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Hong Kong Tower Review

When it comes to Asian-themed slots, most players immediately start to think about games that build on various themes from Chinese history and mythology. And that’s only fair – after all, most Asian-themed slots are about that stuff.

That trend might be about to change, however, as it seems that many games developers are now trying to explore other aspects of the Asian world. For example, Elk Studios released a slot called Hong Kong Tower in March 2017. The title is certainly intriguing, but does the actual game live up to the expectations?

Theme and Graphics

As we’ve already said, Hong Kong Tower isn’t building on any theme from Chinese history or mythology. Instead, it’s completely contemporary – the reels form the titular tower and the lower-paying symbols depict a range of colorful emblems. The higher-paying symbols, on the other hand, depict sevens, diamonds, lotuses, and bonsai. And yes, we are fully aware of how strange this mix appears to be.

It’s not just the mix of symbols that makes the game unique, however. The entire interface is completely seamless (that’s actually one of the specialties Elk Studios have managed to come up with), so the playing field looks quite messy. We’re sure that some players will call it innovative, but we aren’t too impressed by how the slot looks. The technical side of everything is more than okay, but the graphical style is completely incoherent. The designers certainly had a vision, but the final product just isn’t great.

And the soundtrack? Well, the intro song is epic, but the rest of the stuff is completely minimalistic. That’s fine, but again – it doesn’t go well with the slot’s visuals.


As you can see, we don’t really like how Hong Kong Tower looks and sounds. What about its gameplay features, however? Could they be the redeeming factor? Well, they certainly could – and there are indeed some interesting ideas to be found on this front.

Hong Kong Tower Slot
Firstly, there’s the Bonus symbol that can trigger the Wheels of the Sky bonus game. You’ll need to get three of those symbols in order to get there – and, if you manage to get four or five of them, you’re going to start the bonus game with one or two additional lives.

Now – the Wheels of the Sky bonus game consists of three wheels that can give you various coin rewards. The bonus game begins at the wheel with the smallest rewards, but you can hit the “Level Up” section to move up. Unfortunately, you can also hit an empty section – and that’s where the extra lives will come in handy.

The other special symbol is the Mystery symbol that carries the game’s logo and that automatically transforms into another symbol once the reels top. It can naturally transform into any of the regular symbols, but it can also transform into a special Bonus symbol that works like five regular Bonus symbols. It can therefore give you access to the bonus game and two additional lives on its own – and that’s an offer you wouldn’t want to miss!


When it comes to technical details, Hong Kong Tower adheres to the standard formula of three rows and five reels. It doesn’t use traditional paylines, however. Instead, there are 99 Ways to Win – all you need to do in order to get a payout is connect neighboring symbols (but you do need to start from the leftmost reel).

Intriguing payline systems sometimes limit the number of available betting options, but we’re happy to report that Hong Kong Tower doesn’t have any such issues. The range starts at just €0.20 and goes all the way up to €100, so it doesn’t really matter how big your bankroll is – and you can also use four different betting strategies to make things more interesting.

And, if you’re wondering what the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player) is, we can tell you that it stands at 96.30%.


So what do we think about Hong Kong Tower? Well, we think that it’s just a mess. There are good gameplay ideas hidden behind the awkward audiovisuals, but you’ll need to suffer through those in order to get to them – and that’s an ordeal most players won’t want to undergo.

If you like niche games, you should just go ahead and try it – you might actually find it to be strangely charming. If you don’t have a soft spot for outlandish games, on the other hand, you should just stay clear of Hong Kong Tower – it’s not a great game by any means.

Where to Play

Hong Kong Tower was developed and released by Elk Studios, a fairly modern company that’s nonetheless reasonably successful in terms of getting its games to the most important players in the industry. With that, there’s actually a long list of online casinos that we could recommend to you here, but we’ve decided to go with the Vbet online casino.

And why is that? Well, because Vbet actually belong to the hidden gems that are really good without actually being all that popular in many parts of the world. In fact, there’s a reasonable chance that you haven’t even heard about them before – and yet, their casino section is most certainly not to be missed!

For starters, it’s got a massive selection of slots that features games from tens of different developers. Secondly, there’s a big live casino with plenty of games and tables, so there’s no need for you to stick to slot gaming if you don’t want to. Thirdly, there’s a nice first deposit bonus to welcome you and some other promotions to keep you entertained later on.

And the kicker? Vbet are also running a spectacular sports betting service with live betting and live streams!

Currently this casino is not accepting U.K. players.

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