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Although the online gaming industry has never as big as it is now, the turbulent growth hasn’t led to any particularly impressive innovations in all the areas. For example, many developers are still churning out plenty of bland slots that are forgotten virtually as soon as they are released, which simply doesn’t bring anything to the players.

Thankfully, there are a few companies that are still willing to take a few risks by trying to come up with something truly interesting – and Betsoft definitely belong to that category. They might not be incredibly well-known just yet, but you should keep an eye on these guys, as they really do have a lot of potential.

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About Betsoft

Betsoft have actually been around since 2005 and even their early games were full of innovations, but the real breakthrough came when the company started to focus on the 3D cinematic video slots that have really established Betsoft as one of those companies that you simply have to admire.

The story goes that the old-fashioned 2D model was leaving the designers wanting more – and that’s why they decided to take slot gaming to the next level by adding a whole new dimension to it. The early tries might have not been all that excellent, but the experiments eventually succeeded and a decision was made to focus on these little gems.

With them on the shelves, new deals and partnerships started to pop out everywhere – and what was once a very small independent studio is now a force to be reckoned with. To guarantee the best possible experience, Betsoft are providing their games only to those online casinos that really care about their players, which means that the Betsoft logo can really be seen as a true mark of quality.

Betsoft’s Products

First and foremost, Betsoft are incredibly active in the games development department, which is also probably the one thing that’s going to interest you the most. At the time of writing, Betsoft had two big games collections going on apart from their classic repertoire – the Slots3 collection of exciting 3D video slots and the ToGo collection of games optimized for all the different mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned classic repertoire Betsoft have includes not only all the classic card and table games, but also a decent range of bread-and-butter slot games. Most of them aren’t even advertised very often, but you may want to check them out nonetheless, if only to see how great the difference is between the old two-dimensional slots and their new three-dimensional counterparts.

However, games aren’t the only thing that Betsoft are offering these days. For example, their Casino Manager product is an excellent piece of software that allows online casino managers to optimize their operations and streamline their administration processes – and the less time they spend on managing the day-to-day tasks, the more time they can spend on caring about their customers.

Special Features

As one would expect, Betsoft’s games are packed with exciting features. Before we get to the main point, however, let us start by saying that virtually all of the online slot games include the typical trio of free spins, re-spins and win multipliers, while the classic Wild and Scatter symbols are also present much more often than not.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the main selling point of Betsoft’s slot games – the audiovisuals. You might have already seen a lot during your online gaming ventures, but we can assure you that we are yet to see an online slot that would surpass the 3D slots that Betsoft are taking pride in.

Not only is the art direction always superb, but the 3D graphics really are 3D – they’re not just one of those pseudo-3D alternatives that you can find at many other developers. And yeah – the animations are also absolutely superb!

Top Online Slot Games

The arsenal of Betsoft’s games isn’t incredibly big just yet, so you could easily go through every single one of them in the space of just a few days, but we have nonetheless decided to come up with a short list of slots that you simply need to check out first and foremost.

We’ll get you started with one of Betsoft’s flagships, A Christmas Carol, which is based on the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Not only are the graphics bound to catch your eye at first glance, but you’ll also be thoroughly impressed by the number of gameplay features that Betsoft managed to pack into this excellent online slot.

The recently-released 4 Seasons slot also deserves your attention. With its unique theme and unique features, it’s bound to keep you glued to the screen for long days and nights. After all, even the payouts are going to change with every 30 spins!

To round things off, we’re also going to recommend the Alkemor’s Tower 3D slot, which is going to enchant you with its magical spells. There are plenty of secrets hidden inside this gem – and the 243 Ways to Win feature will keep your coin count ticking all the time!

Supported Platforms

As nearly everyone out there, Betsoft are always trying to stay on top of things by keeping their games available for all the different platforms, which means that you should never have any problems enjoying them wherever you are and whenever you want.

Most players still want to enjoy their favourite slot games on the big screen and that’s why Betsoft are incredibly keen on providing the best possible experience for that particular sector. And it certainly needs to be said that their 3D video slots are indeed a sight to behold.

That said, if mobile gaming is your cup of tea, we’re happy to inform you that Betsoft won’t let you down either, as their ToGo line of mobile games is as good as it could possibly be. What’s more, unlike many others, Betsoft aren’t only about iOS and Android smartphones, as their games are also fully optimized for Windows Phone devices.

Known Problems/Issues

While there certainly are some games developers that don’t have particularly great track records when it comes to their trustworthiness, we are happy to inform you that Betsoft don’t belong to that category.

Of course, we can’t claim to know about every single thing that’s going on behind the scenes, but all the outward signs that we can identify are pointing in the direction of the company being in a very good shape from the business point of view.

In fact, we have even been able to find some truly interesting testimonials from a few online casinos that confirm that these guys have a lot going for them, so, all in all, we’re happy to give them a thumbs up in the trustworthiness category.

Summing Up

As you can see, Betsoft are one of the few games developers that we rate as extremely promising. They still have a long way to go before we’ll be able to compare them to the true giants of the industry, but we do believe that they will get to that spot in the near future. And the best news? Well, it’s the players who would benefit from that the most!

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