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Games OS Slots

When it comes to slot games developers, most players are able to recognize only the big trio of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. We can hardly blame them for that, as there can be no doubts about those companies being the biggest and perhaps even the best, but it’s nonetheless a shame that nobody seems to care about the smaller studios.

Well, we certainly do – and that’s why we’ve decided to bring you a closer look at the slot games from Games OS.

About Games OS

Games OS were founded in 2011, so they don’t really have a long tradition to build on, but, at the same time, they have already managed to establish themselves as a reliable company that can deliver on nearly every single front.

Unfortunately, it seems to us that the company is changing its focus nowadays and that producing exciting slot games might no longer be one of its top priorities, so chances are that this particular article is going to stay relevant for a very long time. It’s a bit sad, as we’ve always thought that Games OS could become one of the more interesting developers around, but we can only wish them all the best for their further ventures.

What Makes Games OS Slots Special

Although Games OS are yet to develop their very own trademark style that would allow us to identify their slots from far away, there are some things that characterize their production.

The first of those things is that Games OS like to keep things as simple as possible, which means that you’ll never have any problems understanding what their slots are all about and how exactly the gameplay features work. So far, they haven’t developed any truly epic slots and it seems that they aren’t even keen on doing that, so chances are that we are going to see them continue with this very trend going forward.

Next, we would like to point out that you should never have any issues getting the games Games OS are producing to run on your computer, as the studio isn’t too big on exploiting the latest technological innovations. Instead, everything is as optimized as it could possibly be, which means that you’ll be able enjoy all the slots even if you’re running on hardware that’s very outdated.

These two positives have some side effects, however, as they mean that we’re not very likely to see anything truly innovative and truly cutting-edge from Games OS anytime soon, so we will all have to look elsewhere for such offers.

Highlight Slots

Games OS are yet to produce hundreds of spectacular slot games, so it wouldn’t take you that long to give them all a go, but chances are that you aren’t too keen on doing that, so we’ve decided to select the three top highlights of the studio’s games catalogue.

First and foremost, we’d like to point you towards the Maverick Saloon slot game, which is rightfully considered to be the showcase of what Games OS are capable of in terms of gameplay. Although the game uses a very traditional setup, it has some very interesting features that will keep you glued to the screen for long hours. The theme, which is all about Wild West, might be a traditional one, but there aren’t all that many Wild West slot games around, so we’re willing to give Games OS a free pass for that, as the game really is so good.

Once you give Maverick Saloon a good go, you should head over to Midnight Lucky Sky, which is an interesting take on the theme of Chinese New Year and the festivities that are associated with that event. You’ll actually be starting fireworks instead of spinning reels, which makes the gameplay look very fresh, while there are also all the gameplay features that one would expect from such a game, including free spins, bonus games and wild symbols.

To round things off, we’d also like to give a shout-out to the Magic of Oz slot, which is apparently supposed to rival all those epic slots out there. To say that it matches them in all the departments would probably be stretching things a bit, but it’s a rock-solid fairytale slot nonetheless and we wouldn’t mind recommending it to everyone who wants to play something that’s both light-hearted and packed with fairly complex gameplay features. It’s also one of the few games out there that’s doing something very fresh with the reels themselves, which makes it an excellent choice for everyone who’s already tired of the traditional five-reels-and-three-rows formula.

Also Worth Checking Out

The three highlight slots we’ve mentioned above should certainly last you for a while, but we would also like to draw your attention to a couple of other slots that are worth playing, starting with Vampire Slayers.

This little game is almost hilariously simplistic, but we’ve found it to also be strangely enjoyable to the point that we’ve actually found it hard to leave it behind. There are other games with a similar theme out there and some of them are a class above Vampire Slayers on virtually every single front, but don’t be surprised if you find this little slot to be just way too fun.

Dark places aren’t for everyone, however, so Games OS also have some sunny slots in their arsenal – and it’s Cubana Tropicana that caught our attention. If you’re looking for something that’s well and truly laid-back, this is the slot that will be right up your alley. Just don’t expect anything cutting-edge and we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, there’s certainly also a case to be made for the Sea of Gold video slot, which is using the popular 243 Ways to Win feature instead of traditional paylines. It also packs charming graphics and a very calming atmosphere, so there’s a lot to be liked here if you’re a player that enjoys slots that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Where to Play GamesOS Slots

Nowadays, Games OS are quite keen on providing their games in addition to some of their additional back-end services, so chances are that you’ll be able to find them at a number of fresh online casinos that don’t really have much to build on in terms of history and reputation.

There’s obviously nothing wrong with going for such a casino, as joining a fresh one does often come with some surprisingly juicy bonuses and promotions, but, at the same time, we aren’t really all that willing to have them as our primary recommendations.

If you’re happy to explore new grounds, you can go out and check which new casinos have the Games OS slots in their repertoires. If you aren’t willing to take any risks, on the other hand, we’ll be happy to point you towards the excellent SlotsMillion casino, which is one of those hidden gems that many players are yet to hear about.

Don’t let that fool you, however, as SlotsMillion have been around for quite a while now, establishing themselves as one of the best casinos for players that love their slot gaming. At the time of writing, these guys already had more than 1100 slot games in their arsenal, an offer that’s virtually unrivalled across the board. Do note, however, that they are steadily continuing to ignore classic games like blackjack or roulette, so you aren’t going to find those games at them. That’s just a small price to pay for such a massive games catalogue, however!

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