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Big Time Gaming Slots

While it is a tough task to keep track of nearly all the games developers out there, it’s also a lot of fun, as one gets the chance to come across teams that have some really good and creative ideas. There aren’t many that belong that that very category, but that makes firms like Big Time Gaming even more exciting – and we’d urge every single slots connoisseur to check out what these guys have on offer.

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming have been around since 2011, which makes them one of the newer kids on the block. That said, their rise has been very steady and they also seem to have some industry veterans on board right now, so there’s nothing to be worried about in terms of trustworthiness and reputation.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Australia.

What Makes Big Time Gaming Slots Special

It’s not very often that you see games developers coming up with truly novel concepts, but Big Time Gaming are capable of innovating – and their trademark Megaways feature is the pinnacle of what they’ve managed to create so far.

Megaways is all about giving you a massive number of paylines to play with – in fact, you can play with up to 117649 of them if you’re lucky enough. That idea wouldn’t be incredibly unique, but what makes it interesting is how the slots achieve that number of paylines. Basically, it’s about keeping the playing field fluid by allowing the reels to display between one and seven symbols (excitingly, even the Wild symbol can cover an entire reel on its own) in each spin.

This allows the number of paylines to change every single time you press the Spin button – and we guarantee that you’ll be surprised by how fresh and exciting the gameplay is because of this. To be fair, it’s all quite confusing at first and you won’t ever know how many paylines there are unless you look at the top of the screen, which is where the current number is conveniently displayed, but the feature does add a new dimension to the slots in which it’s implemented and we’ve got nothing but praise for it.

Highlight Slots

Big Time Gaming haven’t produced a huge number of games just yet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to highlight and write about. Quite the contrary – nearly every single game from the Big Time Gaming repertoire is worth a go, starting with Dragon Born.

To be fair, Dragon Born isn’t very likely to catch your attention because of its theme, which is pretty orthodox. It is, however, going to keep you entertained with its gameplay, which builds on the slot’s massive playing board that has plenty of surprises in store. And yes – the Megaways feature, which we’ve already described above, is included as well, so there are 117649 Ways to Win that you can look forward to.

The other Megaways slot game that you should check out is called Queen of Riches. If Egyptian themes are your thing, you might even prefer this one over Dragon Born, but the audiovisuals are slightly worse here. That said, the game is still a lot of fun and the humongous number of potential paylines will keep you on your toes at all times.

Once you get past the two Megaways games, it will be high time for you to give Viking Quest a go, as that one also has a few innovations to offer, with the big symbols being the biggest one. We’ll be the first to concede that they aren’t nearly as interesting as the entire Megaways thing, but it’s the fun factor that counts the most – and we can guarantee that there’s a lot of enjoyment to be found at Viking Quest.

Also Worth Checking Out

We’re sure that the three aforementioned slots will keep you occupied for long hours, but do we have more suggestions for those players that want to go even deeper into the Big Time Gaming arsenal? Of course we do!

First of all, there’s the Feathered Frenzy slot that’s a good example of how the company approaches classic slot gaming. For some reason, this one wasn’t developed with a lot of care and love, so what you’re going to see is a very run-of-the-mill slot that doesn’t even have top-notch production values. You probably aren’t going to stay for very long, but Feathered Frenzy is nonetheless a nice excursion into the history of Big Time Gaming.

Thankfully, there’s more fun to be had with the gimmicky Golden Goals game – you just have to get past its outdated graphics. The gameplay is pretty creative, however, and that does make Golden Goals stand out, so every single fan of Big Time Gaming simply has to give that slot a go.

To round things off, we’re going to mention Temple Quest, which is basically a re-skin of Viking Quest. If you like that game, you’re going to enjoy this one as well – and we’re sure that some players will actually prefer Temple Quest due to its theme.

Where to Play

Big Time Gaming might hail from Australia, but they’ve been able to get their games to a very good number of excellent online casinos, so there’s a lot to choose from for players that want to take the company’s slots out for a spin.

We could actually recommend a fair few of them, but we’re simply bound to highlight Mr. Green Casino, as that online casino well and truly stands out thanks to its character and personality. Those are things that you simply don’t find at the vast majority of casinos, but these guys have them as their main unique selling point and we’ve got to say that we love how they present themselves.

Aside from that, the Mr Green Casino has deposit limits starting at just €5.00, so that is something worth noting.

What’s more, they have a tremendous games catalogue that has games from some of the best developers on the scene – and this is naturally all coupled with a solid range of bonuses and promotions that all players can take advantage of.

Finally, we’ve also got a lot of praise for what Mr. Green offer on the mobile front. It’s not surprising that they’ve already won a couple of awards for their mobile apps – they really are that good.

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