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Birds! Slot Review

Whenever a certain franchise starts to grow, we see all the different slot-makers rushing in and hoping to get a license for a slot game. Some studios are a bit more creative, however, which is why we now have the Birds! slot on our hands. It’s not called Angry Birds! due to licensing reasons, but there’s no going around it in the end – this game was released with the hopes of attracting some attention from the fans of that particular franchise. How did it turn out, however? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

Although you aren’t going to find any of the Angry Birds characters in the game for obvious reasons, there’s no shortage of interesting personalities when it comes to the slot’s protagonists. In fact, we have to applaud Betsoft for not including any boring symbols – each of the birds comes with distinct animations and characteristics, which makes the game a sight to behold from the visual point of view.

The audio side of things might not be as spectacular, but it goes very nicely with the game’s theme and graphics, so we simply can’t complain about anything when it comes to the audiovisual side of things. Seriously, this game belongs to the top of the crop in this department. Not only are the production values truly high, but the slot also has a certain charm that will keep you glued to the screen for hours if you like colorful and light-hearted games.


We might have praised Birds! for how it looks and sounds, but how does the game actually play? Well, we’ve got some great news on this front as well, as Birds! is actually one of the more innovative slots around!

First and foremost, the game isn’t using traditional paylines – instead, you’ll need to chain three or more birds horizontally or vertically. That isn’t all there is to it, however, as the matching birds will fly away and get replaced with new ones, allowing you to find additional chains for additional winnings. It’s an enjoyable concept, but the best thing is that it goes incredibly well with the game’s theme.

Birds! Slot

Now for the special features – to kick things off, there’s the Wild symbol that does not only substitute for all the regular symbols, but which can also bring you some juicy payouts on its own, as winning Wild chains count for nearly twice as much as all the other chains combined.

Secondly, there’s the Double-or-Nothing feature that you can activate after every single winning spin. Put simply, there’s a basic coin-flip minigame that you can wager your winnings on to make things more interesting.

Finally – and this is the real kicker – there’s the Free Flights feature that comes in the form of a simple meter located on the left side of the screen. All winning chains contribute to filling it – and, if you get enough of them during a single spin, you’re going to get some free spins on top of the original one. The counter starts at eight free spins and has no upper limit, so there are jackpot-like payouts waiting for you here!


As we’ve already mentioned, the Birds! video slot isn’t using traditional paylines, but the general setup is completely orthodox, with fifteen symbols spread over five reels and three rows.

The lowest stake that you can place on a single spin stands at €0.25, which makes the game accessible to players with all kinds of bankrolls, but those of you who like playing big can wager up to €125 on a single round.

Betsoft aren’t very keen on publishing the RTP (return to player) numbers for their games, but a bit of testing has revealed that it’s somewhere between 95% and 96.5%.


All in all, Birds! is one of those little gems that no slots connoisseur should overlook – and we’re sure that you’ll find yourself coming back to it over and over again if you’re a fan of light-hearted slots that don’t take themselves too seriously. There simply isn’t a flaw to be found anywhere – and the best thing is how all the parts of the game work in a perfect synergy. Betsoft have always been known for being able to deliver on the audiovisual front, but they very much delivered on the gameplay front here as well, so we urge you to give Birds! a go. There’s so much to like here!

Where to Play Birds! Slot

The Birds! video slot game comes from the Betsoft studios, which are somewhat of an enigma right now. They’re excellent when it comes to their slot games, but it seems that they’re having a tough time getting their games to a wide range of casinos, which means that you might have a rough ride trying to find one that has Birds! in its games catalogue – and that’s where the excellent SlotsMillion casino comes in.

These guys have a stunningly massive catalogue of slot games, which makes them the ideal one stop shop for players that care about slot gaming first and foremost. In fact, these guys are so slot-centric that they didn’t have a single traditional game on offer at the time of writing – and chances are that this isn’t going to change at any point.

That isn’t going to be a problem if you consider yourself to be a true slots fan, however, as the nice range of promotions and bonuses will more than compensate for that. What’s more, SlotsMillion are also starting to dabble in virtual reality, so they’re basically a must-have for everyone who’s at least somewhat interested in all that stuff. Unless you’re one of those players that simply can’t do without the classics, you must give these guys a go!

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