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citadel minimum deposit $10.00

Bonus Match 100% up to $400

Minimum deposit to get a bonus $10.00

Deposit $10.00 get $10.00 play with $20

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Bank transfers have always been among the basic payment options, both offline and online. However, they haven’t really adapted to the demands of the current age in that they may take several days to get processed, which is something that many of us just see as unacceptable given that paying someone takes just a few seconds if you use a credit card.

However, paying with credit cards brings fees into the entire equation, so they aren’t a fair alternative to the much cheaper bank transfers. But why shouldn’t one be able to get the best out of both worlds? Well, that’s where Citadel comes in, trying to make bank transfer instantaneous without making them more costly. What began as a pretty small service available to only a handful of customers is now a very popular payment method – and that’s why it’s definitely worth a closer look.

About Citadel

The Citadel Instant Banking system was launched back in the year of 2000 by Citadel Commerce, a company that has since established itself as one of the most trustworthy firms in the entire industry.

Nowadays, the company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and prides itself on being a member of the UK Electronic Money Association.

How It Works

Paying with Citadel is arguably even easier than making a bank transfer from within your online banking. First, you’ll need to select Citadel Instant Banking as your preferred payment method at your chosen merchant or online casino. Then, you’ll have to select your bank from a dropdown menu and log into your online banking.

All the necessary info should already be pre-entered, so all you’ll need to do in order to finalize the transaction is authorize the payment. Once that is done, the merchant or online casino will be instantaneously notified of your transfer, so you should get access to the ordered products or services straight away. Yes, that’s correct – paying with Citadel really doesn’t take much longer than paying with a credit card. And the fees are absolutely minimal as well!

Additional Features

Citadel Instant Banking isn’t an online wallet and you’re never required to make any accounts when paying through this service, so it’s only logical that there aren’t a lot of additional features to take advantage of. However, we should mention that Citadel Commerce has developed a dedicated mobile app, so you may be able to use its services even while away from your computer.

What’s more, Citadel Instant Banking can also be used to receive funds from merchants, which can certainly come in handy in case you’ll ever request a refund.

We should also say that Citadel’s customer support service tends to respond very quickly if you contact it during the business hours, which is something that doesn’t really apply to all the payment processors out there.

Privacy and Security

Since all the transactions that you make through Citadel Instant Banking are inherently tied to one of your bank accounts, you can’t really expect to get any additional layers of privacy when it comes to using this system. However, it should be said that all the transactions will be listed under the name of “Citadel Commerce” on your bank statements, which is something that you might be rather fond of.

As far as security is concerned, Citadel boasts a state-of-the-art system architecture that is regularly updated with new security protocols, so there’s nothing to be worried about when it comes to this particular department. In fact, Citadel Instant Banking doesn’t even store any of your banking credentials, so there’s never really any sensitive data to be stolen once your payment gets processed. All in all, Citadel is nearly as secure as your regular online banking.

Known Issues/Problems

If we are to be absolutely fair, we should also mention some of the downsides that come with paying through Citadel. First of all, Citadel Instant Banking isn’t available all across the world – at the time of writing, it was available in just 26 countries. Chances are that you are currently located in one of those countries and that you also have a bank account at one of the supported banks, but it certainly isn’t a given.

Apart from that, you should know that your bank isn’t going to treat your Citadel Instant Banking payments in the same way as your credit card transactions, which means that you’ll have to miss out on all the different loyalty and bonus programs that tend to come with credit and debit cards. Additionally, it might be slightly harder to get refunds for goods that you’ve purchased through Citadel, as the traditional credit card guarantees don’t come into play either.

Finally, the web-based application is not supported by all the supported banks, which means that you might have to install a small application in order to be able to complete your payment. Citadel Commerce are one of the most trustworthy payment processors around, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but we can see why some of you might be reluctant to install any third-party software when it comes to something as important as money transfers.


As you can see, Citadel Instant Banking well and truly does bring traditional bank transfers to the next level. Although the fees that are tacked onto the transactions aren’t something that we could applaud, they are small enough for us to say that Citadel Instant Banking is clearly better than regular bank transfers.

After all, we’re living in an age in which the speed of payments is just about as important as all the other factors – and who really likes to wait long days before a regular bank transfer gets processed? Citadel Instant Banking is simple, quick and convenient – and you should definitely consider giving it a go!

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