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Baccarat – Live Baccarat

Baccarat has never been the most popular online casino game out there, but you would struggle to find a casino not catering to its fans nowadays. In fact, many online casinos are offering more than just a single baccarat game nowadays. That said, playing against a computer dealer might become slightly stereotypical after a bit.

What if you could play against a real dealer using real cards, however? Well, the truth is that you actually can – just look for the live baccarat games that the best online casinos offer!

What Is Live Baccarat?

The premise of live baccarat is simple and straightforward – the point is to get the real casino action to the screen of your computer. There are real cards and real dealers, with everything being brought to you through a set of HD-quality streams.

Apart from that, live baccarat makes online gaming more social by allowing you to sit down with a bunch of fellow players and interact with them during the game. Playing against a computer might get boring after a while, but that’s just not going to happen with the social aspect thrown into the mix.

The Pros

Does live baccarat sound exciting already? Well, we guess that it does for most of you – but we also have some other nice things prepared for those who are still slightly sceptical about the entire deal.

First of all, we should say that playing live baccarat is as simple as playing the regular online version of the game. Choosing your stakes is a breeze, placing your bets is a matter of a single click, and you can even chat with the dealer or your fellow players while playing. Most audiovisual options tend to be adjustable as well, while we also can’t fail to mention the fact that most tables have one of those nifty scoreboards available. If you like tracking things like the big road and the cockroach road, you’ll feel right at home at an online live table.

The game also moves very fast, as the dealers are all forced to undergo rigorous training before being able to deal to actual players. That means that they have all the moves memorized and that they don’t need to consult any tables or check lists at any point, so the gameplay is almost as fast as it is in the regular versions of the game.

Next, we should mention that many online casinos are offering something special for true baccarat enthusiasts that want to get as close to the action as possible. Just check Evolution’s Gaming Live Baccarat Squeeze and witness the cards getting revealed in unprecedented detail. That’s how online baccarat should look in our opinion – and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed either.

We also shouldn’t fail to mention that you can enjoy live baccarat whenever you want and wherever you are thanks to the fact that those games are also available for mobile devices. All you need to do is download the right app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device and get going. What’s more, that’s actually how your entire online baccarat journey can start, as you can even make an account and do all the banking from the downloaded app.

Finally, we should say a few words about the availability of games. It’s true that there were some problems with tables not being available 24/7 in the past, but that has already changed and you should never have any issues getting a table whenever you want.

The Cons

As you can see, there are plenty of pros when it comes to playing live baccarat – but are there any real downsides to the whole thing? Well, there indeed are a few, so we’ll mention them to give you the complete picture.

Firstly, the dealer might make a mistake from time to time and ruin the entire hand, which will naturally lead to all bets being cancelled and the round restarted. It doesn’t happen often, but it does make the entire experience less than optimal here and there.

Secondly, some players do take a lot of time thinking about their bets, so chances are that you’re occasionally going to find yourself at a table that isn’t moving particularly quickly. The good news is that you can always move to another table or simply open an additional one to get more action in, but these things will obviously never make things more enjoyable.

Put simply, while the social factor makes things better from most points of view, it does throw the odd hassle into the mix and that means that it will occasionally turn the game into a slightly bumpy ride.

Where to Play

These days, you can find live casino games at nearly every single online casino on the market and chances are that you’ll be happy regardless of your choice, but we’ve actually decided to shortlist the best three software providers for you.

Firstly, we simply have to mention Evolution Gaming, who are at least one notch above everyone else right now. With support for multiple languages and incredible VIP tables that will bring an excellent experience for all high-rollers, you can’t go wrong when playing at these guys. Plenty of tables are available at all times, so you’ll be able to get a game even if you’re in one of those non-standard time zones, while we also have to mention that they have something extra in store for baccarat fans. Not only are the past results displayed in a very neat and efficient manner, but you can also choose from specialties like Live Baccarat Squeeze, which is bound to get your adrenaline pumping. And where can you find their games? Well, BetVictor are probably the best bet.

Playtech are another great provider of live baccarat, with their games being available – among others – at the popular Bet365 online casino. Their VIP Ruby Room is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to bet big, but even casual players can enjoy all the native speakers and great chat features. Apart from that, we should also mention that the audiovisuals are highly customizable and that you can choose between European and Asian studios.

The third and final spot goes to Microgaming, who supply their games to online casinos like 32Red. Their unique selling point is that they are offering a number of Playboy-themed tables for all of their games – and it should also be noted that it’s incredibly easy to play at multiple tables at once, which makes them the ideal choice for players that enjoy a bit of pace.