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Games OS Casinos

These days, it seems that you can find just two types of online casino games developers – ones that have the actual games as their number one focus and ones that are also developing other pieces of software that online casinos are using.

Games OS belong firmly to the latter group, but, interestingly, they haven’t given up on games development at all. In fact, they’re willing to innovate even in that particular department, which means that they’re someone you really need to learn about, regardless of whether you’re a player or an online casino manager.

About Games OS

Games OS are a medium-sized European studio that was founded in the year of 2011, which makes it one of the newer kids on the block. Despite this, these guys have already established themselves as one of the most solid performers around – and it seems to us that they’re planning to expand even further in the near future.

That’s actually quite logical considering how ambitious they are – apart from casino games, these guys also strive to innovate the social gaming sector. That’s certainly something that they might not be able to achieve very soon, but it shows that they’re not afraid of thinking big.

Games OS’s Products

Games OS are one of those developers who are very active not only in the games department, but who are also developing their very own back end solutions that online casinos can use. In fact, Games OS are going the whole distance by offering turnkey solutions that new online casinos can buy in order to get off to a flier without having to develop any piece of the required back end software.

On the games front, Games OS are offering not only your standard fare of traditional table and card games, such as blackjack, but also a very nice selection of exciting online slots – and it needs to be said that they’re constantly adding new ones to their arsenal.

Games OS also have their very own portfolio of live games, but this is probably their weakest area as of now, especially in comparison with all the other big players in the industry. They’re working hard, however, so chances are that they will catch up with the rest fairly soon.

Special Features

It’s never easy to describe what the games of a particular developer have in common, but there is one thing that we simply have to mention when talking about the games that Games OS have released. Namely, we have to mention how many special features they tend to include.

No, these guys never limit themselves to just a handful of them. They want to make every single release truly unique – and that’s something that we can only applaud them for. If you’re looking for online slots that feature not only the traditional combination of free spins and win multipliers, but which also include a bonus game or two, you’ll be happy to know that this is what you’re going to get at virtually every single Games OS online slot. And no, those who are looking for fancy audiovisuals won’t be disappointed either.

Top Online Slot Games

Games OS have already produced tens of interesting online slot games, so you would need to spend long days and nights in order to give all of them a go. There’s no reason to worry, however – we’ve decided to select a few highlights that you should check out first and foremost.

Those of you who would like to start their Games OS journey with a bang should definitely head to the Midnight Lucky Sky video slot. It’s bound to impress you with its fireworks and innovative reels that explode to make things even more exciting. What’s more, it’s packed with excellent gameplay features, including free spins and fabulous bonus games.

We can also highly recommend the Maverick Saloon slot, which is one of the best Wild West online slots around. All winning spins also allow you to enjoy the bonus Gamble feature, which comes in the form of a nice little card game and which can take your winnings to new heights – if you’re lucky, of course.

To round things off, we’ll mention the relatively new Magic of Oz online slot, which well and truly showcases what Games OS are capable of. Superb audiovisuals, quick gameplay and a fresh take on traditional reels – this little gem has it all. In fact, it doesn’t feature just a single bonus game – it brings two excellent ones to the table!

Supported Platforms

Games OS want to make their games available to as many players as possible, which is why they’re always optimizing their games for all the different platforms. Desktop players are naturally always going to get the best possible experience, but we have to say that we’ve also been thoroughly impressed by the superb selection of mobile games Games OS offer.

If you don’t believe us, you can just visit the official website of Games OS from your iOS or Android device and give them a go without any downloads or deposits. What’s more, Games OS have been among the first to fully adopt the HMTL5 platform, which means that cross-platform releases should never be too difficult for these guys.

Known Problems/Issues

As we’ve already mentioned, Games OS are incredibly active in the department of turnkey solutions, which is something that does bring a couple of issues into the picture. The thing is that large and established online casinos don’t tend to use these solutions anymore, which means that Games OS sometimes have to work with online casinos that don’t have any reputation whatsoever.

More often than not, these casinos turn out to be perfectly reputable. However, some of them will indeed go rogue from time to time, which leads to players not being able to withdraw their money and other problems. Of course, these issues don’t directly involve Games OS, but they do put them into the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Players are therefore advised to check the reputations of the different casinos beforehand – the fact that an online casino features Games OS games means that you’re going to get a pleasant gaming experience, but it doesn’t automatically guarantee anything else.

Summing Up

All in all, we have to say that we’re quite impressed by what Games OS have on offer. It is often said that developers that focus on turnkey solutions aren’t really capable of producing top-notch online slot games, but you can throw that assumption out of the window when speaking about these guys, because their most recent releases are so impressive that we’ll surely be coming back for more.

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