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The casinos listed here all allow this game in their permitted games for bonus players. That means that you can clear the deposit bonus while playing this game. Not all casinos will allow this, of course, as the house edge on this game is quite low.

You can expect that your wager on War will only count at a low percentage towards the wagering requirements. But that is better than not counting at all.

How to Play Casino War

Card games have always been a tremendously popular pastime – and you’d be hard pressed to find a simpler game than the game of Casino War, which is all about drawing the better card. Chances are that you’ve actually never realized that the game’s called like that despite having played it over and over again, so add that small detail to your childhood memories. And, while you’re at it, why not actually refresh them a bit by giving the game’s casino variation a shot? Yes, that’s right – the game is indeed played in casinos under the prosaic name of casino war!


What makes casino war so interesting and also somewhat popular is how simple the game is. Some casino games, like craps, require you to spend at least a few hours in order to understand them fully, but that’s certainly not the case here, as the casino version of the game is very similar to how the game is played in a casual setting.

Once you sit down at a casino war table, you’ll have to make a bet. Then, both you and the dealer will be dealt one card. Next, the values of the cards will be compared – the ranks are completely standard, with aces always having the highest value. As one would expect, the higher card wins – if you’re the one holding it, you’ll get paid out even money (twice the original bet).

What about ties, however? Well, this is where it gets interesting. If a tie happens, you’ll get to make a decision – you can either surrender and forfeit half the original stake or go to war. The first option requires no further explanation, but the second one certainly does.

If you go to war, you’ll have to place another bet that’s equal to your original one. Three cards will then be burned by the dealer, after which both the player and the dealer get another card. If the player gets the better card, he or she wins even money on the new bet alone, while the original bet will be returned without any additional winnings. If the dealer gets the better card, the player doesn’t get anything back.

In some casinos – and in some online version of the game – there’s also a bonus to be paid out to the player if a second tie happens, but the general rule is that the player shouldn’t lose in that case at the very least. Apart from that, we should also mention that you can sometimes bet on there being a tie, with the payout for wins usually standing at 10:1.

The Mathematics

At first glance, it might not be all that obvious where the house edge is coming from in this game. After all, the basic payout is set at evens and the chances of you winning in the first round of action are exactly the same as the chances of you losing in it. Well, that’s completely correct – it’s the ties where the house edge is coming from, as they automatically put the player into a bad position. Let’s take a closer look at this, however.

If you decide to surrender on a tie, you’re essentially changing the equation in such a way that the casino wins on ties, which means that it’s hardly a fair game. If you decide to go to war, on the other hand, you’re risking another betting unit for the chance to win the original bet (for example, you’re risking four dollars to either win two bonus ones or lose all four), which is also hardly fair. In terms of numbers, the house edge tends to be slightly over 2%, with slight variations depending on the exact handling of ties.

There is, of course, no way to beat the game, but there is one simple rule to follow if you are one of those players that want to play perfectly at all times. If a bonus payout is offered on second ties, you should never surrender, as surrendering carries a higher house edge under such rules – and, to be fair, it’s also much less exciting than playing it all out until the end.

Where to Play

Chances are that you’re now itching to give casino war a go – and there’s no better place to do that than at one of our recommended online casinos! Of course, some of you might prefer real-life action over online offers and that’s something that we fully respect. The problem is that you might actually have some issues finding a brick-and-mortar casino that’s offering the game, so hitting the online tables might turn out to be your only choice anyway.

In any case, it’d be a shame not to check what Paddy Power have on offer – not only can you play casino war at them, but you can also choose from other classic table and card games, with there being a very nice bonus in the form of an excellent live casino that will get you as close to the action as possible. If you haven’t given that a go yet, we urge you to do so – it’s a thrilling experience that also comes with some big bonus offers at this splendid online casino.

If Paddy Power aren’t to your liking for some reason, we can also wholeheartedly recommend the Uptown Aces online casino, which is open to players from all over the world, including the United States. It does not allow this game for clearing the bonus though, and tt might not have the largest selection of slot games, but it has an excellent version of casino war on offer and it comes with a plethora of bonuses and promotions on top of that, which all makes it an excellent choice for players that want to enjoy all the casino classics online.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to see the game being featured in any of the online live casinos out there, which is a shame considering how easy it is to set up a casino war table and how popular the game could become in that format.

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