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Glam Life Slot Review

Let’s be honest here – who wouldn’t want to be able to afford some luxury thanks to a big slot win? Everyone, right? Well, that’s probably also what BetSoft had in mind when they were making their Glam Life slot.

It’s actually been out for quite a while now, but slots that offer progressive jackpots rarely gather a lot of dust, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at it. Should you do the same and give it a few spins or is Glam Life a game you don’t really need to know about? The following lines will answer that question!

Theme and Graphics

As its name suggests, Glam Life is all about giving you a taste of what a truly glamorous lifestyle can feel like. What you’re therefore going to see on the game’s reels is a wide assortment of luxurious items like yachts, limousines, rings and watches.

Glam Life Slot

The graphics are slightly outdated by today’s standards, but we do have to appreciate the fact that the designers were quite creative and that they didn’t feel obliged to include the traditional – and incredibly boring – suite of card symbols like Kings and Queens. This means that the slot does have a lot of style to make up for how the graphics have aged.

And the music and sounds? Well, they certainly add to the slot’s atmosphere, so that alone makes them above-the-par in our book.


To kick things off, Glam Life has a Mansion symbol that can trigger the so-called Second Screen bonus. Just get three of these symbols on an active payline and you’ll be able to select three world landmarks that you’re going to travel to – and we probably don’t need to add that each of them is going to reward you in one way or another.

Next, there’s a Jet symbol that can trigger the game’s Free Spins. If you get three of these symbols on an active payline, you’re going to get just two free spins, but you can also get three free spins for four Jet symbols and five free spins for five of them.

Thirdly, there’s a Necklace Case symbol that can lead to a pick’em mini game with juicy payouts – just get three of these symbols on an active payline and try to select the most valuable necklace case of them all!

On top of that, there’s a Perfume Bottle symbol that can get you to a small mini game in which you’ll be opening ring boxes until you reveal three matching stones. It’s simple, but also a lot of fun – and all it takes are three Perfume Bottle symbols on an active payline.

Finally, we also need to talk about the game’s progressive jackpot, which is arguably the slot’s most unique selling feature. Although it rarely reaches life-changing numbers, it can net you tens of thousands of pounds most of the time – and that’s a reward that nobody would dare to refuse. How can you get to it, however? Well, it’s actually quite simple and you won’t even have to navigate any tricky mini games in this one – all you need to get are five yacht symbols during a max bet spin!


Glam Life is keeping things simple and straightforward on the technical front, as it adheres to the incredibly popular 5×3 formula. The maximum number of paylines stands at twenty-five, but players can choose how many of them should be active for any given spin.

Although it’s possible to enjoy the slot for just €0.02, you need to stake at least €2.50 in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. And if you want to play for even more? Well, it’s actually possible to play for as much as €125 – and that max stake will naturally also make you eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Meanwhile, the RTP (return to player) values appear to range from just 92.02% to 96.05% – it all depends on whether you’re playing for the progressive jackpot or not.


When we put everything together, Glam Life might just be the most interactive progressive jackpot slot on the market. Its jackpot doesn’t offer millions, but the slot has so many other gameplay features that it’s very enjoyable in its own right, which is actually fairly unique as far as slots with progressive jackpots are concerned.

After all, the vast majority of those are so focused on the jackpot thing that they essentially ignore all the other details that make slot games fun. Glam Life doesn’t, including plenty of mini games that add a lot to the overall experience – and we can therefore happily recommend it to all slot enthusiasts!

Where to Play

You might now be itching to give Glam Life a spin or two, so what we’re going to do is give you a casino recommendation – and it comes in the form of the Black Diamond online casino.

But what exactly makes Black Diamond so interesting? Well, it’s certainly their unique games selection that doesn’t have any games from the biggest games developers on the market. It does, however, feature slots from a number of interesting companies – and this little detail sets it apart from all those run-of-the-mill casinos that rely solely on Microgaming or Net Entertainment.

Don’t get us wrong here – we do love those companies and we love many of their slots, but it’s nice to get a break from them every now and then, which is exactly where Black Diamond come into play.

Apart from the unique games arsenal, they’re also offering a generous welcome package, numerous bonuses, and an excellent customer support, so just don’t forget to check these guys out at some point!

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