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Magic of Oz Slot Review

The Wizard of Oz franchise is rather legendary and fairy tale themes have never been too scarce in online slot gaming either, so it’s hardly surprising that we have a slot game called Magic of Oz. Games OS slots are the firm that’s responsible for bringing it to the market back in the December of 2015 – and we are convinced that it’s a game that warrants a closer look!

Theme and Graphics

There’s probably no point in trying to pick the game’s theme apart, as it’s all based on the Wizard of Oz franchise – and we suppose that the vast majority of players know at least the bare minimum about that one. You’re naturally going to meet the entire main cast – including Dorothy, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion – on the game’s symbols, but there are also some regular symbols thrown into the mix in the form of various gems and crystals. The visuals are nicely bright and colorful, which goes well with the game’s theme, so the absence of an animated background is perhaps the only minus that we could possibly mention.

It’s not just the graphics that make the game beautiful and atmospheric, however – it’s also the game’s soundtrack, which is well above the industry standard.


With the theme and graphics now covered, let’s take a look at the slot’s gameplay features – and we’ll kick things off with the obligatory Wild symbol.

In Magic of Oz, it has the form of a green gem and it substitutes for all regular symbols when making winning paylines. That’s not all, however. There’s also the Featured Wild symbol, which is going to give you two respins whenever it appears on the first reel. All Wilds will be frozen during them – and that can naturally make for some tremendous payouts.

Magic of Oz Slot

Apart from that, there’s also the Bonus symbol that can appear only on reels 1, 2 and 3. It doesn’t do anything by itself, but it works as the gateway to the Bonus Game. All you need is to get three of these symbols during a single spin – and you’ll then be rewarded with three free spins and two bonus rounds.

The first one, the Pick a Gem round, will determine how many picks you’ll have in the second one, the Diamond Arrow round. What you can get in the end are additional free spins and splendid win multipliers – and those are things you won’t ever want to miss out on!


Magic of Oz uses a very unique playing field that doesn’t even have a regular shape. It does have six reels in total, but the number of rows differs – whereas the first reel has just three rows, the last two reels have seven. It’s an interesting concept and one that does a great job setting this slot well apart from the others, so chances are that you’ll want to give Magic of Oz a spin or two just because of this little detail.

In total, there are eighty paylines spread across the entire playing field. Their number is fixed and they pay only from left to right, but that’s not something that we would dare to criticize. What we could criticize, however, is the fact that there aren’t too many betting levels to choose from. It’s not a big issue, but we suppose that the minimal bet of €0.80 might look too big if you’re used to playing for, say, €0.10 per spin. High rollers, on the other hand, won’t have much to complain about, as it’s possible to take the stakes up to €400.

To round things off, we’d also like to mention that the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player) has been set to 96.97%, which is a fair bit above the industry’s average.


It’s never easy to create a slot based on a legendary franchise, but Games OS can be proud of what they achieved – Magic of Oz really is one of the best franchise-based video slot games on the market at the moment. Combining colorful visuals with intriguing gameplay, it has everything a high-profile release should have, so we can wholeheartedly recommend it to all players that are looking for something bright and cheerful to play. There’s naturally also some nostalgia involved in all this, so you might not be able to enjoy the slot to the full if you’ve never heard about The Wizard of Oz, but that’s actually part of the game’s charm. Give it a go – you’ll be in for some jolly good time!

Where to Play

Magic of Oz was developed by Games OS, which means that you can’t just head to the first online casino you see in order to give it a go. Instead, you’ll have to search a bit to find a Games OS casino – but the good news is that we do have one excellent recommendation to give you in the SlotsMillion casino.

We could spend long paragraphs describing all the nice little features it has, but we’ve decided to limit ourselves to just one talking point – namely, the casino’s games selection. Although you aren’t going to find any blackjack or roulette games at SlotsMillion, you will be able to find hundreds of unique slot games from a huge number of developers, so the casino might easily become your one stop shop for all slot gaming needs.

How big a deal this is? Well, if you’re one of those gamers that like playing a lot of slots without really settling down at any of them, SlotsMillion will feel like a dream come true, allowing you to try something new every single time you sit down to play!

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