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Although one can choose from a large range of payment methods when paying online nowadays, the various online wallets are undoubtedly the most interesting choice. After all, they allow you to do much more than just pay for whatever products and services you’ve ordered.

Since ecoPayz is one of the most popular e-wallets out there, it’s definitely a service that you should take a closer look at. And that’s where this article comes in, as we do aspire to give you a nice little overview of what ecoPayz is all about.

About EcoPayz

The ecoPayz platform – formerly knows as ecoCard – was founded way back in the year of 2000, which makes it one of the oldest providers of online payments around. What began as a small project based in England is now a service available all across the world. With more than 45 supported currencies, it’s now one of the most accessible and universal platforms. Its headquarters can be found in Horsham, England.

2013 was arguably the most important year for the company – not only did it change its name from ecoCard to ecoPayz, but it also launched the mobile version of its services. Just a year later, the company developed native apps for both iOS and Android devices to make the mobile experience even better.

How It Works

EcoPayz works just like all the other online wallets that you might already know, including Skrill and Neteller. After opening a new account, you’ll be able to top it up through one of the supported options, including bank wire, debit cards and prepaid cards (some of the methods do carry significant fees, however, so make sure to do your research). Your money will then stay safely within your account until you decide to send your funds to the merchant or online casino of your choice.

Once you select ecoPayz as your preferred method of payment, you’ll simply be asked to enter your credentials and confirm the payment – the transaction will then be processed in an instant, so there will be nothing delaying the delivery of the ordered products or services. It really is as simple as that – buying something or making a casino deposit will always take just a few mouse clicks.

Naturally, you can also use ecoPayz to receive money, so you can use the platform for withdrawing money from your favourite online casino. Once the funds are back in your account, you can withdraw them back to your bank or just keep them online for the future.

Additional Features

Apart from the core services, ecoPayz also offers a number of additional features that you will surely want to take advantage of if this service becomes your number one choice. For example, ecoPayz can issue you a number of MasterCard prepaid cards, both real and virtual.

These can then be used without you having to directly use the ecoPayz service, which can certainly come in handy on a number of occasions. What’s more, you can naturally use the real cards to pay with your ecoPayz funds in brick-and-mortar stores. Interestingly, you can request up to three real MasterCard cards from ecoPayz (one for each of the three supported currencies), which is something that will give you an unprecedented amount of flexibility.

EcoPayz also tends to offer a large variety of promotional offers, as these guys have struck deals with numerous e-shops and online services. Exclusive deals and exciting competitions – that’s what you’re always going to find at these guys!

Privacy and Security

Since you will never be forced to use your bank account in connection with your ecoPayz wallet, there really is a case to be made for using this service if you value your privacy. Previously, withdrawing money back would cause that privacy to disappear, as bank transfers were the only option for getting your funds, but that has changed with the advent of the prepaid cards. Nowadays, you can use everything ecoPayz offers without having to get your bank involved – and we’re sure that many of you will appreciate that option.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be worried about anything on the security front either, as ecoPayz uses its very own fraud detection system to prevent you from getting scammed. It’s already won a couple of awards, so there really isn’t much that we could say about how safe ecoPayz payments are – they’re just as safe as your traditional banking.

Known Issues/Problems

Over the years, ecoPayz has faced a number of problems and difficulties, but none of them affected their clients in any noteworthy manner, so we’re happy to give ecoPayz top marks in the trustworthiness department. The number of awards and accreditations certainly doesn’t lie – these guys aren’t going to scam you or steal your money!

We do have to say, however, that it seems that many online casinos and sportsbooks aren’t exactly keen on accepting ecoPayz payments for some reason, so you might have to look around a bit in order to find one that accepts them.

To round things off, we have to mention the somewhat sub-par customer support service, which really is nothing to write home about, especially once you start to compare it with the customer support services that you can get at the most popular online casinos and bookmakers.


The ecoPayz platform is undeniably one of the most universal platforms for online payments out there – not only can you use it as a simple and hassle-free online wallet for all your online transactions, but you can also dig deep into its additional features and use it as a great one stop shop for all your online payment needs. Accounts are free, so what are you waiting for? EcoPayz might just be the ideal companion!

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