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Because of the low house edge present in a lot of the bets you can make in craps, this game is usually excluded from the rollover requirements of online casino bonuses.

Those casinos that do allow wagering on craps as part of their terms will have reduced the percentage contribution rate quite a lot so you will need to wager a lot more on this game to complete the rollover.

Those casinos that we list here all allow craps bets as part of the bonus terms at some percentage. Always check the terms of any promotion before depositing and playing.

Best online casinos for craps players

This game is not as easy to learn as other well known casios games, such as Baccarat or Blackjack. While with Baccarat there are really no decisions for the player other than which hand to bet on, with craps there are a lot of different bets that can be made. If you are new to craps check out the Playing Craps Guide first.

Craps Games

There really is only one version of the game available at most casinos, though some casinos may have reduced odds on some of the bets available.

Live Craps Games

The current state of live casino gaming is focussed on the more traditional casino card games, such as Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat, and of course Live Roulette. No casino that we have come across so far has offered live craps games.

This area of online gaming is evolving though, as more players are becoming interested in it, and now some sites are expanding their range of live games to include Hi-Lo and even Casino War, so hopefully in time Craps will be available too.

Craps Bonuses and promotions

As we said above, because this game has some very low house edge bets on offer, most casinos won’t allow it as part of their bonus terms. You can of course play without a bonus, or use those few promotions that will allow this game at a reduced percentage contribution.

Top Craps Casinos

For this section we are really referring to those sites that will let you play this game when playing with the bonus.

The All Slots Microgaming casino welcome bonus offer also allows craps to be counted towards the rollover at a 10% contribution rate, which is ok. That bonus is a 100% match offer so a minimum deposit of $10.00 will get a matching $10.00 bonus amount, with a rollover multiple of 40, for a total playthrough amount of $400. For craps players that is increased to $4,000. But given that many casinos don’t allow this game in their rollover at all, this might still be worth playing.

The bonus from Joy Casino also allows craps to be played but at a low contribution rate of 5%. The rollover is 25 times the bonus plus deposit, so a $10 deposit will get $20 bonus for a total wager amount of $750, and for craps wagers that becomes $15,000, which is quite high.

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