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Big Time Gaming Casinos

The number of companies that dabble in online gaming right now is so huge that players simply can’t be expected to know them all. That said, we’re always happy to examine developers that are willing to innovate – and that’s actually a fairly accurate description of Big Time Gaming.

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming were founded in 2011, so they’re somewhat younger than your typical online gaming company. Their management team is very experienced, however, and the firm has been rising through the ranks fairly quickly, so it would be unfair to treat Big Time Gaming as complete newcomers.

The headquarters of the company are located in Sydney.

Big Time Gaming’ Products

The inclusion of “Gaming” in the company’s name was certainly not accidental, as games are indeed what it focuses on first and foremost – in fact, this focus goes so far that there isn’t much else Big Time Gaming are doing at the moment.

Slot games seem to be the company’s main focus and that’s naturally something that we like and appreciate, but it’s also released a couple of classic table games and a number of so-called reactor games. These might not be slot games from the technical point of view, but they do bear some similarities to them and they are worth checking out if you’re looking for something fresh.

Special Features

We often criticize games developers for not being innovative enough, but this isn’t a complaint that we could mention in connection with Big Time Gaming, as the vast majority of games these guys have released so far are very interesting from the gameplay point of view – and the one special feature that we simply can’t fail to mention is the massive number of paylines some of the company’s flagship slots come with.

In fact, many of them have as many as 117649 paylines available! How’s that possible? Well, Big Time Gaming have managed to achieve that by allowing every single reel to show up to seven symbols, which naturally greatly expands the overall playing field.

To keep the playing field fluid (with each reel displaying from one to seven symbols) is actually a novel concept – and Big Time Gaming call it Megaways. To be absolutely honest, it isn’t all that easy to keep track of everything when you start playing the Megaways slots, but it’s a very charming experience once you get used to it, so we’d urge you to give it a go for at least a couple of spins.

Top Online Slot Games

We’ve already said quite a bit about Big Time Gaming and their products in general, but what about giving some of the actual slots a go? Chances are that you’re actually itching to do that after reading through the lines above, so we’ve decided to prepare a shortlist of games that you’d do well to check out first and foremost.

To kick things off, there’s Dragon Born – and this slot was actually the company’s flagship at the time of writing. This enchanting game builds on the aforementioned Megaways feature, so you’ll be in for some fabulous gameplay if you decide to give it a spin. After all, who wouldn’t want to have some fun with 117649 potential paylines?

Fans of creative features will also want to head towards Viking Quest, a light-hearted slot that has some creativity thrown into the mix and that’s going to entertain you for more than just a couple of hours.

Finally, we’re also going to mention Golden Goals. The graphics might be rather outdated, but don’t let that confuse you – there’s some rock-solid gameplay hidden underneath that facade. It’s also a trip down the memory lane for players that can remember all the old-school slots with fruit symbols, so you should certainly give it a go when you have a minute to spare.

Supported Platforms

The big issue of today is whether Flash has a future as a programming language or whether HTML5 is going to overtake it completely. The latter technology seems to be gaining the upper hand very quickly, however, so chances are that this isn’t even going to be an issue in a few years’ time.

Big Time Gaming don’t want to stay behind, of course, and that’s why their flagship games are all in HTML5 – and this bit also ensures that players should have no problems playing them on mobile devices. We do have to mention, however, that the larger part of the company’s repertoire remains to be Flash-only and that it seems that it isn’t going to be ported over very quickly, so those of you who are playing on devices that struggle with Flash might be locked out of some of the games Big Time Gaming produced in the past.

Known Problems/Issues

Although Big Time Gaming are still quite young, their experienced management team ensures that they aren’t naïve and that they don’t make any big mistakes.

We are, however, quite surprised that Big Time Gaming are happy to operate from Australia, as that country has never been incredibly friendly towards the online gaming scene as such. We can’t claim to have any insights into how the future will look like and it seems that everything is working well for these guys right now, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see them consider moving somewhere else in the future.

Summing Up

Big Time Gaming are undoubtedly one of the more interesting games developers out there. They are keeping a fairly low profile and they don’t have as much character as some of the other companies on the market, but they’re yet to release a poor game and that’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We will be keeping an eye on these guys – and so should you!

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