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ELK Studios Casinos

Although the online casino scene seems to be full of intriguing companies, it’s clear that not all of them deserve the same amount of attention. Where do ELK Studios, the firm that we’re going to focus on in this very article, belong in all this? Read on to find out!

About ELK Studios

ELK Studios were founded in the year of 2012, so one could easily accuse them of being inexperienced, but the important bit is that they’ve managed to hire some industry veterans straight away, so all should be fine on this particular front.

Apart from that, we can tell you that the company is located in Sweden and that it’s adopted a “Mobile First” philosophy, which means that it strives to have all its products readily available for all kinds of mobile devices.

ELK Studios’ Products

The online gaming market might include a huge number of companies that are trying to be active on all sorts of fronts, but ELK Studios are keeping things simple by not focusing on anything else apart from slot games. That’s obviously an approach that’s not going to get them onto the top places in terms of revenue, but we’re sure that it is going to win them some fans from the ranks of slots connoisseurs.

It’s naturally impossible for us to say whether they did the right thing by opting for this particular road, but we don’t mind seeing games developers that aren’t trying to compete with the giants on every single front there is.

Special Features

Although ELK Studios aren’t the biggest player on the scene, they’ve already been able to make some impact on the innovations front by coming up with two interesting specialties.

Firstly, pretty much all their games allow players to tinker with different betting strategies. We don’t know if more will be implemented in the future, but there were four options to choose from at the time writing – Jumper, Booster, Leveller and Optimizer.

While the Jumper strategy raises the betting stakes after every single win, the Booster one raises them after every single loss and the Leveller raises them only after five and ten consecutive losses. And the Optimizer? Well, that strategy allows players to bet percentages of their bankrolls.

Apart from that, ELK Studios are also constantly experimenting with transparent interfaces that don’t interfere with the actual gaming experience. It’s an interesting approach that bears some resemblance to what Thunderkick are trying to do with their games and we’re happy to give these guys a big thumbs up for trying to make their slots as seamless as possible.

Top Online Slot Games

We’ve already said way too many words about things that most players don’t really care about, so it’s high time for us to take a closer look at the most crucial thing of them all, i.e. the slots ELK Studios have produced so far. They haven’t been around for very long, so their repertoire is rather slim, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to choose from.

To kick things off, we’re going to send you in the direction of Taco Brothers, a nice little light-hearted slot that features a hilarious take on classic Wild West themes. We also like the fact that its gameplay features are all decidedly modern and that the game has excellent audiovisuals, so this really is a game you shouldn’t miss.

Next, we simply can’t fail to mention Poltava, which was the company’s flagship slot at the time of writing. Its war theme, which has an actual historical connection, might put some players off, but we’re sure that many others will enjoy the game for its atmosphere. There’s an excellent bonus game thrown into the mix as well, so it’s not just the audiovisuals we could praise this game for.

Finally, there’s the fabulous DJ Wild video slot that’s basically a must-play for everyone who likes modern dance music. Some of its parts are rather simplistic, but you’re going to forget about that as soon as the game’s beautiful atmosphere draws you in.

Supported Platforms

Since ELK Studios are all about slot games, they don’t have all that much to care about on the technological front. That said, we think that we should note that they’ve already made the switch to HTML5, which is naturally fully in line with their aforementioned “Mobile First” philosophy.

After all, it’s always been a lot of pain to optimize things that were originally made in Flash, so it’s only logical that ELK Studios want to be avoiding that as much as possible. We don’t really have any insights into their actual development processes, but we’ve found nothing wrong with their games, so we assume that they’re basically staying on top of all the different technological things at all times.

Known Problems/Issues

While we most certainly don’t mind exposing the faults and mistakes of the companies we write about, we have to say that we weren’t able to find anything interesting as far as the history of ELK Studios is concerned. They are a young company, of course, so perhaps we are going to see them getting embroiled in some controversies later on, but it’s been plain sailing so far by the looks of things.

Summing Up

All in all, ELK Studios are one of those mid-range games developers that are fully aware of both their ambitions and their limitations. You don’t actually see this sort of clarity very often, but we’ve got nothing but praise for companies that aren’t trying to do things they aren’t capable of. What’s more, we quite like the games these guys have managed to produce so far, so we’re definitely looking forward to what they’re going to come up with in the future.

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