Betsoft Slots

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Betsoft Slots

Although there has never been a shortage of games developers wanting to come up with something slightly different, it’s fair to say that such attempts tend to fizzle out much more often than not. Thankfully, we’ve also registered some successes, one of which bears the name of Betsoft.

Although the company isn’t particularly well-known in many circles, everyone who loves slot gaming as such simply must give it a chance, as it can produce some truly stunning slots. If you want to find out more about both Betsoft and their creations, just give the following lines a read!

About Betsoft

The Betsoft studios were founded back in the year of 2005 with the intention to produce slot games that are full of innovations and interesting features. Their first creations weren’t particularly interesting, however, and the company even appeared to be struggling heavily soon after it entered the market.

However, that all changed when the company shifted its focus onto 3D cinematic video slots, which soon became its main selling point and the one thing that was keeping its game production business alive. New deals and partnerships soon started to appear everywhere – and it seems to us that Betsoft have a bright future ahead if they keep their priorities straight when it comes to their slots.

As you can see, Betsoft casinos do not generally have the lowest deposit limits, though there are some casino sites that have $5.00 limits and some with $10 limits, most seem to start at about $20.00.

What Makes Betsoft Slots Special

It might not have always been like that, but Betsoft are now trying to carve out a niche for themselves by developing slots with top-notch visuals, which are currently the main unique selling point that Betsoft boast.

But what a selling point that is – we might be able to praise many game developers for having slots with excellent audiovisuals, but what Betsoft are offering is indeed something else. This isn’t about adding a 3D-feel to the slots any more – it’s about producing fully-fledged 3D games with superb animations and numerous small details. The audio side of things still has some room for improvement, but it’s already on a very good level, so it’s hard to go wrong with Betsoft if you’re looking for an audiovisual treat. Of course, we should mention that all this has a slight downside in that the Betsoft slots are somewhat demanding in terms of hardware, but that’s a small price to pay for the breathtaking experiences they deliver.

The other thing that makes the Betsoft slots stand out is how seamlessly many of them combine the audiovisuals with the gameplay features. It’s not very often that you see these two sides of a slot complement each other, but the guys working at Betsoft are putting a lot of hard work in to make that a reality more often than not, which is something that we simply have to give them a big thumbs up for.

Highlight Slots

Although Betsoft don’t have a gigantic games catalogue just yet, it’s already big enough to confuse players that are just looking to give the Betsoft slots a go without having to do any research. Therefore, we’ve decided to prepare a shortlist of the very best that Betsoft have ever produced, starting with the popular slot that goes by the name of Christmas Carol.

As the name suggests, this slot is based on the famous classic from Charles Dickens, so, if that name means something to you, playing this game will be a real treat. You should give it a chance even if you’ve never heard about the English writer, however, as it combines splendid graphics and animations with smooth gameplay that’s also complex enough to stay fresh for quite a while. What’s more, the atmosphere of the game is a welcome change from all the cheerful slots out there.

Once you give Christmas Carol a good go, you should follow it up by taking a closer look at the Alkemor’s Tower slot, which is actually a good showcase of the talent Betsoft boast. Whereas many other games developers would stay content with a basic game wrapped around a basic theme, the designers from Betsoft came up with an unorthodox take on the classic world of spells and sorceries – and it’s an experience that you won’t be able to forget very quickly. Your journey through the mythical tower will also be accompanied by regular wins, as this game is using the popular 243 Ways to Win feature instead of traditional paylines – and we are naturally fully aware of the fact that some players just can’t do without this specialty anymore.

Finally, we’d also like to point you towards the charming 4 Seasons slot. Some players are bound to write it off as too childish, but there’s a rock-solid game hidden behind the facade and it has so much to offer that no slots connoisseur will walk away disappointed. As one would expect from Betsoft, it’s the audiovisuals that are the main highlight, but they’re actually coupled with the core gameplay features in such a way that they form a truly seamless whole – and chances are that you’ll be returning to it over and over again. This is the one hidden Betsoft gem that’s getting overlooked for all the wrong reasons, but it certainly deserves your attention.

Also Worth Checking Out

The three aforementioned slots are – at least as far as we are concerned – the true top of the crop. However, they are most definitely not the only noteworthy games that Betsoft have produced to this date, so we feel obliged to also mention some of the other slots that you might want to try once the likes of 4 Seasons and Alkemor’s Tower start to become a bit boring.

The first of those slots goes by name of Glam Life – and its unique selling point matches its name, as it’s one of the few Betsoft slots that feature a progressive jackpot. Although Glam Life usually doesn’t carry the biggest jackpot out there, the number is always high enough to attract all kinds of players. On the flip side, its graphics are rather outdated and they are well below what one would come to expect after playing through the highlights we’ve mentioned above, so that’s why we wouldn’t dare to advertise it as a must-play slot.

If progressive jackpots aren’t what interests you the most, you should give the Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine slot a try – it will leave you wondering about why other games developers cannot come up with the same quality of audiovisuals. Admittedly, the gameplay is fairly simplistic, but the positive side of it is that it allows you to just sit back and enjoy all the little animations the designers managed to put in. It’s a slot that oozes style – and we’re struggling to understand why it isn’t more popular.

To round things off, we’d also like to give a shout-out to the somewhat gimmicky Tipsy Tourist, which could prove to be the ideal companion for everyone who’s looking for a simple game that will stay interesting for a couple of coffee breaks – after all, even the game’s premise is about taking a break. Tipsy Tourist might not be an epic slot that will hold your attention for months, but it’s a great piece of entertainment nonetheless.

Where to Play

Although Betsoft are one of the fastest-growing companies on the scene at the moment, their games are still fairly hard to find unless you fish around a bit. That’s the bad news – the good news, on the other hand, is that most of the casinos that offer their games are very good and that you’ll do well to check them out.

If you’re looking for a recommendation that we could get behind, then you should head over to the excellent SlotsMillion online casino, which is basically a treat for everyone who likes to enjoy slot games online. Although it didn’t have any classic table and card games at the time of writing, it did have more than a thousand of unique slot games from all kinds of games developers, Betsoft included. What’s more, these guys are also trying to innovate a bit by trying to implement features based on virtual reality, so they might be worth checking out for that as well.

Chances are that you do want to have some table and card games available at the casino you’re playing at, however, so we’re also going to recommend Casino Room, which feels like a lighter version of SlotsMillion in many respects. This casino might not have a massive number of slot games, but it does have some other perks thrown into the mix instead, so we’re sure that many players are going to prefer it over our first pick.

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