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Kawaii Kitty Slot Review

Think what you want about Japanese culture, but it’s impossible to deny that its influence is constantly growing. With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that even the online slot gaming scene is now starting to fall under its influence, although there’s naturally still a lot of work to be done if Japanese themes are to become mainstream.

The Kawaii Kitty slot that was released by Betsoft in the second half of 2016 might certainly be a sign of things to come, however, so we’ve decided to give it a closer look in a full review – and you should read on if you don’t mind slots that are a bit childish.

Theme and Graphics

So, what’s Kawaii Kitty all about? We guess that we all understand the “kitty” part, but what does “kawaii” mean? Well, it means “cute” or “adorable”, so that should give you a reasonable idea about what you can expect to see on the slot’s reels.

Kawaii Kitty Slot

To be fair, there’s only one actual cat involved, but it’s going to be staring at you all the time, while the symbols depict a mix of things that you can associate with cats. From brushes to fish and cat food, it’s all there – and the interesting bit is that there are no boring slots to be found anywhere. The quirky thing is that every single symbol features a happy face of some kind, which takes the cuteness factor to a completely different level.

The visuals are therefore basically a love-it-or-hate-it affair, as is the slot’s audio, which is as cheesy as it could possibly be. What needs to be said, however, is that there’s nothing wrong with either from the technical point of view – in fact, the game is absolutely gorgeous and it’s clear that there’s a lot of hard work behind it.


Now – the audiovisuals might be great, but what about the slot’s gameplay? Well, that’s where things start to fall apart a little bit, as there really is just one big feature that we can talk about here.

It’s called Wild Yarn and it’s based around the game’s Wild symbol, which looks like a ball of yarn and which works as a substitute for all the other symbols when making winning combinations.

It can appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4, but it comes with a very nice kicker. Whenever it appears, it automatically expands to fill a whole reel, increasing your winning chances in the process. That’s not all, however – once the payouts are calculated, all non-wild reels get a respin, which essentially gives you a second chance to win!

Apart from that, there’s also the Double Up minigame that you can activate after any standard win. What it does is that it allows you to guess the outcome of a coin-flip – and you can either double your winnings or lose them in their entirety.


Although Kawaii Kitty features a very traditional playing field that has five reels and three rows, there are some surprises waiting for you on the paylines front. There are just ten paylines to play with and they’re all fixed as well, but the interesting bit is that they all pay from both left to right and right to left. What’s more, these payouts are simultaneous, which means that you’re going to win twice if you get a five-of-a-kind!

Players can use two different sliders in order to adjust their betting stakes, which leads to a decent number of betting options. The minimal bet is just €0.10, but you can play for as much as €100 if that’s what you desire.

Finally, we’d also like to mention that the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player) has been set to 95.6%.


When everything is put together, Kawaii Kitty really is a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s a game with stunning audiovisuals that make even some of the big blockbusters look bad. On the other hand, it’s also a slot that has a very simplistic gameplay, which means that it’s hard to see where its long-term value should come from.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous slot without any complex systems, Kawaii Kitty is bound to scratch that itch. If you’re a casino veteran that prefers gameplay over audiovisuals, however, you should simply skip this game and head somewhere else – you simply aren’t its target audience.

Where to Play

Kawaii Kitty was produced by Betsoft, so you’ll need to find a Betsoft online casino that houses games from that particular company if you want to give it a go. Thankfully, that task isn’t particularly difficult – and the one place that we’d want to recommend here is the SlotsMillion online casino.

First of all, SlotsMillion have a humongous repertoire of slots games, which means that it can easily become your one stop shop for all slot gaming needs. We suppose that you’ve already heard things like that elsewhere, but this particular online casino really is on the highest possible level in this regard, as it has deals with virtually every single games developer out there.

This games arsenal then goes hand in hand with the casino’s range of promotions and bonuses, which tend to be primarily about giving players a lot of free spins. That isn’t something you’d see very often, but it works like a charm in the context of SlotsMillion, so chances are that you’re going to like this particular detail.

And the minuses? Well, there is one in the fact that SlotsMillion aren’t offering any classic casino games like roulette and blackjack, but who would have time for those with so many excellent slots around?

Of course, Slotsmillion do not accept players from the USA at this time, so for a US friendly Betsoft casino you can try out Ignition Casino. The one problem with both of those recommendations is that their deposit limits start at $20. For a casino with a $10 deposit limit that has Betsoft slots you could try Hello casino. Unfortunately Hello Casino does not accept US playres either, though they do accept players from Canada.

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