In some ways, Unibet are actually quite similar to Genesis Gaming, as they’ve also had to go through a decent period of time during which nobody really knew about them. They’ve already managed to break through, however, and we now consider them to be a premium online casino that has everything the average player will ever wish for – and a bit more on top of that.

Not only is there a huge games catalogue that features games from many budding games developers, but there are also numerous bonuses and promotions on offer at all times – and all that is placed alongside a splendid sports betting service.

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