Baccarat – Advanced

Baccarat – Advanced Tips and Strategies

Once you understand the basics of Baccarat – which, admittedly, are not as widely-known as when it comes to games like roulette or blackjackbaccarat may lose some of its unique charm, especially if you’re one of those players that were originally a bit scared of the game.

However, there is more to baccarat than meets the eye, so do read on if you want to learn about some of the more interesting details.

The Mathematics

It isn’t incredibly hard to figure out the mathematics behind the punto banco baccarat, which means that it’s also fairly easy to calculate the house edge for all the possible bets – and it is indeed true that baccarat is one of those games in which the casino doesn’t have a particularly big advantage.

If you’re playing baccarat with eight decks of cards, which is probably the most popular form of the game, the banker bet will result in a 1.06% edge for the house, while the player bet carries a house edge of 1.24%. If you ever decide to bet on a tie, you should know that the house edge will skyrocket to 14.36% for those.

Playing baccarat with just six decks of cards doesn’t change the equations too significantly, with the biggest change being that the house edge for tie bets increases by a small margin. One-deck baccarat is a bit different, however – banker bets carry a house edge of just 1.01%, while player bets go at 1.29%. Tie bets are even worse here, with the house edge touching the 15.75% mark.

Side Bets

Interestingly, some variations of baccarat allow a side bet or two for the players, although it needs to be stressed that there is a decent house edge involved in most of them, which makes us a bit reluctant to really dive into them.

We’re going to mention the dragon side bet that’s already made a few headlines in the world of casinos, however. This side bet can be found in the EZ variation of baccarat, which is sometimes also known as commission free baccarat and which comes with a couple of special rules. A winning 3-card combination that totals 7, for example, will always be a push for the banker. The dragon side bet is a bet on that very thing to happen and it typically pays 40:1, making it a very appealing proposition for players that want to gamble a bit.


If you’ve ever sat down at a baccarat table, you might have noticed a scoreboard keeping track of every single hand that appeared ever since the decks of cards were replaced and shuffled. Originally, players could buy special beads that they could then use to track the results on their own, but this has already been replaced by a computer screen in most land-based casinos – or by a special counter in online ones.

There is a lot of depth in these scoreboards and you can spend long days and nights trying to figure things out in the hope that they can give you a clue about what the future will bring and what bets are therefore going to be the most profitable ones, but the bitter truth is that you’re not going to get any tangible advantage no matter how hard you try. Exploring all the stories surrounding the scoreboards can be a lot of fun, however!

Can Baccarat Be Beaten?

Plenty of players have already tried to find ways that could allow them to beat the game or at least to bring the house edge to the bare minimum. The mathematics of the game are uncompromising and players don’t have much input when it comes to the actual action, which means that there are no cheap tricks that you could use, but the good news is that there are some things that you could try exploiting when playing against a real dealer, either in a land-based casino or at a live online table.

Some dealers, for example, might have a habit of flashing the next card that will be dealt before closing bets. If you can consistently spot what the card will be, you can adjust your bets in such a way that you can even have a significant edge over the house if you know all the right details. Sadly, it’s not that easy to find dealers that would make this mistake often enough for your stay to be worthwhile.

It’s also been found that some side bets offer interesting opportunities to those who count cards – one such side bet is the aforementioned dragon side bet in the so-called EZ baccarat. Other side bets may also be worth trying for card counting and it has been acknowledged that it can be quite profitable to card count at tables that are offering these side bets. The problem is that you’re likely to be spotted very quickly and that the side bets can only be played for smallish stakes most of the time, so chances are that you won’t be able to break the bank using this particular method.

Bonuses and Comp Points

Players that would like to enjoy online baccarat on a regular basis should know that it might be a good idea to put some thought into which online casino is the most suitable one. Virtually every single one of them offers baccarat games and many of them also have live baccarat tables, but that isn’t the only thing you should care about, as there’s also the world of bonuses and comp points to dive into.

Of course, the giant first deposit deposit bonuses are what’s going to catch your attention straight away, but remember that not all online casinos allow baccarat as a permitted game when a player is playing with a bonus. Of those casinos that do all baccarat, the percentage contribution will be reduced quite a bit. You can see bonuses with baccarat contribution percentages from as low as 1% to maybe as much as 20%.

If you fish around, you’ll be able to find online casinos that offer regular deposit bonuses, contests with big prizes and other promotions that are bound to sweeten the entire online baccarat deal even further. If you are planning to stay for quite a while, you should always check whether the given online casino has any loyalty schemes you could participate in. These can often give you access not only to additional bonuses and promotions, but also to other perks, including dedicated customer support and faster withdrawals.

Please note that you should always check the specific terms and conditions of a given promotional offer before you accept it. There’s usually nothing to be worried about – at least as far as the bigger online casinos are concerned – but it can never hurt to know the exact conditions that have to be fulfilled before withdrawals and new offers become available again.