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Wild Toro Slot Review

There are so many games developers around nowadays that it’s really hard to keep track of everything that’s going on, but you can rest assured that we’ll never miss an interesting slot release, regardless of whether it comes from one of the industry’s giants or one of the smaller firms.

The Wild Toro slot, which was released in November 2016 by Elk Studios, caught our attention with its theme. Does it stand up to closer scrutiny, however? Give this review a read to find out!

Theme and Graphics

The Wild Toro slot game will take you on a journey to the world of bullfighting, so what you can see on the game’s symbols is a mix of bulls, toreadors, precious coins and roses. The good news is that every single symbol is unique and that the graphics are also well-done from the technical point of view, which makes for some great eye candy. The game just oozes style and the various small animations certainly breathe some life into the entire package, so we’ve got nothing but praise for the designers that work at Elk Studios – they really did an excellent job here.

And the soundtrack? Well, it most definitely isn’t bland, as it features a very intriguing mix of instruments and sounds. You’re going to either love it or hate it – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how many slot games have soundtracks that are too mediocre for anyone to care.

To round things off, we’d also like to mention that there’s no interface to bother you anywhere – instead, all the important buttons are seamlessly integrated into the playing field, fading away whenever the action gets going.


With the graphics and audio now out of the way, let’s take a look at Wild Toro’s gameplay features.

First of all, there’s the regular Wild symbol that features the game’s logo and which acts in a very straightforward manner. All it does is that it substitutes for all the regular symbols when making winning paylines.

Wild Toro Slot

Next, there’s the Toro Walking Wild symbol that depicts a heroic bull and that moves from right to left, giving players a single respin for each step it makes. This can naturally make for some splendid payouts, so the only minus is that it can only appear on the rightmost reel.

Finally, there’s the Matador symbol that depicts a toreador and that’s actually attached to two distinct gameplay features. Firstly, when one of these symbols appears alongside the Toro Walking Wild, the bull will go mad, chasing all Matador symbols and leaving Wild symbols on all the places it visits. Secondly, you can trigger the Matador Respin Challenge by getting three Matador symbols during a single spin. When that gets underway, you’ll be given three respins (with the option of getting more by getting more Matador symbols) that will stop once the count reaches zero or once the Toro Walking Wild shows up.


The action unfolds on a playing field that has five reels and four rows, but the intriguing bit is that the game ignores traditional paylines in favor of the 178 Ways to Win feature, which is essentially a re-imagination of the popular 243 Ways to Win specialty that many modern video slots build on. You’ll need a minute in order to get used to it, especially if you don’t play slots with 243 Ways to Win very often, but we can guarantee that it will be a breeze after that.

Meanwhile, the number of betting levels is completely adequate, which means that players with all kinds of bankrolls should be able to enjoy the game to the full. The lowest amount that you can play for is just €0.20, but the biggest of high rollers can stake up to €100 on a single spin.

Interestingly, players can also tinker around with four different automatic betting strategies, which is something that’s definitely worth a closer look if you’re one of those players that like to just sit back and enjoy the proceedings without having to do much.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) of Wild Toro has been set to 96.40%, a number that’s fully adequate for games of this kind.


Although Wild Toro might look like a completely run-of-the-mill slot game at first glance, there’s a very enjoyable experience hidden under the facade and we would even dare to say that it’s one of the more pleasant releases that we witnessed in 2016. Its style stems from what Elk Studios are currently pushing forward, so it’s quite specific and rather hit-or-miss, but we do like what we see and there’s a good chance that you will as well.

Where to Play

We’ve already mentioned that Wild Toro was created by Elk Studios, so the only thing that remains is for us to point you in the direction of an online casino that houses games from that company – and there are many Elk Studio casinos where you can deposit from five pounds or euros – and the one that we’d want to especially highlight goes by the name of Vera&John.

It’s still a relatively new casino, having been around only since 2011, but it’s already established itself as one of the more exciting places to play at. We love it not only for its great games repertoire, but also for its splendid loyalty programmer that rewards players for virtually everything they do.

The only small minus that we could possibly mention is the fact that Vera&John aren’t offering any downloadable mobile apps just yet, but their well-optimized mobile website is keeping the damage to the minimum. All in all, there’s a very pleasant package to be found here – and you simply shouldn’t miss it unless you’re a hardened veteran that prefers old-school casinos.

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