Genesis Gaming Casinos

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Genesis Gaming Casinos

While it’s almost impossible to find a player that hasn’t heard about the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming, but there are many smaller games developers that are virtually unknown despite being fairly active. Genesis Gaming are a great example of such a developer, as you’d be hard-pressed to find players that know what the company is all about and which games it’s managed to produce. Its products do deserve some attention, however, so we’ve decided to dedicate the following lines to them.

About Genesis

Believe it or not, but Genesis Gaming have been around since 2008 and they claim to have delivered video slot content to many of the industry’s leaders.

The one interesting thing that we’d really want to highlight here is that Genesis are one of the few gambling companies that are yet to leave the United States, as their headquarters can be found in Las Vegas. That’s not where all of their offices are located, however, as the different teams are scattered all over the world, with the list of places including Vancouver, London and Hong Kong.

It all becomes clear once you take a closer look at the company’s focus, however, as it’s not only about online slot games – it’s also about providing services to land-based casinos.

All in all, Genesis Gaming are one of those big companies that are doing a lot in the background while remaining fairly hidden from the general public.

Genesis Gaming’s Products

As far as the games development is concerned, Genesis Gaming are keen on supplying their creation to all sorts of casinos, although it seems that regular real money online casinos are their favourite market at the moment.

That said, they also have a catalogue of slot games they’re happy to provide to all kinds of social casinos. Those are notoriously hard to monetize, but they do offer enough opportunities for games developers that are willing to take the risk, so perhaps Genesis Gaming will eventually carve out a niche for themselves in this area.

Special Features

The one disappointing thing about Genesis Gaming is that they haven’t really brought any innovations to the scene despite being on it for quite some time now. We understand that it’s really hard to come up with something radically new in what’s a very saturated market, but the main selling point of the Genesis point are the audiovisuals, which are virtually always very slick and stylish.

In fact, Genesis are one of the few companies that are really proud of their cartoony slots – and we have to say that we quite like that style of visuals, as it’s basically ageless and as will allow their games to remain relevant even once the technologies move on a bit.

Top Online Slot Games

With the fundamentals out of the way, let’s mention some of the actual slots that Genesis have put out over the years – after all, we’re sure that many of you are already itching to give them a go.
First of all, there’s the intriguing slot that goes by the name of The Escape Artist. It’s one of the newer games in the company’s arsenal, so it’s hardly surprising that the audiovisuals are top-notch, but we also appreciate the fairly unorthodox theme that allows players to embark on a very dangerous journey.

Secondly, we’d like to point you in the direction of The Great Gatsby, which is one of the most stylish cartoony slots that you’re ever going to see. And it’s not only the audiovisuals in which it excels – the gameplay is also a sight to behold, as players can get multipliers of up to x48.

Finally, we’d also like to give a shout-out to Euro Golden Cup, a slot that was released just in time for the Euro 2016 football tournament – and we have to say that it’s a real treat for everyone who likes football and who would like to enjoy it in a slots form. There are plenty of interesting gameplay features thrown into the mix as well here, with the interesting levelling feature being the main highlight that’s bound to glue all football fanatics to the screen for long hours.

Supported Platforms

Genesis Gaming are keen on staying on top of things as far as technologies are concerned, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they’ve already made the big switch from Flash to HTML5.

Interestingly, many of the slot games are actually available in two separate versions for both HTML5 and Flash, which makes Genesis Gaming one of the most versatile content suppliers around. They also have some sort of a native platform to work with, so it seems to us that they could deliver their products to virtually every single operator out there.

Known Problems/Issues

So far, we’re yet to see Genesis Gaming running into any serious business or reputation problems, which might have a lot to do with their seeming conservative business plan. These guys are careful when it comes to signing deals and they have some very strict laws to follow as well given that their headquartered are in the United States, so it’s unreasonable to expect anything shady from them.

Summing Up

All in all, it isn’t all that hard to see the real reason for Genesis Gaming not being as well-known as NetEnt or Microgaming. They’re one of those extremely dependable workhorses that don’t have enough to challenge the very best in the business, but which do have a very good long-term plan and which are going to stay in the running for many years to come. Do give their games a go, as they are worth a closer look, but don’t expect to see them topping any of the popularity charts.

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