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Great 88 Slot Review

Chinese-themed slots seem to be all the rage nowadays, so it’s not surprising to see that pretty much all the games developers out there have one or two of these in their repertoires. Great 88, which was released by Betsoft in the second half of 2016, seems to be among the more interesting ones, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at it in a full-fledged review.

Theme and Graphics

Great 88 builds on Chinese festivals of all kinds, so what you can find on the game’s symbols is a mix of animals (frogs, dragons, lions), firecrackers and nicely-crafted charms. The production values are really high and the visuals are just fabulous, giving the game a fairly unique atmosphere that’s also boosted by the fully-animated background.

All of this could be ruined by a bad soundtrack, but the sound engineers didn’t make any missteps on this front, so we’ve got nothing but praise for Great 88’s audiovisuals.


Let’s now look at Great 88’s gameplay features, starting with the obligatory Wild symbol.

In this game, it comes in the form of firecrackers and the interesting bit is that its payout values are all about eights.

The Wilds aren’t where the real fun is to be had, however – that’s what the Lucky Boxes are for. They are Great 88’s Scatter symbols and you’ll always be happy to see them, as they can trigger all sorts of bonuses.

Great 88 Slot

In fact, there are five different rewards hidden inside the Lucky Boxes. First of all, they may contain either of the two top-paying symbols, giving you a higher chance of a nice payout.

Secondly, each Lucky Box can contain up to three bronze coins. When these are revealed, your total stake will be multiplied by the total number of bronze coins, giving you a nice clean win to enjoy (you can win up to x15 of your total stake).

Thirdly, Lucky Boxes may contain special Wilds that explode and spread to one or two other symbols. Big wins aren’t guaranteed, of course, but you’d need to be extremely unlucky in order to walk away empty-handed.

Lucky Boxes might also be hiding one, three or five jade coins, all of which will give you the corresponding number of free spins – in total, you can get up to twenty-five free spins.

Finally, each Lucky Box can also contain golden dumplings, each of which will award you with a spin on the Bonus Wheel. The prizes range from clean payouts to eight free spins, but the best that you can get is a spin on the Spin Mega Win Wheel. There are only three prizes there, but all of them are worth it – the Mini Mega Win will give you x100 of your total stake, the Big Mega Win will give you x750 of your total stake, and the Giant Mega Win will give you x6000 of your total stake!

Apart from all this, there’s also the Double Up feature that you can activate after any standard win and that allows you to play a small gamble minigame with half or all your winnings. It all comes down to a simple coin-flip and you can play as many times as you wish – a gimmick, but one that you might nonetheless want to give a go here and there.


Great 88 takes place on a completely standard playing field that has thirty fixed paylines spread over five reels and three rows.

As far as betting levels are concerned, players can choose from a large variety of staking options – while the minimum bet stands at just €0.60, those who want to play for more can stake up to €15 on a single spin.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) of Great 88 seems to have been set to 94.3%. That’s not all that bad, but it is a notch below the industry standard.


Betsoft are well-known for being able to deliver slots with excellent audiovisuals – and Great 88 is indeed a masterpiece from that point of view. The graphics and sounds aren’t all there is to it, however, as the game also has a fairly intriguing gameplay that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Some players won’t like the randomness of Lucky Boxes, of course, but we actually found it to be fairly refreshing, especially since pretty much all the rewards are worth it. The only other complaint that we have is that the staking levels don’t offer much for high rollers, but this is naturally an issue that the vast majority of players aren’t even going to notice.

Where to Play

The Great 88 video slot was produced by Betsoft, so you’ll have to look for casinos that house the games of that very company if you want to take it out for a spin or two – and the one place that we’d want to recommend here goes by the name of Spartan Slots.

Play Great 88 at Spartan Slots

Chances are that you’re yet to hear about these guys, but they do have plenty of interesting things on offer, the first of which is their unique games selection. Whereas many other casinos have decided to go with the biggest games developers, Spartan Slots are focusing on niche ones, including Betsoft, Pragmatic Play and Topgame.

On top of that, they also have nice promotions running at all times and there are some live casino tables thrown into the mix as well, so there really isn’t much that you could possibly criticize them for. It really is quite simple – if you’re a fan of niche games and developers, you need to have an account at Spartan Slots!

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