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Open to players from New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Russia

Uses Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Rabcat software.

NOT open to players from Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA

entropay minimum deposit $5.00

Bonus Match 100% up to $250

Minimum deposit to get a bonus $10

Deposit $10 get $10 play with $20

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Prepaid cards have never been very popular – after all, why would one use a prepaid card with all the free credit and debit cards banks tend to offer? This is still a relevant question, of course, and we now have plenty of different online wallets to take advantage of, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a point in using prepaid cards nowadays. After all, they offer additional layers of privacy and security while retaining the typical flexibility and usefulness that we all associate with credit cards.

So, where does one head to in order to get a prepaid Visa card? To EntroPay, of course – and this article will tell you all you need to know about that service.

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About EntroPay

EntroPay claims to be the very first provider of online prepaid cards in Europe, with its roots dating back to the year of 2003. Its goal is to offer affordable, flexible, and easy-to-configure solutions in the payments platform department, with most of its resources going into the innovations sector. The list of its biggest clients includes Ecotour, AXA Assistance, and Bravofly.

EntroPay is and always was controlled by Ixaris Systems Ltd, which has its main offices in the United Kingdom and Malta.

How It Works

EntroPay is a service providing virtual Visa cards that you can then use at all online merchants – including most of the large online casinos – that accept such cards. It may sound complicated, but it’s incredibly easy to use EntroPay and we’re sure that you’ll never have any issues finding your way around.

First of all, you’ll be asked to make an EntroPay account, which is naturally only a matter of minutes. Once that’s done, you’ll get your very own virtual card, which you’ll then have to top up, either through your bank account or another card that you already have.

You can then use your uploaded money for instantaneous online payments at most e-shops and online service providers, online casinos and bookmakers included. It’s also good to know that EntroPay does allow withdrawals and that you can decide to transfer funds back to your bank account at any point.

Additional Features

Although EntroPay has never been a particularly groundbreaking service in terms of innovations and additional features, there are a few interesting details that you’ll want to know about.

Firstly, EntroPay has an in-built currency converter that gives you the exact total that you’ll be charged when depositing to your EntroPay account, so you’ll never need to do any guesswork. The exchange rate can also be locked when your transaction is completed, making the entire process clean and clear.

Since you’ll always have to approve deposits to EntroPay, you’ll always be able to sleep soundly knowing that you’ll never accumulate any debts – an ideal solution if you want to enjoy subscription-based services without any risks of forgetting about them and paying more than you wanted to.

Finally, there are no credit checks associated with EntroPay. You can open an account regardless of your credit history – and it won’t be affected by your EntroPay transactions either.

Privacy and Security

Those who want to have at least a modicum of privacy for their online payments will be happy to know that EntroPay will add at least one layer of anonymity for all their transactions, as your financial information and personal data will never be shared with the merchants. What’s more, your online transactions will never show up on your bank statements, even if you decide to top up your EntroPay account through your regular credit card.

You’ll be also pleased to know that EntroPay regularly updates its security protocols, which means that your data – and money – will always be safe when paying with these guys. Of course, many companies claim that they have excellent security protocols in place, but we have to say that we trust EntroPay slightly more than we trust many others.

Known Issues/Problems

Although we’ve been basically praising EntroPay until now, there are some issues that you simply need to know about in order to have the entire picture. The biggest one comes with the fact that EntroPay is utilizing the Visa electronic funds system. What you should know here is that virtual Visa cards tend to be unavailable for a number of payments that require address verification. Thankfully, this doesn’t tend to be a problem when it comes to online casinos or bookmakers, but it could be a problem if you intend to treat EntroPay as a one stop shop for all your online payment needs.

Secondly, some of the transactions that EntroPay is offering entail significant fees that you’ll need to stomach. As always, the most basic operations tend to be for free and EntroPay won’t charge you for paying a merchant (although the merchant might), but topping up your account from your classic credit or debit card could prove to be very costly in the long run. You’ll have to evaluate everything for yourself and see whether there are cheaper options available to you or not – but chances are that there indeed is at least one cheaper alternative out there.

Finally, we would definitely appreciate a few improvements on the customer support front, but the truth is that EntroPay doesn’t really lag behind the other online payment providers out there, since this seems to be an issue with pretty much every single one we’ve had the chance to try out.


At the end of the day, EntroPay is a very versatile service that you could easily use even for other things than your online gaming transactions. In fact, whether it’s worth the effort or not largely comes down to your personal preferences.

If you can take advantage of some of the special features and if you want to be at a very trustworthy provider, EntroPay is certainly something you should consider using. However, if you’re looking for a service that would provide a great overall experience for online gaming enthusiasts, we think that there are better options out there, especially in the sector of online wallets.

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