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Mr Monkey Slot Review

The slot gaming scene is full of interesting and hyped-up releases, but it would be a big mistake to let all those smaller slots slip under one’s radar – after all, it’s these games that often bring the most enjoyment. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Mr Monkey, a slot that was released by Games OS in 2016.

Theme and Graphics

You don’t need to have a great theme in order to have a good slot game – that’s probably what the designers were thinking during the development process of Mr Monkey, as what you’re going to see on the game’s symbols is decidedly traditional. Apart from the titular monkey, we’re getting some animals (frogs, snakes and toucans) and some pieces of fruit (coconuts and bananas), while the traditional suite of A-K-Q-J-10 also makes an appearance.

Mr Monkey Slot

Sounds boring? Well, it indeed is nothing to write home about as far as creativity is concerned, but we do need to say that the graphics are both lush and lively, which makes for a surprisingly good visual experience. What’s more, it’s also backed by a fitting soundtrack that’s full of interesting jungle sounds, so we simply have to give this slot a thumbs up on the audiovisual front. Things might be rather traditional, but they were designed with a lot of care and that’s what counts the most in the end.


When it comes to the gameplay, Mr Monkey is keeping things fairly basic, as there are just two important features to speak about, starting with the game’s Wild symbol.

On the basic level, it works exactly as you’d expect it to, substituting for all the regular symbols in order to make winning lines. There’s more to it than that, however, as it also doubles the winnings that you’re going to get from the lines in which it’s directly involved. On top of that, the Wild symbols can also appear stacked on the three middle reels – and you’ll walk away with a jackpot-like payout every single time that happens!

Apart from the Wild symbol, there’s the Mr Monkey Scatter symbol that’s there to trigger the free spins feature that’s the slot’s main selling point on the gameplay front. You’ll need to find three Scatters during a single spin in order to activate it, but the rewards are more than worth it.

Not only are you going to get a grand total of twelve free spins, but all wins that you achieve during them are also going to be tripled. What’s more, all reels will feature stacked banana symbols for the entire duration of the free spins feature, giving you a chance to win big with just a little bit of luck – and isn’t that all one could possibly ask for?

To round things off, we’d also like to mention that Mr Monkey features a Turbo button that will please everyone who’s looking for faster spins that make the gameplay more pacy – and the traditional autoplay button is naturally on offer as well.


Mr Monkey takes place on a fairly unconventional playing field that has five reels and four rows, which is a welcome change from all those 5×3 slots that we’re all used to seeing on a regular basis. The number of paylines stands at 50 and it’s completely fixed, which naturally does limit the selection of stakes a bit.

There are a few levels to choose from, however, so things aren’t too disappointing. In practical terms, you can play for as little as €0.50 and as much as €100.

Finally, we’re also going to mention that the RTP (return to player) has been set to 95%, which is slightly below the industry standard.


To sum things up – although Mr Monkey isn’t very likely to impress you with its theme, it is a slot that that has a lot of quality in all the other departments. It’s not particularly brave and it doesn’t include any ground-breaking features, but it will give you some hours of solid fun and that’s something that we simply have to give it a thumbs up for.

It’s a bit like comfort food, really – it’s cosy, it’s got a great atmosphere and it’s not going to confuse you with anything overly complicated. Do give it a go if you need a break from all those epic slots – you aren’t going to be disappointed!

Where to Play

As we’ve already mentioned, Mr Monkey hails from Games OS, a company that’s still somewhat underappreciated by the vast majority of players. That doesn’t mean that it’s underappreciated by all online casinos, however, so we’d like to give a certain recommendation to everyone who wants to give Mr Monkey a go.

Chances are that you’re yet to hear about SlotsMillion, but don’t let that fool you – these guys have been around for quite a while now and they’ve already made it to the higher echelons of the market if we look at overall quality alone. Their focus lies strictly with slot games, but they really love those. In fact, they love them so much that they’ve hired the services of tens of games developers in order to expand and diversify their games repertoire, which had more than 1200 unique slots at the time of writing. That really is a lot – and you’ll need months in order to browse through them all if you’re a complete newcomer.

The large games selection isn’t the only thing SlotsMillion are famous for, however, as there’s also the nice little detail of them constantly experimenting with new technologies like VR. Some will surely call this a gimmick, but we think that it would be ridiculous to criticize online casinos for trying to innovate!

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