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Although the advent of Bitcoin might lead to some very dramatic changes in how we’re going to do all the regular banking stuff in the distant future, there aren’t many industries that are currently keen on adopting the cryptocurrency en masse.

That said, the online gaming scene seems to be very friendly to Bitcoins and the number of online casinos that accept the cryptocurrency is steadily growing, so we’ve decided to highlight a few of those that deserve attention from everyone who wants to give Bitcoin online gambling a go.

Sloto Cash – The Classic Choice

Although many Bitcoin-friendly online casinos are focusing on modern things and innovations, fans of classic online casinos can nonetheless find a few that will cater to them by essentially adopting Bitcoins as a regular payment method while not changing anything on the side.

Sloto Cash are one of such casinos and we’re sure that they’ll be appreciated by everyone who wants to see old-school sensibilities coupled with the option to deposit and withdraw through Bitcoin. On the basic level, Sloto Cash are a completely traditional online casino that’s getting its games catalogue from Realtime Gaming (RTG) and that offers a plethora of bonuses and promotions on top of everything.

Ignition Casino – The Modern One

If you’re looking for a modern Bitcoin casino that isn’t losing touch with the world of traditional currencies just yet, it’s certainly a good idea to head towards the excellent (and US-friendly!) Ignition Casino. These guys have had Bitcoins in the back of their minds from the very start and it’s clear that they prefer dealing in the cryptocurrency, as the fees they charge for regular withdrawals are fairly prohibitive to say the least.

As far as the fundamentals are concerned, Ignition Casino boast a very solid games catalogue that has games from more than just a single games developer and which actually includes a couple of exclusive slots in addition to all the standard offers – and that alone makes them stand out from the vast majority of US-friendly casinos. What’s more, there’s a huge deposit bonus waiting for all new players, making Ignition Casino a gem that deserves everyone’s attention.

BitCasino – The Best Bitcoin-only Casino

If you’re looking for the very best on the Bitcoin-only scene, you simply have to head towards the excellent BitCasino, which is one of the few Bitcoin-only casinos that can boast an actual license, having obtained the Curacao one not that long ago.

Although it’s hard to say a lot of positives about that particular gaming jurisdiction, having an actual license means that BitCasino are able to offer mainstream slots to the players. The great news? These guys have already signed deals with the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft, so they can already claim to have matched all the traditional premium online casinos on the games front.

That’s not all there is to BitCasino, however, as these guys are also bound to impress you with the large amount of promotions – from deposit bonuses to lotteries and raffles – they’re running all the time. There’s even a VIP programme available to the most loyal of players, although you will naturally have to stop being anonymous once you decide to swap your loyalty points for one of the real-life prizes.

To be fair, there are still some rough edges to be found at BitCasino and the ambitions to become an all-in-one deal (with things like poker, sports betting and bingo) might not materialize in the near future, but, as things stand, it’s impossible to find a better online casino that operates solely in Bitcoins.

Nitrogen Sports – The All-in-One Package

To round things off, we’re going to mention the best all-in-once package that we’ve been able to find on the Bitcoin-only scene – and it goes by the name of Nitrogen Sports. That the name itself bears some resemblance to the well-known Pinnacle Sports is probably no coincidence, as the guys behind the project are apparently inspired by that very company.

In any case, Nitrogen Sports are incredibly ambitious, as they’re trying to have not only an online casino, but also a dedicated poker room and a top-notch sports betting service. Such ambitions can naturally lead to horrible disasters, but we have to say that we do admire Nitrogen Sports for how well they’ve been handling things to this date. Although there were still some rough edges here and there at the time of writing, the website and its functionality was miles ahead of the rest of the competition, so it’s obvious that these guys know what they’re doing.

If the online casino side of things interests you first and foremost, we can tell you that Nitrogen Sports are probably going to focus on offering just a handful of games while maintaining high betting limits, which is something that should make them very appealing to all the traditionalists out there.


As you can see, players that are looking for online casinos that are accepting Bitcoins can already choose from a very decent range of operators, most of which already have at least some sort of a history under their belts. Since the public perception is still skewed a bit, it’s hardly surprising that we aren’t seeing a lot of casinos becoming Bitcoin-only, but we’re sure that even this is going to change in the near future.

Just remember – it’s reputation that counts first and foremost when it comes to Bitcoin-only online casinos, as those casinos are currently unable to obtain any of the big licenses due to the strict rules they come with. You should therefore be very careful before your first deposit, especially if a quick Google search doesn’t come up with anything relevant for the given casino.

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