Blackjack – Live online

Blackjack – Live Blackjack

Just a few years ago, those who wanted to get their Blackjack fix without having to leave the comfort of their homes could only play the standard versions of their popular casino game online, with machines controlling the play and making it pretty stereotypical.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with those versions and they’re still incredibly popular nowadays, but who wouldn’t want to spice things up a bit by playing against a real dealer – and perhaps also with some other players joining the action? Well, that’s where live Blackjack comes in!

What Is Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack aspires to bring the pure Blackjack experience to you by getting you as close to the game as possible. It’s all brought to you through an HD-quality video stream, which means that you’ll feel right in the heart of the action.

You’ll be playing against a real dealer with real cards and there’s naturally also direct communication between him or her and the players, so live Blackjack is – unlike the standard online versions of the game – a truly social game, especially since you will only rarely be the only player at the table.

The Pros

The fact that one can finally play against a real dealer will surely be enough to convince many players that live Blackjack is how the game should be played, but it would certainly be nice if there were even more positives to the whole package, right?

Well, in that case, let’s start by saying that those who are worried about the game becoming unnecessarily convoluted by introducing real dealers and additional players will be in for a nice surprise. The controls are as straightforward as they are in the regular version of the game, the pacing isn’t very slow at all and you don’t even have to squint in order to recognize which cards you’ve been dealt. It hasn’t always been that way and live Blackjack did need some fine-tuning when it was first introduced, but it’s a very smooth ride nowadays and one that you’ll be happy to return to over and over again.

Beginner blackjack players should get familiar with the rules before choosing a live table though.

Some of you might also be worried about the game not being available at all times given that there needs to be a live dealer on the other side of the table, but, again, that’s just not an issue nowadays – you’ll always be able to get a table going, regardless of what time zone you’re located in.

What’s more, live Blackjack games sometimes even offer more additional features than many of the regular versions of the game – and we’re talking mainly about features that are available thanks to there being more than just a single player at the table. For example, many live Blackjack games include the Bet Behind feature that allows you to bet on the hands of other players.

Incredibly, live Blackjack can also be enjoyed on the go thanks to the mobile apps that many online casinos are offering. Although you’ll usually want to enjoy everything on a big screen, it’s always nice to be able to play your favorite game wherever you are and whenever you want. If you’ve got an iOS or Android device, all you need to do is download an app from the online casino you want to play at. In fact, you can even do this before you make and fund your account, as all that can be done from the mobile app as well!

Finally, we should also mention that many online casinos offer special bonuses and promotional deals for those who play at their live casinos – and that alone makes giving live Blackjack a go a worthwhile venture. After all, who wouldn’t want to get some free chips to play with here and there?

The Cons

Of course, there are two sides to every coin, so let’s be fair here and mention some of the downsides of live Blackjack as well. Firstly, although the games are typically smooth and although you’ll rarely have to wait for the others to make their plays, you may sometimes run into players that take way too much time and who make the silliest of decisions just to ruin the game for everyone else. You can naturally avoid this by switching tables whenever someone like that shows up or just by playing at multiple tables at once, but it’s a small hassle nonetheless.

Similarly, you can also sometimes run into a dealer that’s not having a particularly good day. Although they all have to undergo training and although there’s always someone overlooking the action to ensure a flawless experience, bad mistakes do happen and you may even get a nicely-looking hand re-dealt if the dealer overlooks something. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s fair to say that this is never an issue when everything is done by a computer.

The bottom line is this – when everything works like it should, live Blackjack offers an unparalleled experience that you’re bound to fall in love with. From time to time, however, that experience will be made worse by a small issue or two, although we need to say that things have improved tremendously on this particular front in the last couple of years and that we expect them to improve even further in the near future.

Where to Play

Although nearly all the big online casinos have live casinos with live Blackjack in their repertoires, there are notable differences between them based on what kind of software they’re using.

Online casinos that get their live casino from Microgaming, for example, were the first to introduce branded tables, which means that you can enjoy Playboy-styled games in addition to the traditional ones. The live Blackjack games that are supplied by Microgaming typically include the aforementioned Bet Behind feature, while the action is streamed from more than four different studios in order to make the games available for players all over the world without any waiting times. Players can also play at multiple tables at once, take advantage of the auto-bet feature, and play slot games while waiting for the other players to play their hands out. If that sounds interesting, we can definitely recommend the 32Red online casino to you – not only does it take its live casino games from Microgaming, but it also offers exclusive deposit bonuses and juicy loyalty rewards.

There’s also the fabulous Evolution Gaming live casino software to check out at online casinos like BetVictor. With an extensive selection of studios, you’ll always be able to get a game, while Evolution Gaming’s live casino games also cater to all kinds of players by supporting multiple languages, offering a large number of VIP tables, and allowing everyone to play at more than just a single table at the same time. True Blackjack enthusiasts will also surely appreciate the large selection of side bets, the option to use the pre-decision feature in order to speed things up, and full hand histories that one can use to evaluate his or her decisions.

Lastly, there are also online casinos that get their live casino software from Playtech, with the famous Bet365 being the biggest of them. Playtech are famous for coming up with special VIP tables in the so-called Ruby Room for players that want to bet with higher stakes, while they were also among the very first to introduce native-speaking dealers for countries like Italy and Spain in order to accommodate an even larger community of players. Furthermore, Playtech are also constantly introducing new innovative games – for example, there’s the Unlimited Blackjack game that makes the traditional formula even more exciting by introducing additional betting opportunities. Apart from all this, players can also enjoy sophisticated chat features, numerous options for adjusting the audiovisuals, and the ability to choose between European and Asian studios.